Why Do Products Fail? – Forgetting that Users Learn

Tyner Blain

Software Usability and Learning Curves. User interaction improvements remove complexity, and make software easier to use. Next up in the series on the root causes of product failure – products that fail because you have ignored the user’s level of experience.

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Why Do Products Fail? – Incomplete Solutions

Tyner Blain

Most of the best practices of software development, in particular agile and lean* methodology, bias us towards focusing on – almost fixating on – the former. This article continues the series exploring the root causes of product failure.

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20/20 Vision – Innovation Game in Action

Tyner Blain

Chris Risdon of Adaptive Path has a great presentation explaining customer journey mapping , from the 2012 IA Summit. This extra layer of abstraction makes it more challenging to be develop Outside-In software when figuring out what is most important to the end users.

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The Mythical Project Manager: Part 2

Guerrilla Project Management

Today, we already see a backlash against this traditional project management in areas such as software development. In Part 1 of the “Mythical Project Manager” series, we discussed how today we find ourselves at a crossroad. Our organizations are demanding agility yet our traditional project management education is deeply rooted in the doctrine of “control”. Leadership

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Online Collaboration Software


Online collaboration software is gaining wide acceptance. The collaboration market is one of the fastest growing markets in the software industry. In fact, by 2012 this market is estimated to be $42.57 Elements of good online collaboration software.

GirlsGuideToPM: My Top 10 Articles of All Time

Girl's Guide to PM

For more up-to-date software reviews, see my complete list here. 2012. I hadn’t realised it, but What Makes A Good Project Manager was actually the top post of 2012.

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Estimating is a Learned Skill

Herding Cats

The primary purpose of software estimation is not to predict a project’s outcome; it is to determine whether a project’s targets are realistic enough to allow the project to be controlled to meet them ‒ Steve McConnell. Believing is Seeing: Confirmation Bias Studies in Software Engineering, “Magne Jørgensen and Efi Papatheocharous, 41st Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA). The Future of Systems-and Software Development.

Asana Alternatives


4- DaPulse – DaPulse is a relatively new entry to project management software market. It is popular with software engineering teams due to its integration with code repository and versioning apps like GitHub. Citrix acquired Podio in 2012. Asana is a popular to-do list.

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Free Producteev Alternative

Paymo App

Producteev was a task management software for individuals and teams that offered advanced task management and collaboration features. It seems there’s no official announcement from Jive, the company that bought Producteev back in 2012.

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2017 Project Management Trends To Watch

Girl's Guide to PM

Even the smallest firm (including my own company with all of two part-time employees) can use project management software. Our software tools are full of data from the risks we log to the estimates we fail to achieve.

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Misunderstanding Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

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The naturally occurring work effort in the development of a software feature - even if we've built the feature before - is an irreducible uncertainty. Hybrid–Agile Software Development Anti–Patterns, Risks, and Recommendations,” Paul E. Software risk management,” Sergey M.

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The Causes of Conflict On Project Teams

Girl's Guide to PM

I have mentioned some causes of conflict above, but in 2012 I did some research into this at an event. Projects can be a hotbed of conflict.

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Resources for Cone of Uncertainty

Herding Cats

Seems there is still some confusion (intentional or accidental) about the Cone of Uncertainty and its purpose and its use in software development. And if the competitor is shipping software with greater value, how does the Cone impact that?

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The Agile Cannon

Herding Cats

Ashkenas, “It’s Time to Rethink Continuous Improvement,” HBR blog [link] (2012). . [3] Alleman, "Product & Process Development Kaizen for Software Development, Project, and Program Management, LPPDE, Denver Colorado, April 2008. [5]

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Don’t over-work yourself: Key to reducing stress at work


According to a survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), in 2012, 65% of Americans said that work was a top stressor. Have you ever been in the situation where you are simply trying to keep your head above water in the midst of impending deadlines?

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Deconstructing The Cone of Uncertainty

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Shipping on time, to specifications, and within budget might be meaningless if a competitor is shipping software that has a greater value to the market. It's suggested from observations, the Cone of Uncertainty (CoU) is not a valid model of how uncertainty behaves in software development projects. In all software development businesses, showing up late and over budget has a direct impact on the bottom line. . Thesis, University of Southern California, August 2012.

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Free project management certifications

Moira Alexander

Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is one of the biggest MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platforms available and offers many project management (PM) courses. Agile Software Development - goes over fundamental agile concepts to enhance your software development skills. Data Analytics in Business - covers how to apply your analytics skills in business by working through a real-world analytics project using Python and software like SAS.

Collaborating with iWorkers, eWorkers, and all the other a-zWorkers


In 2012, a blog entry defined it as an Information Worker—a person who uses information to assist in making decisions or taking action, or a person who creates information that informs the decisions or actions of others. iWorkers, eWorkers and Collaboration. Are you an eWorker?

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Managing in Presence of Uncertainty

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Let's start with a clear and concise description of the problem of successfully managing projects in the presence of uncertainty: Accurate software cost and schedule estimations are essential for non-trivial software projects. Software Cost Estimation Model,"Barry Boehm, et al.,

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Concept of Operations

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Can All This Formality Have Any Use in Modern Software Development? 1, 2012. Systems Engineering for Software Intensive Projects Using Agile Methods, Larri Rosser, Phyllis Marbach, Gundars Osvalds, and David Lempia, Systems Engineering Conference, Washington DC (SEDC), 2014. . . One of the root causes of project failure is the failure to apply the first principle of the five principles of project success.

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Pictures About Managing in the Presence of Uncertainty

Herding Cats

Here's what that looks like for the planned completion of Work Package #3 on March 12th, 2012. While these charts are notional in nature, here's a real one for dependencies of a large software-intensive system of systems for a flight vehicle.

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Why Most People Fail At Career Change

Project Management Hacks

In fact, Jobvite’s 2012 Social Job Seeker Survey found 69% of Americans they were either “actively seeking” a new job or “open to” a new job. Are you unhappy with the direction of your career? You’re not alone.

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Misinterpretations of the Cone of Uncertainty

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The Cone of Uncertainty is a framing assumption used to model the needed reduction in some parameter of interest in domains ranging from software development to hurricane forecasting. Thesis, University of Southern California, August 2012.

Types of Teams


One of the first major companies that decided to implement self-managed teams was software company Valve in 2012. Teams can be divided in four main groups: project teams, self-managed teams, virtual teams, and operational teams.

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Types of Teams


One of the first major companies that decided to implement self-managed teams was software company Valve in 2012. Teams can be divided in four main groups: project teams, self-managed teams, virtual teams, and operational teams.

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