Next Generation Project Management Software

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The project and portfolio management (PPM) software market is changing. In this article we look at emerging software in the PPM space and discuss how its selection and implementation needs to be done in line with an overarching digital strategy. Digitalization and Collaboration.

Basis of Estimating Software Development

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The estimating of software development is both straightforward and complex. Here are some resources that will provide guidance to produce credible software development estimates, in both traditional and agile domains. Software Sizing, Estimation, and Risk Management: When Performance is Measured Performance Improves , Daniel Galaorath and Michael Evans , Auerbach, 2006. Software Sizing and Estimating: Mk II FPA , Charles Symons, John Wiley & Sons, 1991.

Decision Making On Software Development Projects

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Decision Making on Software Development Projects Is Both Simple and Complex at the Same Time. Oberkampf, in Proceedings from the Advanced Simulation & Computing Workshop , Albuquerque, NM, USA, 2005. All projects operate in the presence of uncertainty. Real-world decision making is performed under uncertainty. Decision makers must make decisions which best incorporate these uncertainties. These uncertainties come in two forms – reducible and irreducible.

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Estimating is a Learned Skill

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The primary purpose of software estimation is not to predict a project’s outcome; it is to determine whether a project’s targets are realistic enough to allow the project to be controlled to meet them ‒ Steve McConnell. Believing is Seeing: Confirmation Bias Studies in Software Engineering, “Magne Jørgensen and Efi Papatheocharous, 41st Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA). The Future of Systems-and Software Development.

Resources for Cone of Uncertainty

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Seems there is still some confusion (intentional or accidental) about the Cone of Uncertainty and its purpose and its use in software development. And if the competitor is shipping software with greater value, how does the Cone impact that?

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Route to Enterprise Scale Agility


Be it the “software development process” or the “employee onboarding process” or “the procurement process” – agility is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of our digital world. The first Kanban system at Microsoft in 2005 produced productivity gains of 230%.

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Cone of Uncertainty - Part Cinq (Updated)

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Barry Boehm's work in “Software Engineering Economics”. Software Engineering Economics”. Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO II, Prentice-Hall, 2000. [10] Agile Estimating and Planning, Prentice-Hall, 2005. [12] IEEE Software, March-April 2009, pp. Software Eng.,

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Fallacy of the Day

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These are the starting point for defining project success in our Software Intensive System of Systems (SISoS) domain and are the same measures they can be used in any project domain. "On spec" is open loop control on value.