Sustain Your PMO: Nine Easy Lessons

The Lazy Project Manager

Having the right ‘head’ of the PMO is also critical, in Leading Successful PMOs the top five attributes for a great PMO leader were explored: The good PMO leaders must champion project management and project managers across their organisation as well as believing in the business strategy.

Invested in Sustainability as a PM? You should be!


Few companies make it a priority to communicate their sustainability performance to investors, or even develop a robust story about their sustainability performance. Investors care more about sustainability issues than many executives believe.

Ellen Maynes: Inspiring Women in Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

Today’s interview is with Ellen Maynes, project management consultant, 2016 Global Peace Fellow, and one of the most interesting people I’ve ever spoken to. When men and women work together to broker peace, the peace is more sustainable.

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Free Professional Development in London in October

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This session looks at strategies for improving and sustaining individuals’ project management skills and competencies and how to create an organisation-wide culture of sharing and learning lessons to drive project success and reduce the risk of failure.

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The Science of Growth [Book Review]

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One of the factors Ammirati discusses for creating sustainable growth is having the right people around you. Have you ever wondered why some companies just get bigger and more successful and others don’t?

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What’s difference between project management and change management?

Moira Alexander

Project management should enable strategy and is a formalized and well documented discipline guided by a formal project management body of knowledge (PMBOK). This discipline manages only the impact of changes that result of organizational and PM activities, and involves the implementation of strategies to deal with change (sustainability aspects).

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10 Top Tips to Make You a Successful Contractor

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Work sustainably. Should you want a mortgage, a payroll strategy or simply need your tax return filing on time, we’re here to assist and guide you every step of the way.

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Manage Your Energy, Not Just Your Time

Project Risk Coach

I made changes in my life that helped me create and sustain more energy. Here’re five strategies for building new habits. For years, I’ve sought ways to get more done in my work day. You know the time management mantra: capture, prioritize, and schedule, right?

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The Project Management Consultant

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Late last year I did a session for the PMI Virtual Talent Management Conference (it’s still available on demand until March 2016). Behaviours, Simulations and Sustainability. Digital Operations, Strategy. I’m intrigued. What is a project management consultant?

Self-organization is a progression not a transaction

Kiron Bondale

Definition and implementation of a development strategy based on a coach-the-coach model will be critical. A highly touted good practice for project teams is that they should be self-organized.

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5 Career Resolutions I Completed In 2016

Project Management Hacks

The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels by Michael D. identifying whether a situation is “a start up”, “sustaining success”, “turnaround” or another case). The post 5 Career Resolutions I Completed In 2016 appeared first on Project Management Hacks.

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How to Lead Your Team Through a Transition


Tips for getting through: Acknowledge the ambiguity that exists while implementing strategies to bridge the gap from old to new. Team members are emotionally on board and are creating new habits that can be sustained.

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Are Your Project Plans Helping You Execute Successfully?


These heroics are not sustainable. This plan is what helps your business deliver on its potential and execute on strategy. “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”. – Mike Tyson. Project plans exist for a reason.

7 Signs the Status Quo Isn’t Working for Your Business


It’s the difference between a business that is doing OK, to one that is targeting real sustainable success. Whether you’re a new business or a well-established one, you need to identify when your rut could cost you your shirt, and you need strategies to move ahead.

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4 Ways To Get Ready For Promotion

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Smith, successful executives regularly use two promotion strategies. For example, you can state $10,000 earned in 2015, $40,000 earned in 2016 and so forth. The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter by Michael Watkins.

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How To Work From Home Successfully

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This arrangement is commonly part of a broader work life balance strategy that includes flexible working hours, programs for parents and the like. 2-3 people per day) for a few minutes to sustain connection. Image Credit: Work From Home Success (

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4 Steps to More Effective Project Management


Too often, however, an organization rushes into exciting new initiatives without the necessary tools and resources in place, limiting the chances for sustainable growth. Smart leadership makes a world of difference in keeping a business moving toward its goals, completing one task at a time.

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Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

Herding Cats

Strategy (#Strategy). Here's how to connect dots between strategy, mission success, programmatics, and technical performance management in units of measure meaningful to the decision makers. College of Performance Management , IPM Workshop, 2016. Strategy.

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Innovation in project management: Inspiration from Dubai

Susanne Madsen

In 2016 the UAE government was named the second-most tech savvy government in the world by the World Economic Forum and the Dubai government has formulated a bold strategy to be the world’s most innovative city by 2021.

How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

If we’ve learned anything recently, it’s that our world – politically and socially – is a different place than it was in 2016. One of the most successful learning strategies for me has been the gathering and sharing of stories from project and programme managers.

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Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence: Is your Organization ready?


The Microsoft State of Global Service 2016 , found that 60% of consumers stopped interacting with a company, just because they had a bad experience of customer service. AI has already become a strategic factor to generate sustained growth and provide a competitive advantage to organizations.

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Success in Disruptive Times: PMI’s 2018 Pulse of the Profession

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And, as we have done with the 2016 and 2017 Pulse of the Profession reports, we will take a selective look at the aspects that catch our attention, and encourage you to read the full report for yourself. Terrific Insights from the Annual PMI Project Management Review 2016.

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Project Management Questions I Get Asked Most

Online PM Courses

Terrific Insights from the Annual PMI Project Management Review 2016. This Set of Stakeholder Engagement Strategies will Power You up. Terrific Insights from the Annual PMI Project Management Review 2016. Sustainable success comes, to a large extent, from your project culture.

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Risk Management Resources

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This blog page is dedicated to the resources used to assess risks, their impacts, and handling strategies for software-intensive systems using traditional and agile development methods. 3, 2016. 80, 2016. De la Huerga, Proceedings of the ISCRAM 2016 Conference , May 2016.

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A Compendium of Risk Management Resources

Herding Cats

A Complex Systems Perspective of Risk Mitigation and Modeling in Development and Acquisition Programs,” Roshanak Rose Nilchiani, Naval Postgraduate School, Thirtieth Annual Acquisition Research Symposium, April 30, 2016. 3, 2016. 80, 2016. 798-814, 2016. November 2016.

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22 Manufacturing Conferences to Attend in 2018


The ManuChem Strategies 2018. The ManuChem Strategies conference brings together over 150 production, SCM, & engineering leaders who are responsible for process optimization, lean manufacturing, and business strategy in their companies. The American Manufacturing Summit is a leadership focused meeting designed around improving plant floor operations and manufacturing strategy across the globe. Tanner was the recipient of the 2016 AME Excellence award.

Becoming a Project Manager – A Complete Guide for 2018

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My story on project management is as follows – I was assigned a project back in 2016, which seemed like a regular project at the start. The chosen strategy was successful and the time and budget of the project were met.” PRiSM (Projects integrating Sustainable Methods).

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The 30 Most Popular Project Management Articles from 2017


Takeaway: Ensuring strategic alignment, benefits realization, the linkage between strategy formulation and execution, executive sponsorship, hiring the right talent, adopting agile practices, and tackling technology disruption are keys to success.

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3 New Year’s Rituals for Nonprofit Professionals To Begin 2018 with Clarity


Here’s what I learned from looking over my 2017 professional journal: The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: In 2016, I published “ The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout ,” with co-author Aliza Sherman. I wish you a very happy and healthy 2018!