Clarizen as an alternative to MS Project


We need to make them a part of the process and provide the tools that helps them understand the cause and effect of things. Work Management reflects the complexity that comes with modern business processes and is part of the new reality. Clarizen incorporates and streamlines all these process in a single platform improving visibility and efficiency across all business processes.

2010 60

Tips and Tricks for Smart Project Planning


Involve your team in the planning process. , I promised to share some tips and tricks that can help you make your project planning more efficient. So here they are: Pay close attention to the human factor. Critical path analysis and project management tools can be really helpful in administering and managing projects. The dependencies that you put on your project are usually fairly easy to grasp.

2010 39

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Observations from Computerworld's Premier 100 Conference


Kind of interesting to think about using that not only for your existing folks, but also during the interview process of potential candidates. It was quite a wake up call to attend a conference outside of legal and I was certainly woken up on several occasions at the Premier 100 conference put on by Computerworld Magazine. When you're in the same room with companies that have an IT budget that exceeds (gulp) 1 billion dollars, I knew I wasn't in Kansas anymore.

2010 43

7 Steps to Writing Effective Statements of Work-Step 1

Guerrilla Project Management

In my previous post “Seven Steps to Writing Effective Statements of Work – Intro” , I provided a high level overview of the Statement of Work (SOW) development process. In this post, I cover step 1 – planning the effort. This step includes the following activities: Establish a Preliminary Scope Statement Start the SOW writing. Statements of Work Vendor Management

2010 41

7 Steps to Writing Effective Statements of Work – Step 3

Guerrilla Project Management

In my initial port in this series “Seven Steps to Writing Effective Statements of Work – Intro”, I provided a high level overview of the Statement of Work (SOW) development process. Step 1 covered the planning the effort. Step 2 covered formatting the SOW. This post will describe step 3 – Collect and Analyze Requirements. Statements of Work Vendor Management

2010 40

7 Steps to Writing Effective Statements of Work – Step 2

Guerrilla Project Management

In my initial port in this series “Seven Steps to Writing Effective Statements of Work – Intro”, I provided a high level overview of the Statement of Work (SOW) development process. Step 1 covered the planning the effort. This post will describe step 2 – formatting the SOW. You can choose to have one person. Statements of Work Vendor Management

2010 40

Interview with Lazy Project Manager


All of these factors complicate the process of project delivery but the principals of Productive Laziness remain the same. It is also very easy to jump to a wrong conclusion about a fellow team member, apply stereotypical attributes and miss tensions hidden by a reduced communication process and lack of physical visibility at how people are behaving. Use an external facilitator to drive the storming process harder and faster to a conclusion.

2010 30

Planning a Project: the Problem of Telling What’s Important


Another benefit of using CPA within the planning process is to help you develop and better understand the constraints and dependencies in your project. To simplify and energize the planning process, you can leverage the latest project management technologies that will help you build your critical path and create a structured plan. You’ve read and heard it so many times: “Efficient project planning is vital for your project’s success.”

2010 28

How Technology Affects Project Management


Most project sponsors would now expect the entire approvals process to be done by email. It was not that long ago that a printed out Project Charter would be the start of project approval. The key stakeholders would physically sign the document, which would be passed in the internal mail between parties, finally returning to the project manager to update the version control for the document to version 1.0.

2010 28

33 Selected Blogs Update: 11 More Blogs for Project Management Innovators


Max then paved his way to successful project completion by relying more on common thought processes. The post got over 220 comments and still counting! Some of you also pointed me to a few excellent resources that I didn’t mention in the general list. So in this post, I’d like to add another 11 blogs for project management innovators to my initial collection. 1. Instigator Blog is your destination if you are an entrepreneur or a software start-up CEO.

2010 28

No more initial estimates? NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Kiron Bondale

If only we had the confidence of Dilbert in Scott Adams’ 2010 cartoon below to stick to what we know is right! Tagged: communications , improving project management , Process compliance stupidity , Project scheduling , Risk management , Stakeholder analysis , Valuable projects. It’s unfortunately an all too familiar scenario.

7 Steps to Writing Effective Statements of Work – Intro

Guerrilla Project Management

This series explore the seven steps that will lead you through the process of writing any SOW. There are many ways to approach writing a Statement of Work (SOW) for projects that involve vendors. These seven are not necessarily sequential, but it should be possible to move backward/forward to the previous/next step depending on the. Statements of Work Vendor Management

2010 40

Lessons in agility from wine tasting…

Kiron Bondale

After enjoying a glass of their 2010 Reserve Meritage I came to the conclusion that wine tasting and agile have more in common than you might think. Tagged: agile project management , improving project management , Process compliance stupidity. Agile Project Management agile project management improving project management Process compliance stupidity

2017 138

MPP File Extension: What Is It & How to Open It

Now that you have completed the import process, you can edit your project online, see the data in multiple views, share the data with stakeholders and more. If you’re opening an MPP file from the same version of Microsoft Project, the process is fairly simple.

2021 257

Scrum: A Brief History of a Long-Lived Hype

Gunther Verheyen

The first, official version of the Scrum Guide was released in February 2010. So, how was Scrum defined before 2010 then? How did its definition evolve before and after 2010 and become the framework that we know today? Scrum has been around for a while, they say.


The Ultimate Guide to Kanban Methodology


Toyota was looking for a way to improve their engineering and production processes. The Kanban process was the result of this adaptation. . Toyota used physical cards to signal separate steps in their manufacturing process. Look at how to slowly change your processes over time.

2005 36

20 Years of The Agile Manifesto

Girl's Guide to PM

Agile processes harness change for the customer's competitive advantage. Agile processes promote sustainable development. From traditional software delivery to continuous software delivery, the key values underpin the processes that help get work done.

2021 301


Project Risk Coach

PMI-RMP® Courses Here is a video from the PMI-RMP® Short Course Introduction to the Project Risk Management Processes. PMI has simplified the application process for all eight of its certifications, which went live June 18, 2020.

2021 238

How I ended up becoming a (Professional) Scrum trainer

Gunther Verheyen

Fast forward >> In December 2010 I traveled to Zurich (Switzerland) to attend a PSM class (“Professional Scrum Master”) by Ken Schwaber. I had been closely following up on the emergence and growth of as it coincided with a personal process of professional recovery.

2021 72

Is risk management really that effective?

Ron Rosenhead

I explored the need for a systematic risk process for projects. Risk is not seen as a key process. Now the interesting thing to pint out is that the blog posting where’s my whistle was written in August 2010 almost 6½ years ago. I was looking for a blog posting put out a few years ago. Sadly, I did not find it but I did find something else…. Yes, I found a blog posting called where’s my whistle? I reflected that while this has got better, it is not that much better. ….

Risk 126

Scrum: A Brief History of a Long-Lived Hype

The first, official version of the Scrum Guide was released in February 2010. So, how was Scrum defined before 2010 then? How did its definition evolve before and after 2010 and become the framework that we know today? Scrum has been around for a while, they say.

2010 63

Can the Words “Innovation” and “Project Management” Be Used In The Same Sentence?

The IIL Blog

Innovation management , in its purest form, is a combination of the management of innovation processes and change management. It refers to products, services, business processes, and accompanying transformational needs, whereby the organization must change the way they conduct their business. Strategic innovation follows other processes such as strategizing, entrepreneurship, changing and investing [de Witt & Meyer, 2014]. 2010). By Harold Kerzner, Ph.D.

Moving Your Scrum Downfield [Paper]

Gunther Verheyen

Ken Schwaber first documented Scrum in 1995 in the paper “ SCRUM Development Process.” In 2010 he initiated the creation of the Scrum Guide. Apparently, it is easy to get stuck at interpreting the rules of Scrum.


Performance Management Report for Sponsors

Arras People

The latest edition of Project, the magazine from APM quoted the PMI figures that between 2010 and 2020 the number of new project management roles estimated to be created globally will be 15.7 But we can start the process by having the sponsorship role made clearer then maybe, just maybe, we will be able to introduce performance management for sponsors! . The group was sipping coffee and chatting until I interrupted them.

2016 165

4 Things the Project Manager Should Expect of Senior Management

Brad Egeland

Training In an April 2010 survey conducted of project management personnel, 41% indicated that their PMO or senior management offered no training at all to the project managers in their organization. Project managers are used to working fairly solo.

How to Run Microsoft Project on Mac (Updated Dec 2019)

Microsoft Project 2010. Managers receive alerts when the timesheets are ready for approval, so that process is swift and efficient. You’re probably here because you’re looking for Microsoft Project for Mac.

2019 339

The Adaptive Project Framework: Beginner’s Guide

ProProfs Project Management

Sadly, the traditional or conventional project management approach often fails to adapt to the changing processes and companies end up compromising with their goals. Wysocki in 2010 was all about adapting to the changing environment of a project.

2021 52

Free Templates to Get You Started Managing Projects with Sharepoint and Office 365

Brad Egeland

How much process do we need? BrightWork provides two free project management templates for Office 365 and SharePoint 2016, 2013, or 2010 , for a quick and easy way to get started managing projects with SharePoint. ​ Called ‘Free Lite’ and ‘Free Structured’, the templates give you two pre-configured SharePoint sites with different amounts of process built-in for lite or structured project management.

2016 108

Performance management report for project sponsors- must do better

Ron Rosenhead

The latest edition of Project, the magazine from APM said between 2010 and 2020 61% of organisations offer project management training for their staff. But we can start the process by having the sponsorship role through say the check list and maybe, just maybe, we will be able to introduce performance management for sponsors! The group were sipping coffee and chatting until I interrupted them. I asked them take a look at the question posed putting some thoughts onto post it notes.

2016 133

The Must-Read Reading List for Project Communication and Collaboration

Girl's Guide to PM

Here’s my Must-Read Reading List for some great pointers on the skills, process and experience of engaging people and working together, whether your job is to lead or to follow. Communicating Projects is a process driven book that fully explains the processes of communicating formally on projects. Larry & Meagan Johnson: Amacom, 2010. . Project teams communicate and collaborate by default, don’t they? Erm, no.

2018 278

Zombie Projects and How to Kill Them

Girl's Guide to PM

Zombie PM is a term I came up with in 2010 when I put together a project management alphabet. They don’t suggest ways to improve the project management processes. One of the first things that project managers learn on training courses is that a project has a start, a middle and an end. Unfortunately, outside the classroom you’ll come across projects that don’t work like that. What is a zombie project? A zombie project is one that never ends.

2019 237

The 7 Habits of Successful Project Managers

Following the Project Process. Let’s not get into which project process. Once you’ve done that, you’ll follow that process – adapting it, of course, as necessary. They record their thought processes, their choices, their reasons, and their actions. It may be a myth that it takes 21 days to form a new habit (see research by Lally, van Jaarsveld, Potts, & Wardle , 2010) but habits do form.

2018 327

How To Make A Gantt Chart In Excel (+ Free Templates)


Advantages and disadvantages of creating Gantt charts in Excel Step-by-step process to create a Gantt chart using Excel Free Excel Gantt chart templates A simpler and free alternative to making Excel Gantt charts. Some of these screenshots are slightly different in Excel 2010, 2013, and 2016.

2020 77

Conducting Project Management Interviews

Arras People

The core answer would mention establishing and building key relationships and familiarisation with methodology, tools and processes. A great question to gain an insight into the candidate’s decision-making process. It is a proven fact that the interview process is inherently difficult especially when you consider that an interviewee has had a lifetime to develop their skills, knowledge and experience and interviewers have just 45 minutes to assess them initially.

2016 239

5 Ways To Use Visual Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

Buzzsumo reports that average shares for video content are trending up by almost double and as far back as 2010 Forbes was reporting that video is a critical information source for senior executives, highlighting an upward trend to watching business content in online video format. The first thoughts for mindmapping software are creativity sessions and process flows but you can do more than that.

2017 274

5 Hacks to Fix Your Project Management Office

Brad Egeland

​Way back in May of 2010, I conducted a survey of my readers – mainly project managers and PMO directors and CIOs, etc.and I asked them some questions about their organization's project management infrastructure. That means potentially creating a better project initiation process.

2021 105

Top 10 Lean/ Kanban Books for IT, Software and Knowledge Work!


Several good books have been written on Kanban and its application to various business processes, especially to Scrum, since David Anderson published his original Kanban “blue book”. 262 pages, ET to read: 4 hours, Published April 7th, 2010 by Blue Hole Press). David Anderson, who is widely regarded as the Kanban Method pioneer published this book in 2010. If you want to improve or create the flow in your product development process start with this book!

Lean 73

New Trends in Online Learning

Leading Answers

The period from 2005 to 2010 brought YouTube, Twitter and iPhones. Maybe the new formats, gamification or social aspects will be just what you need to stay focused and get more out of the process. Finished Netflix? Done with “doom-scrolling” social media?

2020 95

PMI Are some more equal than others?

The Lazy Project Manager

And finally the disclaimer; whilst it is true that I have presented at four PMI Congresses in the past (Amsterdam 2009, Milan 2010, Washington 2010, Dallas 2011) it is now 5 years since I have spoken at any of the regional congresses, apart from PMI Australia and PMI New Zealand and, as such, I hope to be looking at this in an objective way, as an attendee rather than part of the presentational team. Stream 1 is the CFP (Call for Papers) process which is formal and automated.

PMI 150

How to Improve Your Project Interpersonal Skills

Project Risk Coach

Continue the process until you’ve listed all of the skills in descending order. Of course, this process can be iterative. If you wish to be a great project manager, focus not only on your technical skills but seek to improve your project interpersonal skills. Extraordinary project managers know how to relate to others when things are going as planned as well as on days filled with undesirable events.

2017 163