Cargo Cult Requirements

Tyner Blain

Is your team focusing on the mechanics of creating good software, without understanding the connections from your efforts to your goals? A similar thing happens with many teams when it comes to creating software.

2013 239

Why Write Requirements

Tyner Blain

Enterprise software folks know full well that software applications can live for decades. Now that software-as-a-service has gained traction, more and more consumer-facing products will have similar long life-cycles.

2013 228

Is Agile Really Cheaper?

Tyner Blain

But agile lets you build more efficiently , therefore you build more in the same amount of time – therefore it costs less per unit of delivered software. There are several ways to answer the question “is agile cheaper than waterfall?”

2013 226

How is SaaS Changing Product Management – A Research Thesis

Tyner Blain

Many of us here have anecdotal data about our personal experiences in product management as our employers develop cloud-based solutions and software-as-a-service (SaaS) product offerings.

2013 191

Whole Product Game

Tyner Blain

Calculator software is pretty much viewed as a commodity. Agile Communication Prioritization Product Management Product Strategy Requirements gathering Software development gamestorming innovation games prodmgmt whole product game

2013 165

How to Compare Project Management Software

Guerrilla Project Management

Researching different software solutions and comparing them side-by-side on multiple criteria can be a daunting task. Researching different software solutions and comparing them side-by-side on multiple criteria can be a daunting task. I came across a great website that makes it easier for project managers and their teams to research different solutions, compare apples-to-apples, and present finding in an easy to evaluate format.

2013 41

Software Review: [2016]

Girl's Guide to PM

I last reviewed in 2013. Time to revisit the software and see what has changed. That makes it easy for you to link your project management software to your accounting tools, contact management system or helpdesk software. Better Collaboration Software

2016 221

The secrets to building a dream team: a simple recipe for Project Managers

Guerrilla Project Management

Andrew Filev, seasoned software entrepreneur and CEO at Wrike, shares a “recipe” of building a dream team that might be helpful for any organization “cuisine” When you have a new project in front of you, one of your primary concerns is how to get the best possible people on board.

2013 47

Software Review: iMindQ 4.1 Online and Windows [2016]

Girl's Guide to PM

It’s going to be a useful addition to your set of project management software tools and you can get started for free with the web version to see if you like it. You'll also like: Software Review: Project Viewer for Primavera [2016] This article was updated with minor amends on 27 March 2016.

2016 231

The Importance of Imports in Java

Leading Agile

I didn’t realize James Bond was into software development. Software Software Craftsmanship Software Developer Software Development Software Testing TDD

2008 83

Microeconomics and Risk Management in Decision Making for Software Development

Herding Cats

Microeconomics is applicable to the development is software systems. If we look at the discipline of software engineering, we see that the microeconomics branch of economics deals more with the types of decisions we need to make as software engineers or managers.

2007 42

The Must-Read Reading List for Project Communication and Collaboration

Girl's Guide to PM

Anthony Mersino: Amacom, 2013. Ann Pilkington: Gower, 2013. Collaboration Explained: Facilitation Skills for Software Project Leaders. Peter Taylor, Ron Rosenhead & Vicki James: Management Concepts, 2013.

2018 238

Lack of Autonomy: The Plague of the Modern Workplace

Pawel Brodzinski

In 2013 Gallup reported that worldwide only 13% of employees were engaged. culture software business autonomy empowerment motivation no management organizational culture radical self-organization self-organization

2018 117

The deliberate evolution of “Scrum – A Pocket Guide”

Gunther Verheyen

In 2013 I accidentally created a book, “Scrum – A Pocket Guide” In 2018 I deliberately evolved my Scrum travel companion into a second edition.


GirlsGuideToPM: My Top 10 Articles of All Time

Girl's Guide to PM

For more up-to-date software reviews, see my complete list here. Google Analytics tells me that 6 Things I Didn’t Know About Being a PM was the top post of 2013. In case you’ve only just stumbled across this blog, this year I’m celebrating 10 years of blogging about project management.

2016 379

The Best Self-Help Books to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

Angela Duckworth is a 2013 MacArthur Fellow and professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania who writes about achievement not being talent-based as much as fueled by passion and persistence. is a cloud-based software that does all that and more.

2019 225

5 Great Open Source Project Management Platforms

Guerrilla Project Management

In fact, the results of the 2013 Future of Open Source Survey revealed that 62 percent of respondents believe that more than 50 percent of purchased software will be. Open-source has been gaining momentum for some time now. It seems that every year, more companies have been adopting open-source solutions to meet their business objectives.

2014 51

Getting Started with Project Management


In 2013, Moz learned the hard way what can happen when a project gets derailed. At the same time, a project is expected to produce tangible results, such as a boost in revenue or a new software feature that customers can’t live without. Getting Started with Project Management.

2018 90

A Quick Guide to Time Blocking

The Road Warrior blog credits Cal Newport with the idea with his article back in 2013, but of course, this productivity method has surely been used before then. Everyone could use a little more time in their day to focus on what they care about.

2018 236

Without a Root Cause Analysis, No Corrective or Preventive Action is Credible - Part 1

Herding Cats

But before going further, let's establish the definitions we need to understand and apply Root Cause Analysis needed to discover the corrective and preventive actions to increase the probability of project success - especially Software Project Success. 24, 2013. 29 May 2013.

2014 52

Challenging the C-Level Executives

The Lazy Project Manager

The report Why good strategies fail: Lessons for the C-suite published by The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited in 2013 stated in its conclusion that there was a need for increased C-suite attention to implementation (and therefore projects).

A Project Team’s Guide to Data Conversion: Book Review & Interview with Dave Gordon

Project Bliss

When thinking of software projects, many things come to mind: requirements, writing or configuring code, testing, getting that new system implemented and perhaps getting off that old legacy system that’s outdated and no longer serves your needs.

2017 227

Estimating is a Learned Skill

Herding Cats

The primary purpose of software estimation is not to predict a project’s outcome; it is to determine whether a project’s targets are realistic enough to allow the project to be controlled to meet them ‒ Steve McConnell. Believing is Seeing: Confirmation Bias Studies in Software Engineering, “Magne Jørgensen and Efi Papatheocharous, 41st Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA). The Future of Systems-and Software Development. 2013.

The Rise of Digital Project Management

TrustRadius Project Management

Additionally, they collaborate, using software solutions, to finish an assignment within a designated budget and timeline. In 2013, Happy Cog hosted its first annual Digital Project Management Summit. Modern software solutions are the digital project manager’s best friend.

2019 62

Book of the Month

Herding Cats

6] "Lecture Note for Introduction to Decision Theory," Itzhak Gilboa, March 6, 2013, [link]. [7] The standard way of thinking about decisions is backward, says Ralph Keeney: People focus first on identifying alternatives rather than on articulating values.

2009 42

Agile Estimating Methods and Impact on Project Development Performance Index

Herding Cats

The presentation " Quantifying the Impact of Agile Practices ," Larry MacCherone at the RallyOn 2013 Conference, presents some results on estimating impacts. The Software Development Performance Index (SDPI) scale on the left ranges - by eyeball measurement - from 46 to 55.

Misunderstanding Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

Herding Cats

The naturally occurring work effort in the development of a software feature - even if we've built the feature before - is an irreducible uncertainty. Hybrid–Agile Software Development Anti–Patterns, Risks, and Recommendations,” Paul E. Software risk management,” Sergey M.

2003 52

FedEx Project Manager Profile: Leigh Espy

Project Management Hacks

In 2013 , the company delivered 1.5 Through many discussions with my husband – who works in software development – I discovered an interest in the technology field. I led an effort to develop a risk-based software development process. Leigh Espy, FedEx Project Manager.

2016 83

Top 7 Project Management Myths Debunked

Stepping Into Project Management

This is a Guest Post by Fred Wilson, who is an Agile & Software Consultant at Ntask. Even following the exact methods recommended in the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK, 2013) cannot guarantee a successful project.

2013 65

ITIL for Project Managers – Should you?

Online PM Courses

And, whether you are an IT Project Manager or not, you may find yourself delivering IT in the form of hardware, infrastructure, software, or service processes as a part of your projects. Software. Since 2013, Axelos has managed, developed, and grown its portfolio of best practices.

2011 94

How to Avoid Messaging Platform “Gotchas”


In September 2013, an employee used his company’s messaging application to send a note that a co-worker, Larry, was being fired on Friday. For hours, a misfire on the software provider’s end caused chat messages to send to the wrong recipients.

Put Chat Apps to Work in your Office


Chat apps enter the workplace because they are typically part of enterprise collaboration software. The unified collaboration software lets teams in the same office or across the globe work on a project together in real time. In 2013, Android had a 97% share of global malware.

2025 56

Resources for Cone of Uncertainty

Herding Cats

Seems there is still some confusion (intentional or accidental) about the Cone of Uncertainty and its purpose and its use in software development. And if the competitor is shipping software with greater value, how does the Cone impact that?

2007 42

Limits of a Self-Organizing Team

Leading Agile

But ultimately we’ll see how the idea ties back to self-organizing teams in the context of Agile software development. I can imagine some software engineers taking umbrage at that comment.

2018 83

3 Mistakes Creative Agencies Make When Managing Retainers

Function Point

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2013 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Writing it down and entering it into your project management software later is not going to cut it. Project Management Software Time Tracking.

2016 57

Why Johnny Can't Do The Math

Herding Cats

In software development, those managing the project have some understanding the market forces (from their marketing departments), the technology (from their engineering department), and how to manage in the presence of Aleatory and Epistemic risk (the managers running a successful firm).

2007 42

3 Mistakes Creative Agencies Make When Managing Retainers

Function Point

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2013 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Writing it down and entering it into your project management software later is not going to cut it. Project Management Software Time Tracking.

2016 52

Little's Law - Use, Misuse, and Sometimes Simply Wrong Ideas

Herding Cats

For software development systems like Kanban, which is production line-centric, Litle's Law tells us. λ = average production rate of complete software components. There are two fundamental assumptions for Little's Law to work in the software development domain". Kanban and Software Development. With the Steady State condition and it's Upper and Lower WIP limits, software develop creates a problem for applying Little's Law.

2011 32

Industry 4.0 Series: AI, IoT, and the Future of Manufacturing


percent increase in revenues between 2013 and 2014. The technologies are not unfamiliar to the profession; project managers are already using AI tools and software. This story is part of our Industry 4.0

Interview with Siddharta Govindaraj

Stepping Into Project Management

Today we interview Siddhartha Govindraj, who specializes in Lean/Agile processes for software development. He has also contributed in the book "Beyond Agile: Tales of Continuous Improvement" published by Modus Cooperandi Press, Feb 2013 and Published in the March 2011 issue of the Cutter IT Journal on "Use of Kanban in Distributed Offshore Environments". The idea that motivated, self-organized teams can deliver better software is not yet in the mainstream.

2014 48