Sustainable Risk Management – Four Current Challenges with Solutions

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This post focuses on the current challenges of sustainable risk management within sustainable change delivery, with useful perspectives, tools, and techniques. This blog post is part of a series that provides the foundation for understanding sustainable change delivery. The post Sustainable Risk Management – Four Current Challenges with Solutions appeared first on Delivering a better world, one project at a time.

Sustainable Portfolio Management – Foundational Overview

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This post highlights the importance of portfolio management for sustainable change delivery. This blog post is part of a series that provides a foundation for understanding sustainable change delivery. The post Sustainable Portfolio Management – Foundational Overview appeared first on Delivering a better world, one project at a time. It is not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

A rookie mistake with sustainable procurement… Lessons Learned

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The post A rookie mistake with sustainable procurement… Lessons Learned appeared first on Delivering a better world, one project at a time. Entries Risk Management SDGs GPM P5 Standard PRiSM Sustainable Procurement“I don’t want to wear something on my body that hurts the environment or the people in it. It’s hard to know what is good and what is bad on the high street and equally hard to find fashionable or youthful ethical clothing.

Sustain Your PMO: Nine Easy Lessons

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The risk to not doing so is to, at the very least, slow the return on investment of the new PMO down. Getting the right leader of the PMO is linked to lesson number one – you, and your organisation, will want to minimise the risk to PMO failure and maximise the time to ROI.

Keep on scammin’ on: The evil brilliance, success and recurrence of The Playbook

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Benefits Management Climate Change COP21 Corporate Social Responsibility Risk Management Sustainability Sustainable Development GoalsLeading student in business propaganda, Australian social scientist Alex Carey persuasively argues that the 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: the growth of democracy; the growth of corporate power; the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.

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How to Use the GPM P5 Impact Analysis

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Risk comes from not knowing what you`re doing.” Warren Buffett “Risk is like fire: If controlled it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you.” Theodore Roosevelt What is the P5 Impact Analysis?

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Are you missing a musketeer on your projects?

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The more complex a project, the greater the likelihood of the project or requirements lead focusing on the current stage and progress of the project and its deliverables rather than planning and preparing for successful change adoption and sustainment.

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The argument for agile gets even more appealing…

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Sustained executive sponsorship is critical for large projects which can span multiple years. With regular value delivery, there is less likelihood of this risk being realized.

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Free Professional Development in London in October

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Building a Learning Organisation: How better talent management increases project delivery success and reduces risk. It’s back in London next month – Project Challenge – the seminar and exhibition show at London’s Olympia.

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The Value of Value Management

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This post highlights the importance of incorporating value management into sustainable change delivery. This blog post is part of a series that provides a foundation for understanding sustainable change delivery. Benefits Management Business Case Change Delivery Risk Management Value ManagementThere is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. Peter F. Drucker Management of Value (MoV) was the […].

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What challenges will project managers face a decade from now?

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However, sustainable practices are gaining greater importance and this is only likely to accelerate if we hope to have a habitable planet beyond the next fifty years. Tagged: improving project management , resource availability , Risk management , Valuable projects.

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What’s difference between project management and change management?

Moira Alexander

This discipline manages only the impact of changes that result of organizational and PM activities, and involves the implementation of strategies to deal with change (sustainability aspects). They work with the company leadership to ensure projects are aligned with overall business strategies and to ensure project risks are mitigated and negative impact to project stakeholders are minimized.

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10 Top Tips to Make You a Successful Contractor

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You want your rates to be commercially competitive, to encourage repeat business and entice new clients, but if you price yourself too low, you risk severely undervaluing your skills and experience. Work sustainably.

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Risk Management Resources

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Risk Management is essential for development and production programs. Risk issues that can be identified early in the program, which will potentially impact the program later, termed Known Unknowns and can be alleviated with good risk management. Risk Management Papers. “A

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A Compendium of Risk Management Resources

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This blog page is dedicated to the resources used to manage the risk encountered on software-intensive systems using traditional and agile development methods. Let's start with a critical understanding of the purpose of managing risk on software development projects. 3, 2016.

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Real Success. Do your projects have it?


Click on the image above, or here – to go to a 15-ish minute video that (we humbly assert) says what needs to be said about the intersection of Project Management and Sustainability.

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Are Your Project Plans Helping You Execute Successfully?


These heroics are not sustainable. Then, there are the personal risks for project managers. “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”. – Mike Tyson. Project plans exist for a reason.

The Agile Cannon

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The paper Agile Base Patterns in the Agile Canon , Daniel R Greening, 2016 49th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences is an important contribution to the discussion of agile at scale in organizations beyond 5 developers at the table with their customer.

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A Growth Job

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Involves risk-taking. Gives every jobholder the chance to influence, sustain or change organizational objectives. IT Risk Management. Build a Risk Adjusted Project Plan in 6 Steps. Is never permanent. Makes you like yourself. Is fun. Is sometimes tedious, painful, frustrating, monotonous, and at the same time gives a sense of accomplishment. Bases compensation on productivity. Is complete: One thinks, plans, manages and is the final judge of one's work.

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Nuclear Cleanup To Bridge Upgrades: How Top Projects Get It Done

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Through 2016, I have reported on outstanding projects and professionals in the field for In addition, Symcor invested in outside assistance to better understand risks when it launched a complex program involving multiple financial institutions.

4 Ways To Get Ready For Promotion

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For example, you can state $10,000 earned in 2015, $40,000 earned in 2016 and so forth. Take thoughtful risks. In some circles, risk is considered to be a “four letter word.” Instead, look for small risks to take and gradually expand your appetite for uncertainty.

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How to Estimate Any Software Problem

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If you customer has no real value at risk, of has no real concern about showing up on time to start accruing the business value in exchange for the cost to produce that value, then estimates are unlikely to be needed. Cost is always a driving consideration for how products are built, delivered, and sustained. Risk Management is How Adults Manage Projects. Risk Management is Project Management for Adults. The conjecture of #NoEstimates starts with the first Tweet.

Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

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Business, Technical, Systems, Risk, and Project Management Briefings and Presentations. Risk Management (#RM). Business, Technical, Systems, Risk, and Project Management. This process starts with the Concept of Operation, IPM 2016 , October 31 - November 2, 2016. .

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Misunderstanding Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

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The risk is created when we have not accounted for this natural variances in our management plan for the project. Dealing with Aleatory (irreducible) uncertainty and the resulting risk requires we have margin. An aleatory risk is expressed as a relation to a value. Embrace Risk!

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Innovation in project management: Inspiration from Dubai

Susanne Madsen

In 2016 the UAE government was named the second-most tech savvy government in the world by the World Economic Forum and the Dubai government has formulated a bold strategy to be the world’s most innovative city by 2021. Otherwise the risk of trying something new will seem too high.

Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence: Is your Organization ready?


The Microsoft State of Global Service 2016 , found that 60% of consumers stopped interacting with a company, just because they had a bad experience of customer service. AI has already become a strategic factor to generate sustained growth and provide a competitive advantage to organizations.

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Project Management Questions I Get Asked Most

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Terrific Insights from the Annual PMI Project Management Review 2016. Terrific Insights from the Annual PMI Project Management Review 2016. Sustainable success comes, to a large extent, from your project culture. How to Build a Robust Project Risk Culture [8 Steps].

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The 30 Most Popular Project Management Articles from 2017


These three articles share some of the best practices and how-to articles to help your business reduce risks and avoid costly mistakes. Risk Management. The article shares a cautionary tale to IT departments about the risks of complacency.

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Becoming a Project Manager – A Complete Guide for 2018

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Tackling daily project management challenges also requires accountability, adaptability, analytical and strategic thinking, decisiveness, a stress-resistant personality, and even a bit of love for risk-taking. solid understanding of business cases and risk management processes.

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13 GDPR Requirements Needed for Total Compliance (and Changes You Can Make Today)


Just as an example, in 2016, UK communications company TalkTalk were fined £400,000 for failing to protect customer data from being accessed by hackers. Understand your financial risks around poorly protected personal data and ensure your storage is safe and secure.

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