Startups Should Lean on Lean Project Management


Enter Lean project management. As a more recent PM methodology, the term “lean startup” is credited as first appearing on Eric Ries’ blog in 2008. The #1 priority of running Lean PM is to eliminate wasted resources , known as mura. So how can you decide what resources you’re wasting in order to run lean? Before you can run lean, you must find your MVP — your Minimum Viable Product. Finding your MVP is not the end of the Lean PM.

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Risk Management Resources

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Risk Management is essential for development and production programs. Risk issues that can be identified early in the program, which will potentially impact the program later, termed Known Unknowns and can be alleviated with good risk management. Effective Risk Management 2 nd Edition , Edmund Conrow, AIAA, 2003. Risk Management is Project Management for Adults - Tim Lister. Risk Management Papers. “A Risk a Feelings,” George F. 3, 2008.

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A Compendium of Risk Management Resources

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This blog page is dedicated to the resources used to manage the risk encountered on software-intensive systems using traditional and agile development methods. Let's start with a critical understanding of the purpose of managing risk on software development projects. Risk Management is essential for development and production programs. Effective Risk Management 2nd Edition, Edmund Conrow, AIAA, 2003. Risk a Feelings,” George F. Hammonds, Risk Analysis 14.5

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Misunderstanding Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

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The risk is created when we have not accounted for this natural variances in our management plan for the project. Dealing with Aleatory (irreducible) uncertainty and the resulting risk requires we have margin. An aleatory risk is expressed as a relation to a value. Epistemic uncertainty can also occur when there is a subjective evaluation of the system - a risk from a rare event or an event with little or no empirical data. One starting point is the value at risk.

Basis of Estimating Software Development

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Software Sizing, Estimation, and Risk Management: When Performance is Measured Performance Improves , Daniel Galaorath and Michael Evans , Auerbach, 2006. Practices for Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Large, Multisite, and Offshore Product Development with Large-Scale Scrum , Craig Larman and Bas Vodde, Addison Wesley, 2010. Scaling Lean & Agle Development: Thinking and Organizational Tools for Large-Scale Scrum , Craig Larman and Bas Voode, Addison Wesley, 2008.

The Perfect Storm for The Project Economy

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Eric Ries documented his lean startup methodology in 2008 as a way for organizations to adapt and experiment with new ideas and perform market tests. With all the planning, estimation, risk management, and earned value tracking, there was a fair amount of math and admin involved.

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Build Awesome: RoR Devs Wanted


We didn’t really realize it at the time, but we built and launched the company using many of the concepts that Eric Ries later elegantly defined in his 2008 book The Lean Startup. If you’d like to learn more about the product and methodology our engineers bring to life, download our white paper, “ Managing Risk and Uncertainty in Technical Projects: The LiquidPlanner Approach.” Humble Beginnings.

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Clarifying Misconceptions of the Big Launch

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What really works might surprise you – it’s definitely something to work on when you are thinking about positive project risk! However, as students of the lean entrepreneurship movement hear repeatedly, it’s usually not a good idea to launch your product with a “big bang.” Do you think that your project should have a ‘launch’ event?

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Estimating is a Learned Skill

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Story Point Estimating,” Richard Carlson, ALEA, Agile and Lean Associates, 2013. Sjøberg1, and Magne Jørgensen, IEEE Software , Volume 25, Issues 3, May-June, 2008. Estimates, Uncertainty, and Risk,” Barbara Kitchenham and Stephen Linkman, University of Keele, IEEE Software , May / June, 1997, “Software Project Scheduling under Uncertainties,” Intaver Institute Inc. “A Riehle, September 2008, Naval Postgraduate School. Naval Postgraduate School, 2008.

Software Estimating Resources

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Monte Carlo Schedule Risk Analysis,” Intaver Institute, Inc. What the Data Say About IT project Risk in the Public Sector,” Alexander Budzier and Bent Flyvbjerg, in Commonwealth Governance Handbook, 2012/2013: Democracy, development, and Public Administration, Commonwealth Secretariat, December 2012. 11, November 2008. Monte Carlo Method in risk analysis for investment projects,” Victor Platon and Andreea Constantinescu, Proceedia Economics and Finance, 15 pp.

Product Discovery Anti-Patterns Leading to Failure

In the attempt to fill Scrum’s product discovery void, product delivery organizations regularly turn to other agile frameworks like lean UX, jobs-to-be-done, lean startup, design thinking, design sprint—just to name a few. Do you remember the origins of the financial crisis from 2008?

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A Digital Service Canvas for Government and Enterprise

The original is Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas , proposed in 2008. He recognized that something like a business model canvas would offer great potential in an entrepreneurial, Lean Startup context. Whether you pitch a Business Model Canvas or a Lean Canvas, the outcome is usually the same in a large enterprise. It isn’t enough to coach an alternative which is less wasteful and better oriented to lean and agile practice.

Webinar Recap: Do You Know How to Recover a Project?


And I see these as two different things, and we’ll talk about that, but from an agile, waterfall, lean, a safe, a construction, a manufacturing. So when I say a project management perspective, I’m really thinking about the hygiene, the DNA, the risks, the issues, the actions.

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Webinar Recap: Two-Pass Technique with MS Project


You have rolling web planning, you have on-demand scheduling or lean scheduling. Long back, I think sometime in 2007 or 2008, while I was getting introduced to project management, my first job into a role of a project manager, long back around 213 years before.

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In-Depth: What a Social Systems Perspective Teaches us About Change

In the following century, it would give rise to modern-day practices like lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Gantt-charts. Examples of this are individual reward systems, the use of force (change or risk getting fired), and “management by objectives” (Drucker, 1954).

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