Stakeholder Influencing Process [Video]

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Leading Through Influence — Managing Up

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When we say that Product Managers “lead through influence,” most people think of building rapport with the execution teams to ensure that you have the personal and professional leverage required to get them to do something without challenging things for their own reasons. Product Management Authority Communication Culture Good PM Influence Leadership Organization Roles

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Leading Through Influence: Driving to a Decision

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Product Management Authority Communication Culture Direction Facilitation Influence Leadership PrioritiesWe’ve all been there — whether you’re a Product Manager or not, you’ve sat in a meeting that’s going far longer than it should, horribly off-agenda, listening to people bicker about some minor point that’s preventing anyone from moving forward and actually making an actionable decision.

Fresh Friday 25 March 2016 – 6 Interesting Articles on Influence and Leadership

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Here are 6 interesting articles on influence and the role it plays in leadership; The post Fresh Friday 25 March 2016 – 6 Interesting Articles on Influence and Leadership appeared first on Fix My Project Chaos. Blog Art of Project Leadership

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Leading Through Influence: Limiting Choices

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Product Management Authority Backlog Cat Herding Culture Direction Distractions Facilitation Good PM Influence Leadership Organization Priorities Psychology StrategyI was working with a future mentee last week and we noticed a recurring theme to some of our discussions — that a large part of good Product Management results from limiting the number of choices that our teams and our executives have to choose from, so that they make decisions that reflect the actual […].

Does your organization truly support project management?

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The April 2016 issue of PM Network provided updated project management capability findings from PMI’s 2016 Pulse of the Profession ® report.

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Leading Through Influence: Identifying Fellow Influencers

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We’re often told that Product Managers “lead through influence” — that we don’t generally have the direct authority to get things done, but rather do so through convincing others of the best option available from the myriad choices they have. Product Management Authority Communication Culture Influence Interactions Leadership Organization

Just Because You’re Delighted by Your Product Doesn’t Mean Your Users Are!

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Product Management Culture Influence PM Problem Solving Psychology Roles UCD UncertaintyThere are a lot of potential pitfalls that threaten our success as Product Manager — but by far the worst, in my opinion, is falling too much in love with your own ideas, whether those are problems, solutions, or even assumptions about the market and our customers. While I think they take it a bit […].

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Professional Practitioners and the Professionalisation of Project Management

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Pushing further the point of Accountability and Ethics we discussed the next level of influence which impacts how we operate as professionals, namely our environment. External Influencers in Project Professionalism.

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What Should a New Project Manager Focus On?

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So engage with them positively so you can learn from them, keep them informed and, when necessary, influence them gently. Software Review: BusiBI Project Manager 2016 v5.7 This is a guest article by Dr Mike Clayton, who is the well-known author and trainer behind Online PM Courses.*.

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PM 101 – Working With Designers

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Product Management Culture Design Influence Leadership Organization PM PM 101 Roles UCDThis is the first in what I hope to be a series of PM 101 posts, wherein I focus on some fundamentals of Product Management. For this first article, I’ve chosen a topic that’s near and dear to my heart, as well as one that’s been raised several times during my teaching sessions at General Assembly […].

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The Best Free Project Management Resources


Additionnal Project management influencers on Twitter: Thomas Kennedy: @ThePMCoach. You can find a Twitter list of all these Project Management influencers here. The numbers don’t lie: Managing complicated projects is a tough task.

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A Strategy for Engaging and Dealing With Difficult People

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He published a book in September 2013, Practical People Engagement – Leading Change through the Power of Relationships , which provides a rich reference of practices and techniques on how to influence and lead people to new solutions.

How To Take Over An Existing Project [Free Checklist]

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The company culture has a lot of influence over what is done and what is ignored not followed up. Consider this. You’ve recently taken over a project that has already started. Your handover hasn’t been that great.

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Successful Stakeholder Management Needs Teams

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Think about who will be impacted by the outcome of your project and who can exert influence on it as well. Step 2: Determine a Stakeholder’s Influence. This is a guest article by Isidora Roskic. Behind good companies lie great stakeholder relations.

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What Makes a Great Product Manager?

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Product Management Culture Good PM Influence Leadership Learning PM Psychology RolesDue to the vagaries of how different companies and industries define the role of Product Manager, it’s often a struggle to determine what skills and abilities one must have in order to separate themselves from the crowd. But while the roles may differ, I’m a strong believer that there is a core set of capabilities […].

PMP Exam Change 2016: New Topics and Study Guidance (Part 2)

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PMP Exam Change 2016 (Part 2): In part 1, we learned about PMI's Role Delineation Study (RDS), PMP Exam Content Outline, PMBOK Guide, and PMP Handbook, and how these influence the PMP Exam. Agile PMP PMP Exam Change 2016 PMP Exam Content Outline PMP Handbook Role Delineation Study (RDS

Brexit: The Implications for Project Managers

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If the UK stays, then some of the uncertainty goes away, but the political damage may have already been done: what influence on the international stage will the UK have lost with this referendum? Tomorrow the UK goes to the polls to vote on whether we should leave the European Union.

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How to Handle Procrastination as a Project Manager

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It can influence the state of mind, the family members, the colleagues and everyone that gets in contact with the person that presents procrastination habits. Procrastination is the habit of postponing tasks. This includes even avoiding to accomplish important or critical issues.

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6 Ways to Manage Projects Like a Nordic

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Don’t pander to seniority and let people influence the project on all levels. This is a guest article from Kayleigh Töyrä, coming to us from Bristol but with her roots firmly in Finland.

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What Does an Agile Culture Look Like?

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Product Management Agile Culture Influence Lean Organization PM Roles Scrum Strategy UncertaintyA common question posed to Product Managers in organizations interested in or transitioning into Agile is, “How do we know that we’re Agile?” ” Because agility is a cultural value, there’s no pre-determined checklist of things that one can step through and certify your company as 100% Organic Agile. There are, however, indicators that we look at to […].

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Drive for show…

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Interest, influence and impact don’t remain static. When a golf professional hits a monster drive it looks very impressive and draws “ Oohs !” ” and “ Aahs !” ” from the crowd.

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Member of PMI? Now What?

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Early career development in this area typically includes subjects like communications, conflict management, influencing, negotiating, leading a team, facilitation skills and so on. I’ve recently become a member of PMI and successfully achieved my PMP.

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New PMO – the Hub of Innovation?

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An organisation that previously had no centralised project support could feel that a new PMO is a constraining influence, imposing formal processes, and stopping them responding promptly to ad hoc requests. Is your PMO the hub of innovation in your organisation?

Is your methodology a melting pot or a tapestry?

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While there may be limited opportunities to influence external partners to integrate within our existing methodology or systems, this should be a core objective when engaging internal ones. In large organizations it takes a village to deliver a project.

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Risk management for agile projects

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Influencing stakeholders to ensure that risk gets effectively managed is a critical skill for both a project manager and a Scrum Master. What are the implications to project risk management when you choose to deliver a project using an agile approach?

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What to Do When It’s All Falling Apart

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Product Management Communication Good PM Influence Leadership Problem Solving Trust UncertaintyAs Product Managers, we’re often right on the front lines when things start to go sideways — when the demo fails in the middle of a big customer presentation, when the Ops team can’t deploy the “fully-tested” and “ready for production” release, or when your customer acquisition and retention numbers start to dip. But rarely […].

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How to Be a Powerful Risk Management Evangelist

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“Leadership is influence. To the extent we influence others, we lead them.” Can project managers influence senior leaders to adopt risk management and reduce the barrier to risk management? Who are the top leaders that you need to influence?

Meeting Management Techniques (PMP® Exam Tips)

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If you want your meeting to end up with a decision don’t underestimate the amount of influence you have in getting there by doing some pre-work informally with your attendees. I don’t mean influence about which way the decision goes, but being able to influence that your decision gets made.

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Conducting Project Management Interviews

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Expect answers which include mention of; situation analysis; success criteria; stakeholder and sponsor management; change management; re-establishing baselines; risk management; communications and relationship management; conflict management; negotiation and influence.

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Inspiring Women in PM: Christine Unterhitzenberger

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During this time I discovered that I would like to manage not only the construction site but the overall project as this allows for more influence on the overall result.

Long lived teams need to emulate The Borg

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Anyone who disagrees with my inclusion of the latter has never managed a project where the quality of their relationship with people managers was a key influencer over the calibre of the team members they were assigned!

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How good is project sponsorship in your company?

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develop your influencing skills – sometime your sponsor simply has no interest or no time. Use your new-found skills to try to influence them or….

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8 Ways You Can Better Respond to Unrealistic Demands

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This is a guest post from Colin Gautrey, an author, trainer and executive coach who has specialized in the field of power and influence for over ten years. He is the creator of the Stakeholder Influencing Masterclass. Review your approach to influencing stakeholders.

PM 101 – Working With Sales

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Product Management Influence Interactions Leadership Organization PM Roles TrustOf all of the teams that Product Managers must deal with on a regular basis, I really can’t think of any that have a worse reputation amongst our kin than Sales teams. Common tropes that I hear when talking about Sales teams with other Product Managers include things like “they don’t understand the product” or “they […].

2016 14

5 Project Management Trends for Manufacturing Teams to Watch in 2017


As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to look at some project management trends we can expect to see in 2017. As always, market forces continue to influence how businesses manage their projects.

Stakeholder Register [Free Template]

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This document is fine if everything you write down about your stakeholders is rosy, but the moment you start labelling someone as ‘Influence: Project Denouncer’ or something like that, then you need to be really careful about where this document ends up.

Are You Ready For The Social Tech Revolution?

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Some key traits that have been proven to influence enterprise social media tools are: Ease of adoption. Social influence. One day your project management status updates might self-destruct. In this article, Jerry Giltenane explains why. Of the 7.3 billion people on the planet, 31% or 2.3

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10 Wonderful Ways to Keep Your Stakeholders Happy

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How Strong Are Your Influencing Skills? Work with others to develop a plan to engage and influence the key stakeholders. ” Want to take a deeper dive into influencing stakeholders? Get access to the Stakeholder Influencing Masterclass.

What it takes to be a great project manager

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Don't just manage teams -- motivate and influence them. Influence individuals and teams to optimize their contributions. A large part of the role of a project leader is to influence each team member to give their best regardless of personal views, obstacles, and conflicts. Influence is both an art and learned behavior that is often undervalued and overlooked. It's important to note that influence shouldn't be confused with manipulation.