Innovation in project management: Inspiration from Dubai

Susanne Madsen

I recently spoke at Dubai International Project Management Forum ( DIPMF ) and was struck by the innovative theme of the conference. Already when I prepared for my presentation the organisers said, “Innovation is a big thing down here”, and indeed it is. Innovation

Misunderstanding Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

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Using the Agile Methodology to Mitigate the Risks of Highly Adaptive Projects,” Dana Roberson and Mary Anne Herndon, 10 th Annual CMMI Technology Conference And User Group , November 5 – 8, 2012, Denver, CO. Nord, IEEE Software Technology Conference, 2012, Salt Lake City, 23-26 April, 2012.

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2017 Project Management Trends To Watch

Girl's Guide to PM

A positive benefit to this could be employers putting existing professionals through the Higher Project Management Apprenticeship scheme, upskilling them at virtually no cost (or at least, through funds already paid to the government in the form of the levy).

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Software Estimating Resources

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Effort Estimation for Mobile Applications Using Use Case Point (UCP),” Anureet Kaur and Kulwant Kaur, Smart Innovations in Communication and Computational Sciences. 4, December 2012, pp. Sjoberg, Daniela Cruzes, Proceedings of the 2012 ACM?IEEE 21 September 2012. 1, 2012.

Project Manager or Project Leader? What’s the Difference?

Online PM Courses

Relies on governance, hierarchies and controls. Prepared to innovate and make courageous decisions. This table first appeared in Brilliant Project Leader , by Mike Clayton (Pearson, 2012) (US|UK). Other leadership roles include: Setting up a governance structure.

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Risk Management Resources

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Overcoming Barriers in Assessing Risk Probabilities,” Tom Kendrick , 2012 PMI Global Congress Proceedings , 2012. Claude Bocquet, Reliability Engineering and System Safety , 2012. 3, 2012. 7, May 2012., 11, March 2012. “An

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The Secret to Finding a Job as a New Scrum Master

Agile Advice

The dynamics we’re observing in the job market for Scrum Masters are well described by Everett Rogers in his paper called “Diffusion of Innovations” (1995). The authors of Scrum (Ken & Jeff, and others) were the Innovators.


Estimating is a Learned Skill

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Information Technology and Computer Science , 2012, 8, 43–50. 3, August 2012. 1, 2012. 30–41, 2012. Effort Estimation in Agile Software Development using Story Points,” Evita Coelho and Anirban Basu, International Journal of Applied Information Systems (IJAIS) , Volume 3, Number 7, August 2012. “A 3, May/June 2012. 2, April, 2012. 6, November 2012, pp. 22-25, 2012. 3, October 2012. 5, September/October 2012. “A

100+ Tech Conferences and Events to Attend in Europe 2020


In their words: Founded in 2005 as an intimate gathering of friends DLD (Digital – Life – Design) has developed into Europe’s leading innovation conference for visionaries from around the globe. They matter in society and governance.

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Microeconomics and Risk Management in Decision Making for Software Development

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Modeling Uncertainty in Risk Assessment Using Double Monte Carlo Method,” International Journal of Engineering and Innovation Technology (IJEIT), Volume 1, Issue 4, April 2012. 14, Special Issue, July 2012.

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Data Shows Number of Workers in Gig Economy Declined

On top of this, some state governments are changing certain laws to protect workers and not allow companies to classify nearly as many workers as independent contractors. The gig economy has been a field of growing interest for employers worldwide.

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Wrike vs Asana – which PM tool works best for YOU?


In 2012, a freemium version of the product was launched which allowed project teams of up to 5 users to use the solution for free. From a governance and management point of view, the below are a necessity for large organizations, who typically need to be able to prove that certain measures are in-place (to be able to use specific software services). We couldn’t find the latest attachment, or it was out of date,” says Kimberly Otte, Menu Innovation Project Manager.

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