4 Ways to Supercharge Your PMO

Brad Egeland

I was reading a survey indicating that almost 90% of organizations now have some form of project management office (PMO). According to an April 2010 survey (I know, it's been awhile) that I conducted of project managers and PM-related staff, the answer is no. 58% of respondents indicated that they did not feel their PMO was effective. Only 34% said that their PMO had good repeatable processes, procedures and templates in place to help them do their jobs well.

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Interview with Lazy Project Manager


Today I want to introduce you to one of them, Peter Taylor, also known as "the Lazy Project Manager" Peter is a dynamic and commercially astute professional who has achieved notable success in Project Management; currently as head of a PMO at Siemens Industry Software Limited, a supplier of global product lifecycle management solutions. Project Management interview leadership productivity project management

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Interesting Project Management Survey Results

Brad Egeland

October 2010 PM Survey - PM Frustrations 1. indecision - poor management - lack of stakeholder involvement August 2010 Survey - Where are You Now? 0-10% - 84% 11-25% - 5% 25-50% - 11% 50+% - 0% April 2010 Survey - PMO Effectiveness 1.

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4 Things the Project Manager Should Expect of Senior Management

Brad Egeland

If you have a PMO of, say, 15 project managers who are each running, on average, 5 projects then that’s 75 projects that may be going on at any given time in the organization. So, we do we need from our senior company leadership? Project managers are used to working fairly solo.

PMI Are some more equal than others?

The Lazy Project Manager

And finally the disclaimer; whilst it is true that I have presented at four PMI Congresses in the past (Amsterdam 2009, Milan 2010, Washington 2010, Dallas 2011) it is now 5 years since I have spoken at any of the regional congresses, apart from PMI Australia and PMI New Zealand and, as such, I hope to be looking at this in an objective way, as an attendee rather than part of the presentational team. ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others’.

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?? It can't be that bad, right? No. 5

Project Management Five

Some PMO love in the EU That was a challenging title ?? But in the end, it says what it needs to; the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, with support from the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office, is building their own Project Management Office (PMO) using PRICE2 as their guide.

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Webinar Recap: How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success


During the 2010, 2013, and all of those other fun launches as we’ve gone through and continued to advance Microsoft Project, Project Online, and all of the good Project for the web stuff. Is it your PMO, individual project managers, or others? 55% PMO, and 45% individual project managers. Tad: Well good, clearly it is the PMO that is landing much of this, but it’s actually the innovation or strategy groups that start much of this activity.

How to Make Agile Work in Fast-Growing Startups


From 2010 to 2017, I worked several years in three Berlin-based, fast-growing startups in my capacity as Scrum Master, agile coach, and Product Owner. Fallacy #6: We Need a PMO for Product. TL; DR: How to Make Agile Work in Fast-Growing Startups.

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Simply the Best

The Lazy Project Manager

an exact replica of a submission that gave me the opportunity to speak at PMI events in Amsterdam and Sao Paulo in 2009, at Project Zone in Budapest 2010 and at a number of other sessions around Europe. Peter Taylor is a PMO expert currently leading a Global PMO, with 200 project managers acting as custodians for nearly 5,000 projects around the world, for Kronos Inc.

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Webinar Recap: Understanding Dependencies, Leads, and Lags with MS Project


Over 1500 aspirants have successfully cracked the PMP examination with his leadership and resources. As early as 2009, 2010, nearly 11 years before I was working as a PMO.

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