How Do Enterprise 2.0 Technologies Make Companies More Agile?


Today’s businesses are affected by globalization processes, and enterprises often become bigger, therefore more inflexible and bureaucratic. Employees can search across posts, tag articles, subscribe to blog feeds or link to articles, if they want to extend conversation, prove something, show resource of facts or just highlight information. Organizational change experts stress the need to develop agile companies. Major Enterprise 2.0

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MS Project: An Ever-Evolving Solution


Next, we saw MSP 2007 , a minor upgrade and the last to contain the menu bar and toolbars of Windows XP. Alongside this release, we also saw Office Project Server 2007, which was much more manageable/user-friendly that previously available. Articles Microsoft Project MS Project

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Knowledgeline: SharePoint 2007 Update - Enterprise Search Rocks!!:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Tuesday, November 14, 2006 SharePoint 2007 Update - Enterprise Search Rocks!! So, we are now less than a month away from going live on our SharePoint 2007 portal. Youve likely seen my previous posts on Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF), which has been a huge boon for us, now let me introduce you to the next new feature of SharePoint 2007 which I think is reason enough to make the switch, the new Enterprise Search engine.

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Vendor Showcase Recap: Using WBS Schedule Pro – By Critical Tools


It’s a great way to brainstorm it to begin the planning process by breaking it down in more of top-down fashion. Articles

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Webinar Recap: Microsoft Project Do’s, Don’ts, and Cool Customizations


There’s lots of articles on this in the MPUG site and for that matter offsite, I’ve written some. Robin Nicholas has a really fine article on leveling if you care to look at it. It isn’t heaven and earth, and your reputation will be better off in the process.

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How Change Management Fits Into Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, How Change Management Fits Into Projects , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. Training is a structured way to embed and support the new behaviours, explain new processes and get people comfortable with new ways of working.

A History of PMI & Its Role in Project Management

Afterwards, articles of incorporation where filed in Pennsylvania, and signed by the five founders of PMI. In 2007, PMP was accredited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and as of July 2018 over 876,000 people hold this certification.

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Webinar Recap: Agile Series Part 3 – Best Practices & Real World Use of Agile with MS Project / Project PPM


” So want to continue to do that, and again, for those of you that are on the MPUG membership, there are other articles, videos and things that we’ve been doing over the last few years. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be doing wireframes, so it doesn’t mean you won’t be doing process maps. Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Tim Runcie’s Agile Series Part 3 webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members.

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Webinar Recap: Understanding the Cost Model in Microsoft Project


So let me go ahead and put in a few resources and let’s just talk through the process. Microsoft introduced cost resources as a new feature of the 2007 version of Microsoft Project. Articles

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Next Generation Project Management Software

Girl's Guide to PM

In this article we look at emerging software in the PPM space and discuss how its selection and implementation needs to be done in line with an overarching digital strategy. She teaches project management at University of Padova and has been a PMI volunteer since 2007.

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ITIL for Project Managers – Should you?

Online PM Courses

And, whether you are an IT Project Manager or not, you may find yourself delivering IT in the form of hardware, infrastructure, software, or service processes as a part of your projects. Therefore, in this feature article, we’ll explore what ITSM and ITIL are. Process the data.

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#PMOT – Who are the Project Managers on Twitter to Follow?

Online PM Courses

If you want to follow project management conversations on Twitter… Or if you want to keep up with the latest articles, or products… #PMOT is a good tag to follow. This article is going to be different to most of ours.….

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Reading List for the Cone of Uncertainty

Herding Cats

The program management processes should seek to reduce uncertainty in the variable of the project. If there is no process in place to reduce these variables, the probability of project success is reduced. 37–48, 2007. Related articles.

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Basis of Estimating Software Development

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Estimating Software Costs: Bringing Realism to Estimating , Second Edition, Capers Jones, 2007. Estimating Software-Intensive Systems: Projects, Products, and Processes , Richard Stutzke, Addison-Wesley, 2005. Related articles. Herding Cats: The Classic Misunderstanding between Principles, Practices, and Process. The estimating of software development is both straightforward and complex.

Resources for Cone of Uncertainty

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The planned uncertainty not only needs to decrease over time passing, but this reduction diminishes any impacts of risk on the decision-making processes. From his article in an IEEE magazine often quoted by No Estimates advocates. . 37-48, 2007. Related articles.

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Kanban to manage Complex/ Quick Moving Situations


In the usual Scrum process, the P.O. Alternatively to the previous: I believe The IT Skeptic had an article about having two boards – one focused on the stakeholder epics, the other on the actual short-term tasks. Is this you?

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Fallacy of the Day

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The requirements documents (in whatever form) are the basis of the process to verify these needed capabilities with customers and internal or external stakeholders and validates these requirement meet to need strategic intent of the work. [2]. The requirements process begins with the analysis and elicitation of the objectives and constraints of the organization needed to meet the strategic goals in the form of Capabilities. [1] Related articles.

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Software Estimating Resources

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Predicting Web Development Effort Using a Bayesian Network,” Emilia Mendes, EASE, 2007. “A 153, 2007 “Overspend? Alexander, “Estimation of the New Agile XP Process Model for Medium-Scale Projects Using Industrial Case Studies,” M. Focused Software Process Improvement, 2015.

12 Project Management Rules You’d be Wise to Note

Online PM Courses

so, please do add your own to the comments at the bottom of this article. PRINCE2 was updated in 2007 , by the way. And many of the Project Management tools and techniques, and systems and processes that we use are designed to help you.

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Deconstructing The Cone of Uncertainty

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But a more important idea is missing in the article. Six Rules of Effective Forecasting," Paul Saffo, Harvard Business Review , July-August 2007. Coping with the Cone of Uncertainty: An Empirical Study of the SAIV Process Model," Da Yang, Barry Boehm, Ye Yang, Qing Wang, and Mingshu Li, CSP 2007, LNCS 4470, pp. 37–48, 2007. . Related articles. Estimating Processes in Support of Economic Analysis.

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Risk Management Resources

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Project Risk Management: A Combined Analytic Hierarchy Process and Decision Tree Approach,” Prasanta Kumar Dey, Cost Engineering , Vol. 567, 2007. Norton, The Systems Engineering Process Office, MITRE Corporation, 6 June 1999. INCOSE, November 8 & 9, 2007. 1, 2007, pp.

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How to Use Sharepoint to Improve Call Center Performance

TrustRadius Project Management

Starting off as a call center representative in 2007, Daniel worked his way up to site supervisor, learning what works (and doesn’t) for a nationwide network of agents. In this article Daniel shares advice on how to use MS SharePoint to help maximize call center employee productivity.

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Estimating is a Learned Skill

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The same process for estimating is applied to multi-billion dollar projects we work. And the same process is applied to the Scrum development processes on those projects. . Here's some materials that provide the tools and processes needed to learn how to estimate. Group Processes in Software Effort Estimation,” Kjetil Moløkken-østvold and Magne Jørgensen, Empirical Software Engineering, 9, 315–334, 2004. 1, January 2007. 37–48, 2007. 2007), pp.

A Compendium of Risk Management Resources

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Project Risk Management: A Combined Analytic Hierarchy Process and Decision Tree Approach,” Prasanta Kumar Dey, Cost Engineering , Vol. 567, 2007. Norton, The Systems Engineering Process Office, MITRE Corporation, 6 June 1999. INCOSE, November 8 & 9, 2007. 1, 2007, pp.

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Knowledgeline: Applied Discovery Fires Back at EDD Article:: by Tom Baldwin


Knowledgeline Monday, August 14, 2006 Applied Discovery Fires Back at EDD Article Last Friday, I received an e-mail from Miranda Glass at Applied Discovery, attempting to present their side of the story published in the August 10, 2006 online issue of titled, " Software Glitch May Have Erased E-Mail Text in Enron Suits.", percent of all email materials were correctly identified and fully disclosed in the discovery process.

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Assume a Spherical Cow

Leading Agile

” I was reminded of the old joke by a recent article by John Regehr, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Utah, entitled “Closing the Loop: The Importance of External Engagement in Computer Science Research.”

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Managing in Presence of Uncertainty

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The uncertainty is always there, it doesn't go away with specific actions in specific domains, or with the use of any tools, processes, or practices. We need a formal risk management process. 37–48, 2007. Related articles.

Becoming An Effective Leader In Government & Beyond: An Interview With Steve Ressler, Founder of GovLoop

Project Management Hacks

In today’s article, you will learn about Steve Ressler’s career journey which has spanned from various roles in the U.S. He is a 2015 Presidential Leadership Scholar, has won the 2010 GovTech Top 25 Doers, Dreamers, and Drivers Award, as well as the 2007 and 2009 Federal 100 Award.

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The Psychology of Pricing: How to Pick the Right Pricing Model for Your Company


For the sake of this article, we’re going to assume you’re trying to maximize your price. You can ensure your product not only stays alive, but thrives, by talking with customers early in the product development process. Selling high-priced cloud storage space made sense back in 2007.

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Cone of Uncertainty - Part Cinq

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The Measure that is modeled in the Cone the variable is the Quantitative basis of a control process that establishes the goal for the performance measure. The processes is an engineering discipline. 1, 2007, pp. A SLOC Counting Standard," COCOMO II Forum 2007. [20]

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Cone of Uncertainty - Part Trois

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The Measure that is modeled in the Cone the variable is the Quantitative basis of a control process that establishes the goal for the performance measure. The processes is an engineering discipline. 1, 2007, pp. A SLOC Counting Standard," COCOMO II Forum 2007. [20]

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Agile Unplugged: EP01 | Mike Cottmeyer and Brian Sondergaard

Leading Agile

So 2007, maybe, wow. Listen to the SoundNotes Podcast on the go! Find and subscribe to SoundNotes on: Apple Podcasts. Google Play. Spotify. Soundcloud. Welcome to an all-new podcast hosted by LeadingAgile’s CEO, Mike Cottmeyer.

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Cone of Uncertainty - Part Cinq (Updated)

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The Measures that are modeled in the Cone of Uncertainty are the Quantitative basis of a control process that establishes the goal for the performance measures. The processes is an engineering discipline. 1, 2007, pp. A SLOC Counting Standard," COCOMO II Forum 2007. [20]

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Misunderstanding Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

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This quote demonstrates a lack of understanding of making decisions in the presence of uncertainty and the processes and events that create uncertainty. There is naturally occurring variability from uncontrolled processes. Aleatory uncertainty is expressed as a process variability.

Fallacy of the Day

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Project Controls are Management Actions, either preplanned to achieve the desired result, or taken as a corrective measure prompted by the monitoring process. In the Project Controls paradigm, Value is a measurable attribute of the project controls process - a Closed Loop Control measure.

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Talent Management of The Future

Leading Answers

The recognition that people bring value and the need to respect, attract and engage people is central to the process. So, after recognizing why the process is a good one, even though it is often implemented less well (much like agile) let’s see how talent management operates for agile teams.

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Learning culture: The culture every modern workplace needs

Check it out what you will find on this article about learning culture : Learning culture is the key to keeping business strong Creating a learning culture Have the right tools for the job. 2007 came and Steve Jobs presented the very first iPhone to the world, the first nail in Nokia’s coffin.

17 Biotech Conferences to Attend in 2018


This article includes a wide variety of biotech events that will meet your interests. . The inaugural conference was held in 2007, marking the 20th anniversary of Moffitt Cancer Center. The applications of biotechnology include therapeutics, diagnostics, genetically modified crops for agriculture, processed food, bioremediation, waste treatment, and energy production. Looking to add biotech conferences to attend in 2018 to next year’s schedule?

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Knowledgeline: More merger talk as Hummingbird mulls Open-Text bid.:: by Tom Baldwin


I read this article today on and was a bit surprised that the Symphony bid didnt go through already. SharePoint 2007 is full of surprises – let's talk. Getting lawyers hooked on EDD processing, the pape. Knowledgeline Monday, July 17, 2006 More merger talk as Hummingbird mulls Open-Text bid.

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25 Best Teamwork Project Alternatives To Use in 2019


While Teamwork Project may have some die-hard fans, it has yet to gain a significant share of the market despite having been around since 2007. It even provides you with tools to help through the entire collection process so that you can complete and get paid for projects faster.

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