The Must-Read Reading List for Project Communication and Collaboration

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Here’s my Must-Read Reading List for some great pointers on the skills, process and experience of engaging people and working together, whether your job is to lead or to follow. Anthony Mersino: Amacom, 2013. Ann Pilkington: Gower, 2013.

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Updates to the CAPM® Exam


Well then you are in for a treat because the Project Management Institute (PMI)® the PMI is currently in the process of making a number of exciting changes to this exam. Sierra has nearly two decades of experience as an expert in certification management and joined PMI in late 2013.

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Applying Details to the Task Form View


In a recent blog post article, I discussed how to apply and use the Task Entry view. What I did not explain in my blog post article is how to take advantage of additional functionality available in the Task Form view. Articles Microsoft Project task task form view

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4 Reasons to Have a Professional Services Management Template


A recent GoSkills article spotlighted a critical gap professional services businesses need to be aware of if they want to achieve hypergrowth. Your team needs processes that empower members to be project management experts effortlessly.

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A Resource Leveled and Smoothed Schedule


To demonstrate the smoothing process, the problem was set up in Excel, as shown in the following figure. The standard leveling in Project 2010 or 2013 is the 13-day active non-delay schedule found manually, as described and shown above. Figure 1.

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Webinar Recap: How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success


During the 2010, 2013, and all of those other fun launches as we’ve gone through and continued to advance Microsoft Project, Project Online, and all of the good Project for the web stuff. Tad: Let’s talk about that innovation process. Tad: Once you begin this process of identifying that, what innovations, what ideations, what things can you put in place that help you meet that strategy? Tad: And of course the process stops at delivery with the PMO.

Showcase Recap: Easily Capture and Manage Ideas/Demands with MS Project Online Integration


This is something that we even want to go a little bit left of initiation and then as we go through, and plan and execute, provide change, control processes and close out a project that, that can continue as well. Articles

A Project Team’s Guide to Data Conversion: Book Review & Interview with Dave Gordon

Project Bliss

For full disclosure, this article contains affiliate links. Dave’s book will put you ahead of these data conversion risks with guidance on each step of the process. Dave clearly explains the many steps of addressing the entire data conversion process.

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Why PMOs Fail: 5 Shocking PMO Statistics


68% of stakeholders perceive their PMOs to be bureaucratic (2013 Gartner PPM Summit). Portfolio Process Management. In a recent webinar on the Disturbing Reality of Today’s PMOs we explored some of the most shocking statistics and reasons why Program Management Offices fail.

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Software Estimating Resources

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Alexander, “Estimation of the New Agile XP Process Model for Medium-Scale Projects Using Industrial Case Studies,” M. 5, October 2013. 1809, 2013. “An 1 & 2, 2013. “A 739, August 2013. Focused Software Process Improvement, 2015. CIT 21, 2013, 1, pp.

Reasons to do a PRINCE2 Certification

Arras People

In this article, we highlight what PRINCE2 is, the types of PRINCE2 certifications, and why you ought to get certified in PRINCE2. In 2013, the rights to this program were handed over to AXELOS, a joint venture of the Cabinet Office and the privately owned Capita.

Agile Estimating Methods and Impact on Project Development Performance Index

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The presentation " Quantifying the Impact of Agile Practices ," Larry MacCherone at the RallyOn 2013 Conference, presents some results on estimating impacts. The Higher the number the better the performance of the process. Related articles.

Estimating is a Learned Skill

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The same process for estimating is applied to multi-billion dollar projects we work. And the same process is applied to the Scrum development processes on those projects. . Here's some materials that provide the tools and processes needed to learn how to estimate. Group Processes in Software Effort Estimation,” Kjetil Moløkken-østvold and Magne Jørgensen, Empirical Software Engineering, 9, 315–334, 2004. 16, July 2013. 2013. “An

How I Got a Broken Leg, Thought Deep About My Career and Focused More On My Passion

Girl's Guide to PM

In this article, Jerry talks about how his live changed because of an accident, how he’s not afraid to follow his dreams, and why you shouldn’t be either. The cast was removed in February 2016 and I started the rehabilitation process.

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Is Your Agile Project Healthy?

Project Management Essentials

In 2013, Mike Cohn coined the term scrum smells to describe the signs that a scrum team is in trouble. If the answer is convincingly Scrum or Kanban, they are probably following a process. There is an unclear or vague process for making decisions.

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Risk Management Resources

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Project Risk Management: A Combined Analytic Hierarchy Process and Decision Tree Approach,” Prasanta Kumar Dey, Cost Engineering , Vol. Norton, The Systems Engineering Process Office, MITRE Corporation, 6 June 1999. 4, 2013. 5, May 2013, pp. 4, 2013. “A

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Strategic Risk Management and Projects

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Of course, organisations with a high project management maturity may have sophisticated and effective project risk processes in place, but this does not necessarily translate into an alignment at enterprise level with the projected business benefits.

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A Compendium of Risk Management Resources

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Project Risk Management: A Combined Analytic Hierarchy Process and Decision Tree Approach,” Prasanta Kumar Dey, Cost Engineering , Vol. Norton, The Systems Engineering Process Office, MITRE Corporation, 6 June 1999. 4, 2013. 5, May 2013, pp. 4, 2013. “A

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ITIL for Project Managers – Should you?

Online PM Courses

And, whether you are an IT Project Manager or not, you may find yourself delivering IT in the form of hardware, infrastructure, software, or service processes as a part of your projects. Therefore, in this feature article, we’ll explore what ITSM and ITIL are. Process the data.

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A Compendium of Works to Increase the Probability of Project Success

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Here are my collected works, presentations, briefings, journal papers, articles, white papers, and essays, used to increase the Probability of Project Success (PoPS) I've developed and applied over my career in the software-intensive system of systems domain. Managment Processes.

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43 Learning Resources for New and Experienced Project Managers


Sigmon gives project managers a defined process to not only break bad news, but also improve communication over the long-term. Hosted by Peter Taylor, this podcast began in 2013 after he published his best-selling book by the same name.

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Beginner’s Guide to Kanban for Agile Marketing


In this article, Andrea explains the Kanban method in detail starting from its origin to its principles and its application. But, for teams that chafe under the strictures of the Scrum process, Kanban can be a freeing alternative. Make Process Policies Explicit.

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Misunderstanding Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

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This quote demonstrates a lack of understanding of making decisions in the presence of uncertainty and the processes and events that create uncertainty. There is naturally occurring variability from uncontrolled processes. Aleatory uncertainty is expressed as a process variability.

Should You Hire a Hacker?

Brad Egeland

Conducting an organization-wide inventory assessment As part of the preparation process, conduct a thorough inventory of your organizational assets. Legal considerations It’s also important to involve the organization’s legal team in the selection and vetting process.

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A Review Of Scrum For Kanban Teams


This article is the fourth in a series of “Kanban and Scrum – Stronger Together”. Inspired by Steve Porter’s efforts to bring process practitioners closer together and educate Scrum practitioners, I’m writing a shadow series of posts that will follow the Kanban and Scrum – Stronger Together series and continue my own efforts to clear up misconceptions between practitioners of these methods.


Success in Disruptive Times: PMI’s 2018 Pulse of the Profession

Online PM Courses

in 2013. For me this is about having a repeatable process and strong governance that covers every step of the chain from understanding what drives value in your organization, to identifying the initiatives that will increase value, to successfully implementing those initiatives.

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Complete Collection of Project Management Statistics 2015


Need up-to-date facts and figures for a project management report, article, or infographic? Having a knowledge transfer process in place boosts the chance of project success by over 20%. [6]. Most Popular Agile Tools and Processes: Scrum – 43%. Poor purchasing processes: 23%.

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FedEx Project Manager Profile: Leigh Espy

Project Management Hacks

In today’s article, you will hear directly from Leigh Espy about her journey into project management success at FedEx. In 2013 , the company delivered 1.5 I led an effort to develop a risk-based software development process. Leigh Espy, FedEx Project Manager.

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Resources for Cone of Uncertainty

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The planned uncertainty not only needs to decrease over time passing, but this reduction diminishes any impacts of risk on the decision-making processes. From his article in an IEEE magazine often quoted by No Estimates advocates. . Related articles.

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Why Today’s Leaders are Seeking Executive Coaching


In 2004, Stratford Sherman and Alyssa Freas published an article on executive coaching in the Harvard Business Review. In an article for Quartz , Oliver Staley claims that this increase in age, is likely due to the Dodd-Frank act of 2010. Background on Executive Coaching.

Little's Law - Use, Misuse, and Sometimes Simply Wrong Ideas

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The sequence of the work processing can be any order: First in First out, Last in First out, or any other or even a random sequence in your workflow. What is the process? . What are the steps in the process? But what if we're trying to decide what throughput is needed for some process in the future. That is we're planning for the future performance of the system to produce the outcomes of the software development processes NEEDED to meeet a business goal.

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Deconstructing The Cone of Uncertainty

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But a more important idea is missing in the article. Estimating Software Intensive Projects in the Absence of Historical Data," Aldo Dagnino, ICSE 2013. Coping with the Cone of Uncertainty: An Empirical Study of the SAIV Process Model," Da Yang, Barry Boehm, Ye Yang, Qing Wang, and Mingshu Li, CSP 2007, LNCS 4470, pp. Related articles. Estimating Processes in Support of Economic Analysis.

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Concept of Operations

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Nature of the system to be developed - what's the basic processes of the system? Developing a Stakeholder-Assisted Agile CONOPS Development Process," Ali Mostashari, Sara A. Prototype of a Graphical CONOPS (Concept of Operations) Development Environment for Agile Systems Engineering," Final Technical Report SERC-2013-TR-030-2 August 30, 2013. Related articles.

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Cone of Uncertainty - Part Cinq

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The Measure that is modeled in the Cone the variable is the Quantitative basis of a control process that establishes the goal for the performance measure. The processes is an engineering discipline. 4] Defense Acquisition Guide , Chapter 4, Systems Engineering , 15 May 2013. [5]

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Control, Stability, Short Term, Long Term all needed for Success

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Here's another trail being ridden by our son at Nationals in 2013. A Plan B is needed as part of the normal process. Related articles. All The World's A Random Process. Estimating Processes in Support of Economic Analysis.

Learning culture: The culture every modern workplace needs

Check it out what you will find on this article about learning culture : Learning culture is the key to keeping business strong Creating a learning culture Have the right tools for the job. By 2013, Nokia’s market share fell to just 3%.

Cone of Uncertainty - Part Trois

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The Measure that is modeled in the Cone the variable is the Quantitative basis of a control process that establishes the goal for the performance measure. The processes is an engineering discipline. 4] Defense Acquisition Guide , Chapter 4, Systems Engineering , 15 May 2013. [5]

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PMP Certification? Use this List of Helpful PMBOK Guide Resources


” The definition of what PMBOK means, directly from the 1st (1996) Edition of the PMBOK Guide , is as follows: “ all those topics, subject areas and intellectual process which are involved in the application of sound management principles to… projects.”

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Cone of Uncertainty - Part Cinq (Updated)

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The Measures that are modeled in the Cone of Uncertainty are the Quantitative basis of a control process that establishes the goal for the performance measures. The processes is an engineering discipline. 4] Defense Acquisition Guide , Chapter 4, Systems Engineering , 15 May 2013. [5]

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Project Sponsors are from Venus

The Lazy Project Manager

Pulse of the Profession™ March 2013’ it was assessed that the value impact on poor project sponsorship from the executive level had real significance.