2018 Project Management Benchmark Report

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We would like to put on record our thanks to all those practitioners and people aligned to the project management domain who took the time to participate in the 2017 PM Census, sharing their experiences of 2017 and what they are anticipating will happen in 2018.

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How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. Would you like to make 2018 a successful year for your projects? What will you be doing in 2018 to have your most successful year ever?

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Five Marketing Trends Not to Ignore in 2018


To help you keep track of what the future holds for marketing and what new technologies are an absolute must to get on board with, we’ve put together this article on the most important marketing trends for 2018 and beyond. The pace of change in marketing trends can be head-spinning.

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How to Create Your First Influencer Marketing Strategy

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for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. If you've never tried it and you want to engage in it, the following tactics will assist you in creating your first influencer marketing strategy Businesses are making $6.50

Becoming a Project Manager – A Complete Guide for 2018

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As a young woman in a project management position, I was trying to influence others more senior and older than myself. The post Becoming a Project Manager – A Complete Guide for 2018 appeared first on Paymo.

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The Best Time Tracking Software of 2018

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Published: February 2018. Here are the seven key factors that we took into account when reviewing the time tracking software in this guide: Core Features: The most important things that should influence your decision are the tool’s main features.

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Pulse of the Profession 2018: Success in Disruptive Times by Managing Projects Effectively


The 2018 edition of the Pulse highlights feedback and insights from 4,455 project management practitioners, 447 senior executives, and 800 project management office (PMO) directors from a range of industries, including government, information technology (IT), telecom, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and construction.

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10 Ways to Generate Blog Ideas


In early 2018, Facebook made a huge change to its pages, so that anyone could look at any Facebook page and see what ads they were running. After we settled on the question, we searched for experts and influencers that could help us. Trying to come up with new blog post ideas is rough.

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RAID in Project Management

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A RAID log is a way of tracking the things that affect and influence your project. Ever wondered what RAID is all about in project management? You’ll hear project managers talking about their RAID logs, or updating the RAID, but what does it all mean?

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GetApp Honors ProjectManager.com With Another Pair of Top 5 Rankings


Category Leaders and software rankings for the second quarter of 2018 were recently released by GetApp, the influential Gartner review site, and ProjectManager.com has continued its run of ranking in the top five for project management and project portfolio management apps.

2018 223

Leadership KPIs


Become an influencer to better guide those following you. Become an influencer. Be able to impact and influence the people that you’re guiding. How can you track your progress as a leader?

How To Lead Your Manager

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Although that’s been debunked by Culture Amp’s research as the main reason people resign, poor management still has the ability to influence a colleague’s intentions to stay. This is a guest post by Nick Nuss from VocationCultivation. Nick Nuss.

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How to Manage Better with Transformational Leadership


Idealized Influence. Transformational leadership is a creative style of leadership that focuses on a continued push towards growth and a rejection of complacency. Basically, what that means is that everyone has the potential for improvement.

9 Ways to Be a Lucky Project Manager


And to do that, you must find ways to influence events that seem to be outside of your control. Let’s explore practical steps you can take to become a lucky project manager: here are nine ways to influence your luck. You can’t influence the outcome of the roulette wheel.

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Get Motivated: 10 Motivational Speeches That Will Change Your Life


What’s amazing about people is, despite the external forces at play on our constitution, we can always be influenced by attitude.

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The Lost Art of Having Conversations

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What we need is to find everyone’s perspective, not to convert views and funnel them all to a single viewpoint driven by a leader or powerful influencer.”. There are times when having a good chat is the very best way of helping decide what you really think about something.

2018 229

How to Improve Your Project Communication

Project Risk Coach

There are many ways in which project managers communicate — coaching, summarizing action items, influencing a stakeholder, educating team members, listening, facilitating decisions, creating a contract with a third party, escalating an issue, and meeting with a project sponsor, to name a few.

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Cracking Social Media for Professionals

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Join Yelena’s presentation, “Cracking Social Media for Professionals,” at the IPM Day 2018 Online Conference Learn More. Connecting to professionals in your expert field, to potential customers, to strategic partners and influencers, is crucial.

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Mastering the Decision-Making Process: A Practical Guide


This can cause a problem to fester, increasing it’s damage and influence on your organization. Our mastery of the decision-making process plays a big part in the outcome of our lives, as life could be easily defined as a series of decisions.

10 Project Constraints That Endanger Your Project’s Success


Hence, it’s important to know all possible constraints, their influences on each other and the project management tools that address those constraints. Stakeholders could have a significant influence on decisions that need to be taken. Fast, cheap or good — choose two.

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Is your tail heavy?

Musings on Project Management

The immediate past influences the immediate future The probability of the arrival of an outcome is not time-stationary: as time passes, the probabilities change The distribution of the arrival. Is your tail heavy' is the question raised at 'critical uncertainties' in a recent post. It might be if you are a risk with some "memory" of the immediate past. Risk with memory? What does that mean?

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Market Problem Framing Example

Tyner Blain

Managing blood glucose levels is a bit of a misnomer – as a complex system, it is more accurate to think of our actions as influencing blood glucose levels than managing them. However, in order to influence the system by changing its inputs, we need to know in which direction – and by how much – to influence. As Steven Haines first told me, “strategy first, roadmap second.”

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Project Management Q&A – How do I Move From: Business Analyst to Project Manager?

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Developing your knowledge and experience in areas such as leadership, negotiation and conflict management and leveraging influence also will help accelerate your growth. I’m a business analyst, but would like to become a project manager. What steps should I be taking to achieve that goal?

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15 of the Best Productivity Tools for Marketers That You Haven’t Heard Of


MuckRack shows you which journalists and online influencers have shared your content. This can help you evaluate press coverage, find influencers to reach out to and to demonstrate social influence for your published content.

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The Agile Transformation Challenge All Organizations Face

The IIL Blog

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to present at this year’s 2018 Agile and Scrum Online Conference , hosted by the International Institute for Learning (IIL). Be aware of your influence on others. Agile & Scrum Conference 2018 Agile and Scrum agile agile transformation

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An Introduction to Vendor Management


This means managing the vendor regularly to better influence them to meet performance objectives on a regular basis. Most projects dip into outside resources to achieve their objectives.

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What Does Y=f(x) Mean? How to Use This Powerful Six Sigma Formula


If outcomes are the results of drivers within a process, and DMAIC is a vehicle to identify the process and input variables that influence the process output measurements, then the two combined can offer a powerful partnership. Some people look at math and shut down.

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Four Reasons Why You Struggle to Engage Stakeholders

Project Risk Coach

Colin Gautrey This is a guest post by Colin Gautrey from Learn to Influence. Colin is an author, trainer and executive coach who has specialized in the field of power and influence for over ten years. Well, that would indicate to your boss that your influencing skills are lacking.

2018 212

What are the tipping points for your agile transformation?

Kiron Bondale

Empowered Product Owners with sufficient capacity, capability, knowledge and influence. I’ve frequently said that agile transformations are marathons and not sprints.

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A Quick Starter Guide to Building a Podcast


It also builds thought leadership and allows your organization a reason to build relationships with industry influencers. Try experimenting with different formats, topics, and strategy to grow your audience and expand your influence.

2018 181

What Makes a Brilliant Project Leader?

Girl's Guide to PM

Valid before 30 October 2018 only. Dr. Mike Clayton is an author and speaker specialising in project and change management, leadership, influence, and risk. Mike Clayton. What makes a brilliant project leader?

2018 246

10 Ways to Cope with a Lazy Coworker


A lazy coworker that impacts your work is also going to influence your attitude. Lazy coworkers — there’s at least one in every office. They’re the ones who come in late, take a long lunch and leave early. They always have an excuse to explain their behavior and can even be apologetic.

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Social Skills for Project Managers: Interview with Geoff Crane [Video]

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How do you gain influence with body language? We spent all the first day understanding how to bolster sort of interpersonal interactions as influence without authority is one of those big challenges that PMO have to contend with.

2018 272

The Pareto Principle is alive and well in project management

Ron Rosenhead

Sometimes a stakeholder is forgotten, or it is assumed ‘they know’, or there is a lack of skills to influence them. This can also include developing influencing skills of all project managers (influencing without authority courses can easily be run for project staff).

2018 263

6 Easy Ways to Manage Group Think and Risk at Work

Girl's Guide to PM

Valid before 30 October 2018 only. Mike Clayton is an author and speaker specialising in project and change management, leadership, influence, and risk. This is a guest article by Dr Mike Clayton , the brains behind Online PM Courses.com.

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The Best Project Management Blogs for 2019

Online PM Courses

I like the eclecticism (he has a word cloud on the home page that shows Influence, Leadership, Organization, Culture and Agile as leading topics on the day I looked. This one nearly dropped off the list, as Ron hasn’t posted properly since May 2018. Only three posts in 2018.

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10 Best Project Management Quotes


There are outside influences that will impact it, not to mention the project is executed by people, and people are notoriously difficult to place in box. The key to successful leadership today is influence not authority.” – Kenneth Blanchard. Project management is vast.

2018 253

How Eric Got A PM Job (And How You Can Too)

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You can influence your career if you want to. Luis Peluffo, a career coach who helps people get their dream project management job, shared this in our Facebook group. With his permission I wanted to pass it on here.

2018 265

10 Ways to Keep Your Project Stakeholders Happy

Project Risk Coach

Which stakeholders have the most power and influence? Let’s look at some practical ways that you can better engage and influence your project stakeholders at the right times in your project lifecycle. Are You Influencing Your Project Stakeholders?

2018 212

5 Project Management Goals to Boost Your Career


Instead, locate the influencers in whatever group or office you’re associated with, and work with them. Presently, the economic climate is ideal for both project managers who are looking to advance in their careers, and for those who have their sights on entering the field.

2018 284

25 of the Best Planning Quotes


Few have had a greater influence on more people than Chinese philosopher Confucius. It seems that people have been writing about planning for as long as people have been writing. No surprise there.

What Project Managers Should Know About Monitoring Project Risks

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Definition of CONTROL a : to exercise restraining or directing influence over : regulate control one's anger b : to have power over : rule A single company controls the industry. Many project managers do a great job of identifying risks. Some even evaluate risks and develop response plans.

Stressed Out? 7 Ways to Boost Work Productivity By Saying “No”


Second, if you have the chance to influence the time meetings are scheduled, then say no to times that disrupt your workflow. If you feel overworked and under-productive, you’re not alone. The modern workplace moves at lightning speed in a million different directions.

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