A History of PMI & Its Role in Project Management


The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a nonprofit organization for those working in project management across the globe. If you have even a passing interest in the field, then you’ve bumped up against PMI. Quick Facts About PMI. The PMI footprint is huge. PMI Founders.

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Project Manager or Project Leader? What’s the Difference?

Online PM Courses

And then there’s the PMI Talent Triangle. If you’re a PMI member, you need to hoe your craft in three dimensions: Technical: the core skills of Project Management. The New Leaders – 2002 with Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee (US|UK).

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A Compendium of Works to Increase the Probability of Project Success

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Five Immutable Principles of Project Success , PMI Spring Seminar, 2021, Austin TX. Five Principles of Project Success , PMI, Northern Utah Chapter, Professional Development Day, 2012. CPM-500(D): Implementing Technical Performance Measures , PMI EVM Community of Practice, IPM 2011.

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Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

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But each method needs to be based on 5 Immutable principles to be successful, no matter the domain or context, PMI Spring Seminar , 2012, Austin TX. Five Immutable Principles of Digital Transformation Project Success - PMI San Diego Chapter , 11 July 2018. Agile Universe , 2002.

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Top Solutions to Project Failure – Epicflow Research Part 2

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Glass ( Addison-Wesley Professional, 2002), also recommended by Giorgio Locatelli. Discussion in PMI Project, Program and Portfolio Management. We all dream of reaching maximum success with our teams and projects, even though project failure is common.

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Risk Management Resources

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3, March 2002. 11 November 2002. 10, 2002. Overcoming Barriers in Assessing Risk Probabilities,” Tom Kendrick , 2012 PMI Global Congress Proceedings , 2012. Conrow, Cutter IT Journal , February 2002. “A 240, 2002. 852, 2002. 15 March 2002.

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