Can the Words “Innovation” and “Project Management” Be Used In The Same Sentence?

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Senior Executive Director for Project Management, IIL. According to management guru Peter Drucker, there are only two sources for growth: marketing and innovation [Drucker, 2008]. Innovation forces companies to adapt to an ever-changing environment and to be able to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. The question, of course, is “How do we manage innovation needs?”. INNOVATION AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT. The change can be incremental or radical.

Success in Disruptive Times: PMI’s 2018 Pulse of the Profession

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The PMI’s Annual Project Management Survey: The Pulse of the Profession. Terrific Insights from the Annual PMI Project Management Review 2016. In many ways, the Pulse of the Profession is the most important project management survey available. Whether you are a PMI member or not, if you are serious about project management, you should be reading the PMI’s Pulse of the Profession reports. Climate change and sustainable development.

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Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

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Business, Technical, Systems, Risk, and Project Management Briefings and Presentations. Management Processes (#MP). Project Performance Management (#PPM). Agile Project Management (#APM). Risk Management (#RM). Cost, Schedule, and Technical Performance Management (#CSTPM). Earned Value Management (#EVM). Integrating Agile and Earned Value Management (#AEVM). Business, Technical, Systems, Risk, and Project Management.

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My Journey as a Scrum Master

Nine years ago I changed my title from Project Manager into Scrum Master. Nowadays I frequently receive the question: “Hi Barry, I’m currently a Project Manager (or any other role) and I would like to become a Scrum Master as well, where do I start? My dream of becoming a Project Manager. I started working in the Telecom sector around 1999 as an IT Application Manager. The ultimate corporate Application & Process Management path, or so I thought.

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