Strategy Execution on #pmchat

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On Friday 14th October at 5pm UK time (12pm ET), I’ll be hosting #pmchat for an hour alongside Deanne Earle on Strategy Execution and Portfolio Management.

Remote project management strategies: How to keep the human touch

The Digital Project Manager

The post Remote project management strategies: How to keep the human touch appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Remote project management is growing in popularity but how can we make projects a success and empower our team to thrive when we’re not face. General How-to Guides

Business Dysfunction, Malfunction and Strategy

Herding Cats

The root cause of this dysfunction is the lack of line of sight traceability for Why the firm is in business to how the firm fulfills the strategy needed to deliver on that WHY. Here's one way that has been shown over the years to connect the dots between Why and How and critically importantly, how the projectize the work efforts needed to implement the strategy. Balanced Scorecard StrategyMike Cottmeyer posted.

What I’m Reading: July 2016

Girl's Guide to PM

Virtual Leadership: Practical Strategies for Getting the Best Out of Virtual Work and Virtual Teams is a very hands-on book for working successfully virtually, whether you use collaboration tools, conference calls or email.

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The value of strategy

Musings on Project Management

"I will not take by sacrifice that which I can achieve by strategy" General Douglas MacArthur And, so what we have in that philosophy, when put in project context, is the oft-criticized 'brute force approach' vs a more subtle tactical alternative. We see it all Strategic Plan Strategy

Six Essential Requirements of an Influencing Strategy

Project Risk Coach

After a simple analysis exercise (considering relationship and agreement) it then comes down to developing an influencing strategy. If people are against you, make sure you’ve got something in your strategy to at least remove the risk they pose to your influencing goal.

Content Marketing as a part of Inbound Strategy


This is a continuation of our previous article – Introduction to Content Marketing. Today, we will explain the differences between outbound and inbound marketing, and explain the main assumptions of the latter.

Customer Churn and SaaS

Tyner Blain

Even if you aren’t currently worried about the economics of SaaS, if you’re a product manager or if you are a product owner, you should be thinking about the strategies that drive what your product becomes. Software as a Service is not a one and done transactional offering.

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A Simple Approach to Your Content Marketing Strategy


Content marketing is a strategy that helps reach potential customers with an offer, using a variety of tools with comparable effectiveness.

How to Connect Emerging Risks, Strategies, and Project Management [Snippet]

Project Risk Coach

How to Connect Emerging Risks, Strategies, and Project Management. Once senior management has clearly defined their long-term and short-term goals, projects may be initiated to support the operational strategies. Is your organization identifying and managing emerging risks?

6 proven project team communication strategies

Moira Alexander

Whatever media they use, project teams will increase their chances of achieving their goals if they develop successful strategies for keeping everyone informed about what’s going on. Hold regular strategy meetings for the entire team. Project teams are in a constant state of communication via email, videoconferences, telephone calls, texts, face-to-face discussions and even nonverbal interactions.

6 proven project team communication strategies

Moira Alexander

Whatever media they use, project teams will increase their chances of achieving their goals if they develop successful strategies for keeping everyone informed about what’s going on. Hold regular strategy meetings for the entire team. Project teams are in a constant state of communication via email, videoconferences, telephone calls, texts, face-to-face discussions and even nonverbal interactions.

13 Statistics On The State of Work In 2016: Meetings, Productivity & Conflict

Project Management Hacks

What’s happening in the world of work in 2016? You can develop your career with a strategic lunch hour: 6 Strategies to Advance Your Career in 60 Minutes. To answer that question, I reviewed the U.S. State of Enterprise Work Report from Workfront.

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Product Owner Manager – Alone Together

Tyner Blain

Together, the product people need to take an organization’s strategy, figure out the appropriate product strategy, and convert that into actionable work for the delivery teams to create the right product. How will we manifest our organization’s strategy through product?

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5 Career Resolutions I Completed In 2016

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The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels by Michael D. The post 5 Career Resolutions I Completed In 2016 appeared first on Project Management Hacks.

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Cut, Cut, Cut: Elimination Strategies To Boost Productivity

Project Management Hacks

Elimination is an underrated productivity strategy we all need to practice. If elimination is such a great strategy, why isn’t it more popular? It’s one of the best ways to eliminate that “crazy busy” feeling that make the week feel like a long slog.

What is Your Strategy to Improve Construction Project Performance?


This is something I always get confused about – Strategy and Tactics. I always have to check and it turns out that Strategy is deciding what you are going to set as the objectives and Tactics are deciding how you are going to achieve it. So there we are – Strategy decided.

What Should a New Project Manager Focus On?

Girl's Guide to PM

Strategy. And if you treat strategy, planning, and delivery as academic, theoretical, or abstract activities, you are lost. Software Review: BusiBI Project Manager 2016 v5.7

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Next Generation Project Management Software

Girl's Guide to PM

In this article we look at emerging software in the PPM space and discuss how its selection and implementation needs to be done in line with an overarching digital strategy. The implementation strategy requires having a plan with the final objectives defined.

6 strategic projects any business can implement in 2016

Moira Alexander

As 2016 begins, now is the time for businesses (regardless of industry, size, product or service offering, or location) to take stock of all resources and initiatives, and plan strategy-centric projects to implement in the New Year. Here are six projects any business can implement in 2016 to help ensure the people, processes and technologies are working together effectively to create better opportunities or avoid missed ones.

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Thanking the GirlsGuideToPM Community (That’s You)

Girl's Guide to PM

For now, 2016 is coming to a close. has seen a 70% leap in users during 2016, 61% more page views and around 6,300 of you joined our newsletter community since January, meaning we’re now a little online gang of project managers numbering over 14k.

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Free Professional Development in London in October

Arras People

This session looks at strategies for improving and sustaining individuals’ project management skills and competencies and how to create an organisation-wide culture of sharing and learning lessons to drive project success and reduce the risk of failure.

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Does Size Matter?

Arras People

In my own mind the argument basically boils down to devising a strategy that recognises the type of candidates that you are looking to attract and the volumes that you are likely to consume. So whatever you require, consider the facts and adopt a strategy that fits your environment.

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Leading Through Influence: Limiting Choices

The Clever PM

Product Management Authority Backlog Cat Herding Culture Direction Distractions Facilitation Good PM Influence Leadership Organization Priorities Psychology StrategyI was working with a future mentee last week and we noticed a recurring theme to some of our discussions — that a large part of good Product Management results from limiting the number of choices that our teams and our executives have to choose from, so that they make decisions that reflect the actual […].

What Can a PM Learn From Gaming?

The Clever PM

Product Management Culture Games Good PM Interactions Leadership PM Problem Solving Psychology Strategy UncertaintyWhile Product Management might be my career of choice, my primary hobby of choice has to be gaming. I’ve been playing games in one form or another for as long as I can remember — tabletop games, video games, role-playing games…you name it, I’ve played some permutation of it in my life. As I’ve grown […].

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Crowdfunding Projects

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Having a clear, long-term strategy for business has always been part of my professional DNA. Crowdfunding is something that many of us are aware of but if you’re anything like me I wouldn’t know where to start if I wanted to crowdfund a project for a new product.

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Leadership’s Project Management Challenges

Gina Abudi PM

Project Management project management benefits project management strategy project strategy strategic project management value of project managementLeadership in many organizations – even today – are challenged with project management and where it fits in. Understanding the value of project management to the organization is a significant challenge for leaders. Too often it is considered as tactical – with no real thought or understanding of the strategic value of it.

Creative problem-solving with design thinking frameworks

The Digital Project Manager

Here’s a curated list of some of the best design thinking frameworks out there – a gallery of best practices for leading workshops, brainstorms, and general strategies for solving creative problems. Posted in General Tools. link].

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Product Owner Survival Camp

Tyner Blain

There’s always a gap between strategy and execution – and product owners are ideally positioned to help fill that gap. Announcing Product Owner Survival Camp, USA – Cambridge MA 19-20 May 2016. You will learn ways to close the gaps between strategy and tactics.

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Project Communication Plan Template [Free Download]

Girl's Guide to PM

It’s not pages and pages of your approach to a project communications strategy. This month’s free template is one you might not have come across before but it’s one of the most useful spreadsheet tabs I have.

4 Tips for Avoiding Bad Project Management Habits


Without a detailed plan, it is impossible to reliably predict delivery dates, foresee upcoming issues, or adjust strategy quickly when necessary. As a project manager, forming good work habits is essential for running a high-performing team.

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Business Acumen for Project Managers [Free Checklist]

Girl's Guide to PM

Read the company’s 3 year plan or their strategy document (this might be a section in the annual report). You should be able to talk about the business context and financial context of your project as it sits within the wider operational strategy.

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Stakeholder-led Project Management [Book Review]

Girl's Guide to PM

Develop strategies. “I am convinced that stakeholders must always impact upon the way we manage our projects,” writes Louise M. Worsley in Stakeholder-led Project Management: Changing the Way We Manage Projects. “I I hope I can convince you.”.

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Risk responses which PMI never taught you!

Kiron Bondale

Risk avoidance is an ideal strategy for responding to severe threats – as Mr. Miyagi would have said “Best way to avoid punch, no be there.” Even though there might be strategies to take the pond out of the picture, they unerringly manage to land their ball in it.

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The Spotlight on the Programme Manager

Arras People

Here’s a collection of responses: IT Strategy. If you’re interested in the role of Programme Manager, why not register with Arras People to see what opportunities are available in 2016?

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Moving from Project Manager to Programme Manager

Arras People

I see programme management as a step away from hands on project control and delivery and a closer move towards strategy, business and people management. I’ve been spending time thinking about my future career and one day I’d like to move on from being a Project Manager to a Programme Manager.

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The Best Free Project Management Resources


Since the process of setting specific tasks and initiating the appropriate call to action involves a sequence of events, your strategy to arrive at the end objective should also include a sequence of events. Outline and write down the overall strategy.

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From The PMI Power Talks [Video]

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Hosted by the PMI UK Chapter in London, the Power Talks brought together 4 fantastic speakers for an afternoon of discussion and debate focused on strategy execution. You'll also like: APM Conference Diary [Video] Here's my video diary from the APM Conference 2016.

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Project Management Careers Q&A – Moving to a Portfolio PMO

Arras People

The link between an organisation’s strategy and how that strategy is delivered is commonly referred to as portfolio management. With portfolio office there is still a requirement that all our project based activity in the organisation is delivered well, it’s just that they are more concerned with making sure the right projects and programs are picked in the first place which will ultimately help deliver the organisation’s strategy.

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Ellen Maynes: Inspiring Women in Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

Today’s interview is with Ellen Maynes, project management consultant, 2016 Global Peace Fellow, and one of the most interesting people I’ve ever spoken to. You can see more information here: and get your tickets here.

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