IT Governance: Definitions, Frameworks and Planning

IT governance ensures that IT departments are prepared for what’s next, without losing focus on what matters. What is IT Governance? At its base level, IT governance is one or multiple processes that enable the IT staff to better manage risk and operate at its most efficient to the benefit of the organization on the whole. If you ask the business world, IT governance is all about managing performance for efficiency. Key Terms in IT Governance.

How good are you at starting off your project?

Ron Rosenhead

I came across an interesting report published by the National Audit Office (NAO) – which exists to provide independent opinion and evidence to assist Parliament and hold government to account. our examination of central government projects repeatedly shows that too few projects bring all of these factors together well.”. project management governance governance project project initiation project management

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Who owns project management in your company?

Ron Rosenhead

project management governance PMO project management project sponsors who owns project managementIt is interesting as I visit different companies around the UK to establish who owns project management within the business. I usually ask the above question; with interesting results! The answer never seems to be straightforward. Some people simply do not know, others suggest the PMO or maybe the IT Director, or HR Director or ….I

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Complete Collection of Project Management Statistics 2015


Government – Federal. Government – City/State/Local. Project Management Institute: Pulse of the Profession 2015: Capturing the Value of Project Management 2015. Capterra Project Management User Research Report 2015. The post Complete Collection of Project Management Statistics 2015 appeared first on Blog Wrike. Project Management 2015 trends IT Project Management project management report resources statistics

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The Case for Project Portfolio Management

Jez Lister

Project Portfolio Governance. Project Portfolio Management is a governance driven process that requires both knowledge of the organisation’s strategic plans, and awareness of its capabilities and limitations. Project Portfolio Governance Boards. Centralised Governance. For organisations to be effective in project portfolio management it is common for them to operate a portfolio management governance board. Federated Governance.

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Some thoughts on Setting up a PMO

Jez Lister

It may also provide valuable context about the organization’s governance in order to explain how the PMO fits in. It would be ironic if such a significant change could be implemented outside of any governance that the PMO is there to enforce. I first came across the Project Management Office or PMO concept twenty-five years ago whilst working as a project manager for a large systems integrator.

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Is Project Security that Important?


Especially in the wake of the recent breaches in digital security across just about every government agency. Are you working on government or private sector projects? This question begs to be answered. So, how important is security on the projects that we manage? Well, that depends on several variables: Who’s projects are you managing? What type of data are you handling?

2015 40

Is Project Security that Important?


Especially in the wake of the recent breaches in digital security across just about every government agency. Are you working on government or private sector projects? This question begs to be answered. So, how important is security on the projects that we manage? Well, that depends on several variables: Who’s projects are you managing? What type of data are you handling?

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7 Keys to Project Stakeholder Management from the #PMChat Community


This includes (but is not limited to) customers, employees not on the project team, contractors, suppliers, unions, shareholders, financiers, government, special interest groups, community, the general public, and future generations. Two Wrikers helped host a #PMChat discussion on Twitter last Friday, where a community of project managers comes together once a week to discuss and share knowledge on various topics related to project management.

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Making It All Happen

The Tao of Project Management

However help is at hand: Resources I have mentioned the resources provided by the Project Management Institute and the Office of Government Commerce (now Axelos) but there are also some of my books that provide a more straight forward alternative: If you want detailed guidelines for the implementation of all the things I’ve been talking about, they are all set out in Project Program and Portfolio Management in easy steps.

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The Australian Outsourcing Offshoring Fiasco


I am far from propagating conspiracy theories but the fact that federal and state governments are sitting idle and refrain from supporting the local workforce being directly impacted by the on-shoring drive is puzzling, to say the least. It is hard also to see what benefit the Government can derive from it as, quite clearly, it contributes negatively to the local employment levels. So here’s the question to the Australian government.

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An evening in Mumbai

Stepping Into Project Management

Cobb Sites I am browsing right now: [link] [link] [link] 3 links I read today (about Agile Governance): [link] [link] [link] I also started an Instagram account recently to randomly click and keep what I am doing throughout the day. I almost fell asleep at 6.30pm on the couch. I am back from work and today like all Monday’s I have had a morning flight to Mumbai, went to work and back at the temporary accommodation here. So, just doing random things and thought will share it with you.

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Your CRM Implementation Is Going To Fail

Troubled and Failing Project

Governance & DefinitionCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations fail at an alarming rate. For the last fourteen years, numerous independent parties have come up with the same dismal statistics. In fact, your implementation probably will not meet your goals either. The graphic above does not bode well for anyone heading out on that journey. To be sure, configuring the software is significantly more difficult that it appears at first glance.

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Becoming An Effective Leader In Government & Beyond: An Interview With Steve Ressler, Founder of GovLoop

Project Management Hacks

Have you ever considered the public sector and government for your next career move? Governments face interesting problems and that means there are opportunities to deliver new projects. government to launching his own venture, GovLoop. My thanks to Winnie Liem and the PMI-SOC Government Community for introducing me to Steve. Where do you see major opportunities in government to improve productivity, service and other improvements?

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The Executive-Project Manager Gap

Troubled and Failing Project

It was such an innocuous question, "Working on an article; what is the biggest problem you see with project governance at orgs? Governance & DefinitionCan you comment?" Can I comment? Really? That is like cheese to a mouse. Where could I start—bureaucracy, draconian process, poor executive sponsorship, disengaged leaders? Plenty of fodder, because they all lead to project failure.

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Podcast 57 – How to Tame Your Rogue Projects

Fix my Project Chaos

While it may be tempting to execute your project without the constraints of your IT governance, it may not be as sexy as it sounds. About This Podcast: Why do rogue projects need to be tamed? Having your project “lost in space” may leave you exposed to whims of individuals within the organisation and […]. The post Podcast 57 – How to Tame Your Rogue Projects appeared first on Fix My Project Chaos. Podcasts Project Delivery

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Kill The White Knight

Troubled and Failing Project

Governance & DefinitionThere is a reason we do not teach classes on fixing failing projects. Many a cynic feels that we simply do not want to teach our trade, however, our reason is far nobler—we should be teaching prevention rather trying to create white knights to save the day. It is the same philosophy as building a fence at the cliff's edge rather than an emergency room at its base.

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A Compendium of Works to Increase the Probability of Project Success

Herding Cats

Project Governance. Creating Credible Plans, Integrated Reporting and Control Systems - Part 1 , College of Performance Management, IPM Workshop, 2015. Agile Software Development for Government Software Intensive System of Systems (SISoS) , Boulder Agile Meetup, 27 July 2016. Integrating Agile Software Development with Earned Value Management , College of Performance Management, IPM Workshop, 2015. Governance. Program Governance Roadmap.

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Project Disasters

The Tao of Project Management

I've decided to have a look at some project disasters to see if there is anything new to learn and just had to start with this one: Volkswagen Group: Vehicle Emission System Probably the most expensive scandal in recent history, where Volkswagen basically put in special software to cheat the emission testing protocols used by governments.

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Moving forward to 2015, to COP21 in Paris, and what do you have? Working with stakeholders of various backgrounds… with varying degrees of buy-in –and bones to pick with you as well as each other… getting them all to focus on a common goal. Sound like project management? Sure does. That’s why this article posted just a few days ago caught my attention. That stakeholder theme drew me in – as well as the fact that it was using the COP21 meetings in Paris as the context.

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How good is project sponsorship in your company?

Ron Rosenhead

Read the PMI Pulse of the Profession Report 2015. If its zero (as suggested to me recently by a senior manager) then do read PMI’s 2015 Pulse of the Profession – Capturing the Value of Project Management. I have given a series of presentations in 2015 and some of the suggestions are include below. project sponsors courses in project management project management project management governance project management training project risks project sponsor

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Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

Herding Cats

Governance (#Governance). Six Business System Rule - defines the assessment of the integrated business systems for Federal procurement and their integrity in providing information to the Government contracting office. . Managing Government Grant Projects at Arizona Public Service - APS management process for Department of Energy grant for algae CO2 capture project. Integrated Program Management Essential Views - College of Performance Management , EVM World 2015.

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Londoners, dig deep in your pockets for yet another troubled project

Ron Rosenhead

In 2015, former mayor Boris Johnson said the change from an Olympics arena to a football stadium would cost £272m, a figure which has now risen to £323m. project management governance accountabiity governance learning fro mistakes projectToday, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan ordered an enquiry into the escalating costs of the former Olympic stadium site. The original Olympic stadium is now home of West Ham United football club.

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Estimates, Forecasts, Projections

Herding Cats

We can estimate the total cost, total duration, and the probability that all the Features will be delivered on the program we are working for the US Government. Financial Forecasts and Projections, AT §301.06, AICPA, 2015. Project Management Analytics: A Data-Driven Approach to Making Rational and Effective Project Decisions , Harjit Singh, Pearson FT Press; 1st Edition, November 12, 2015. . There is the misuse of the terms of statistics and probability in many domains.

Misunderstanding Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

Herding Cats

McMahon, Cross Talk: The Journal of Defense Software Engineering , July/August 2015, pp. Project Risk Management Model Based on PRINCE2 and Scrum Frameworks,” Martin Tomanek, Jan Juricek, The International Journal of Software Engineering & Applications (IJSEA) , January 2015, Volume 6, Number 1, ISSN: 0975-9018. Risk: The Final Agile Frontier,” Troy Magennis, Agile 2015. Federal Government, in support of OMB Circular A-123.”.

What is the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act?

Moira Alexander

PMI's Pulse of the Profession report shows "only 64 percent of government strategic initiatives ever meet their goals and business intent -- and that government entities waste $101 million for every $1 billion spent on project and programs.". To address this widespread and costly problem, on December 14, 2016, President Barack Obama signed bill S.1550 -- the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act of 2015 (PMIAA) into law.

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From Laying the Foundation to Completion: The Basics and Challenges of Project Management in Construction


A study from Oxford in 2015 fundamentally addressed the question of why major projects fail. Especially in the case of government-financed large-scale projects, the pressure from outside is enormous.

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The Project Management Benchmark Report 2016

Arras People

The report polled over 2,100 permanent and contract Programme and Project Management professionals during December 2015 and January 2016. Having entered 2015 with some green shoots of recovery after ‘the great recession’; further global impacts appear to have stunted some of the optimism and growth as issues in China, the EU and the impact of the war in Syria all played their part. We launch the latest annual report on the UK and Global Programme and Project Management domain today.

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Microsoft’s PPM Cloud Strategy Failed: What Now?


One thing Edward Snowden has taught the world is this: Never trust the US Government or any other government for that matter! This is true for Canadian Federal Government departments, government agencies, large Canadian companies, and even medium-sized Canadian companies.

The PMP® Exam is Changing: Here’s What You Need to Know

International Institute for Learning

The current Outline [iii] , published in June 2015, includes the five domains of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing. The June 2015 version is the one tested on the PMP Exam through December 15, 2019. With more than 39 years of experience in the field, his insights, perspectives and advice have been sought by hundreds of companies and government agencies around the world. [i]

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APM Salary and Market Trends Survey 2017 – A Review

Arras People

The other suspicion is that the comparison would not paint the picture required by a marketing organisation, after all in their 2015 report, they told us that the APMP was more popular than PRINCE2 in the UK! The APM stand on the cusp of a great opportunity; we hope they can get the right governance and professionals with project management expertise in their organisation to make the most of it and truly drive forward the value to this great profession.

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APM Salary and Market Trends Survey 2017 – A Review

Arras People

The other suspicion is that the comparison would not paint the picture required by a marketing organisation, after all in their 2015 report, they told us that the APMP was more popular than PRINCE2 in the UK! The APM stand on the cusp of a great opportunity; we hope they can get the right governance and professionals with project management expertise in their organisation to make the most of it and truly drive forward the value to this great profession.

2017 150

The Fallacy of Wild Numbers

Herding Cats

The 2015 10K shows $74.5B NoEstimates Decision Making Estimating Governance Logical Fallacies Management Principles Project Management Requirements Root Cause AnalysisDeMacro made this post, which has been picked up by the agile community to mean estimating is a waste. .

2017 30

2017 Project Management Trends To Watch

Girl's Guide to PM

A positive benefit to this could be employers putting existing professionals through the Higher Project Management Apprenticeship scheme, upskilling them at virtually no cost (or at least, through funds already paid to the government in the form of the levy). You'll also like: Project Management: Hot Trends for 2015 I had another baby this year.

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The Social Project Manager [Interview]

Girl's Guide to PM

This interview was first published in 2015. How do you balance the need to collaborate with the governance and control that’s required in a project environment? Social project management is based upon the philosophy that, in order to be successful, most projects need the structure of a project plan together with suitable governance but with the value-add of the associated emergent collaboration and coordination tools and techniques.

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What Makes Organisations Fail to Execute Their Strategy?

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Executives should ensure strong governance. Strong project portfolio management and strong project management are underpinned by strong governance. The right systems and performance indicators provide transparency and drive the right behaviours and are strongly supported by project leaders who understand governance processes as adding value within their projects. 2] McKinsey, ‘Changing change management’ 1 July 2015. [3]

Cobras and Carrots: How to Get the Best Out of Project Teams

Arras People

The British government was concerned about the number of venomous cobra snakes in Delhi. The government therefore offered a bounty for every dead cobra. When the government became aware of this, the reward program was scrapped, causing the cobra breeders to set the now-worthless snakes free. The term cobra effect stems from an anecdote set at the time of British rule of colonial India.

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The Diversity of Project Manager Position Types: How to Choose a Job Among Different Titles

Epicflow Blog

According to PMI’s PMBOK , the Project Management Office is a “management structure that standardizes the project-related governance processes and facilitates the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools, and techniques”. Lindsay Scott (2015).

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Agile Portfolio Management

Arras People

Quite a few of these challenges were highlighted in the PMO Flashmob report on Portfolio Management back in 2015 so they’re all pretty well-known and experienced by those working in the portfolio management field. Agile governance – “to Enable rather than Impede”, a shout out to PMOs here about how ‘command and control’ is not going to work and some insights into how AgilePfM can resolve some of the challenges resulting from that type of PMO.

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Simple Guide to Business Process Mapping – a Valuable Skill All Project Managers Need

Project Bliss

And I created process maps for governance, and even for team process documentation. ISO 9001:2015 provides criteria for quality management and includes a focus on process and continual improvement. If you’ve been asked to complete a business process map it may feel overwhelming. You may have an idea of what that is, but you want to be sure you do it right. It’s not intuitive at first, but once you learn how, it’s much easier than you think.

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