Risk Management Resources

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Risk Management is essential for development and production programs. Risk issues that can be identified early in the program, which will potentially impact the program later, termed Known Unknowns and can be alleviated with good risk management. Effective Risk Management 2 nd Edition , Edmund Conrow, AIAA, 2003. Risk Management is Project Management for Adults - Tim Lister. Risk Management Papers. “A Risk a Feelings,” George F. 3, 2008.

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A Compendium of Risk Management Resources

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This blog page is dedicated to the resources used to manage the risk encountered on software-intensive systems using traditional and agile development methods. Let's start with a critical understanding of the purpose of managing risk on software development projects. Risk Management is essential for development and production programs. Effective Risk Management 2nd Edition, Edmund Conrow, AIAA, 2003. Risk a Feelings,” George F. Hammonds, Risk Analysis 14.5

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Misunderstanding Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

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The risk is created when we have not accounted for this natural variances in our management plan for the project. Dealing with Aleatory (irreducible) uncertainty and the resulting risk requires we have margin. An aleatory risk is expressed as a relation to a value. Epistemic uncertainty can also occur when there is a subjective evaluation of the system - a risk from a rare event or an event with little or no empirical data. One starting point is the value at risk.

Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

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Business, Technical, Systems, Risk, and Project Management Briefings and Presentations. Risk Management (#RM). Business, Technical, Systems, Risk, and Project Management. Managing projects in the presence of uncertainty means making decisions about cost, schedule, and technical performance all risk-adjusted , from the uncertainties that create risk. But in fact, risk management is part of the other 4 principles as well. Risk Management .

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Can the Words “Innovation” and “Project Management” Be Used In The Same Sentence?

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According to management guru Peter Drucker, there are only two sources for growth: marketing and innovation [Drucker, 2008]. Continuous innovation is needed, regardless of current economic conditions, to provide a firm with a sustainable competitive advantage and to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Innovation requires: An acceptance of significant risk, more so than in traditional project management. 2008). By Harold Kerzner, Ph.D.

4 Awesome Teamwork Examples for Agile Teams


Example #1: Dee Dee Trotter – 2008 Summer Olympics. In 2008 Games, DeeDee Trotter went to bag another gold medal in the 4×400 meter relay. On Brown’s part, there was an exhibition of risk-taking and present-mindedness. The coach did not take the risk and took an important decision in the team’s best interests. Only based on this knowledge, the leader can steer his team towards success and sustainability.

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The Agile Cannon

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Loss of control creates risk of failure. Compensate for cost variation by including risk reduction metrics. Organizational culture largely determines if teams and individuals embrace and sustain collective responsibility. Alleman, "Product & Process Development Kaizen for Software Development, Project, and Program Management, LPPDE, Denver Colorado, April 2008. [5]

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The 23 Best Project Management Books For Upgrading Your Career in 2020


Risk Up Front: Managing Projects in a Complex World. Published date: 2008 (revised edition). Risk Up Front: Managing Projects in a Complex World. Project managers working on large and complex projects who want to learn how to minimize risk.

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A Digital Service Canvas for Government and Enterprise


The original is Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas , proposed in 2008. Maurya envisioned iterating through multiple versions of a canvas as quickly as possible until a sustainable business model is found. The stakeholders in a large, traditional enterprise are unlikely to recognize the iterative and emergent search for a sustainable business model. “The important thing is to remember what most impressed you and to put it on canvas as fast as possible.” - Pierre Bonnard.

Monte Carlo Simulation

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Monte Carlo simulation on projects examines all paths through the network of activities or all possible states of the project for the duration, cost, and risk that create impacts on duration and cost. It provides an accurate estimate (within the confidence intervals) for the overall duration of the project schedule for that work and the impact of risk on that cost and schedule. Management: Journal of Sustainable Business and Management Solutions in Emerging Economies. [2]

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