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Top Ten PMO Themes 2019

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Last week it was the fifth PMO Conference in London. With over 400 PMO practitioners from around the globe and over 20 sessions to choose from, there’s a lot to learn about where PMO is heading right now. Strategy Execution were there catching up with PMO practitioners and discussing the latest challenges PMOs are facing today. Staying with the reporting theme, data analytics will be a game changer for the PMO in the coming years. Agile for the PMO.

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Project Governance: Establishing an Effective Steering Committee

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Within the project management community, the concept of governance is seen as a fundamental project control, which is easy to grasp in principle. Getting the governance piece right requires insight and at times a few honest conversations about roles and responsibilities. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon that I see projects with one of the following dysfunctions in the governance area: It’s unclear to the project manager who the sponsor is.

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5 More Advanced Training Options for the PMO

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Back in 2015, we took a look at the five advanced training options for people working in PMO. Four years on and a few things have changed in the PMO field. There is now another PMO certification option available alongside P3O from AXELOS and the PPSO ones from BCS, both of which feature in the last article. The AIPMO has introduced deeper learning for PMO practitioners – for practitioners at different stages of their career.

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How Do You Prioritize Your Work as a Savvy PMO?


First, let’s acknowledge that it’s not easy to establish an effective prioritization process when your PMO and teams are in high demand. In fact, according to PMI’s 2018 Pulse of the Profession report , while 87 percent of PMO directors characterize such processes as “very important” or “essential,” only 12 percent state that they are already “excellent” at prioritizing initiatives. [1]. Just enough governance involving the right people, timing, criteria, and methods.

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What Is a PMO? PMO Meaning and Examples


In the last decade, more and more corporations have developed a project management office (PMO) to benefit their business. To get started, you’ll want to learn more about PMO examples, how to set one up, and how to train your employees. What Is a PMO? The PMO definition essentially means an internal or external group at a company. The PMO meaning also involves tracking the directions and project status for each group. PMO Examples. What is a PMO?

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Key Themes at IPM Day 2019

International Institute of Learning

On November 7, 2019, IIL will celebrate the 16 th anniversary of International Project Management Day, also known as IPM Day. In this article, we outline the key themes that emerge at IIL’s IPM Day 2019. There is a reason that this statement is the theme of IPM Day 2019. The need for project managers to focus on Benefits and Value is an overriding theme at IPM Day 2019. How could an Agile PMO function and does that even make sense in the first place?

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The Journey Towards Embracing Agile: A Holistic Approach for the PMO


The past four blogs in our series are based on the whitepaper, The Agile PMO: 5 Steps to Driving Agility at Scale and have centered around how the PMO can guide the enterprise towards greater agility. It requires the PMO to reinvent itself from a central command organization to one that enables and empowers with “just enough” governance and an eye on a more product-centric approach. It requires that the PMO start embracing agile. Lean and Agile PMO

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Enterprise Agility in Financial Services: Learnings from the 2019 Planview Horizons Customer Conference


We facilitated a roundtable discussion of our customers at the 2019 Planview Horizons Customer Conference where enterprise agility in financial services organizations was discussed. Agile teams are largely self-governing. Read the Lean Portfolio Management: Lean-Agile Governance Blog.

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5 Ways to Become Agile: A Summary


As we finalize our six-part blog series on how to become agile, let’s take a look back at the previous five blogs and provide you with a brief summary of their key points. Throughout this series, we’ve discussed the five ways to become agile, addressed the primary issues and roadblocks, as well as the critical steps required to transform the PMO, all based on the whitepaper, The Agile PMO: 5 Steps to Driving Agility at Scale. Lean and Agile PMO

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Lean Portfolio Management: Lean Budgets and Investment Funding


This blog is part of a series on Lean portfolio management. Adopting Lean-Agile budgeting practices helps to decrease funding overhead and friction while maintaining financial governance, helping to align budgeting practices with Lean-Agile goals. Business units present their ideas to the PMO in an annual planning meeting. In traditional organizations, this power resides with the PMO. By the time the PMO receives the plan, it might already be out of date.

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Lean Portfolio Management Operations: An Agile Approach


This blog is part of a series on Lean portfolio management for the enterprise. Traditionally, in an effort to maintain alignment and consistency across the portfolio, organizations have dedicated a centralized Program Management Office (PMO) to planning, program management, and solution definition. Through centralizing key elements of portfolio operations by utilizing new, different operational functions such as an Agile PMO, and Lean-Agile Centers of Excellence (LACE).

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Portfolio and Resource Management Tips to Gift Your PMO This Holiday Season


Simply read what you can now, then bookmark this blog so you’ll have it saved for later. The best gift for your PMO: Portfolio and Resource Management tips. Your PMO @ Hyper-speed Workshops [Webinar]. As a PMO leader, you are in a prime position to drive strategic outcomes by planning and managing today’s complex, cross-organizational programs and projects that will drive value to the enterprise. The Agile PMO: 5 Steps to Driving Agility at Scale [Whitepaper].

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6 Reasons Why Projects are Late


For your reading convenience, we’ve decided to give it everlasting life here on the blog. If these changes happen too frequently, however, it speaks to a need for governance process maturity, demand prioritization, and particularly a process that supports evaluating tradeoffs.). Certainly, the estimation techniques outlined in this series, as well as a solid demand prioritization and governance process would be a good place to start. PMO Vision and Trends

5 Takeaways: Strategic PPM Management for Products, not Projects


That means having control and governance without trying to overlay principles from waterfall disciplines artificially on top of these super-agile workgroups. AI and Machine Learning for Project Portfolio Managers The future PPM solution will help thousands of people forecast, analyze and manage for crucial success factors like resource capacity and intake governance.

The Insights Behind the Project Management Trends

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Strategy Execution released the top ten trends for 2019 a few weeks ago and my first thoughts were; we’re seeing a lot of them in the PMO community which is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Take a look at Accenture’s 2019 Technology Trends Report to get a flavour of what is keeping executives awake at night (DARQ, DLT, AI are just some of them!) and it may mean that a large proportion of the PMO may get swallowed up by the click of a button.

Hub and spoke project architecture

Musings on Project Management

On the HBR Blog Network, Andrew Shipilov has a eye-catching post on "hub and spoke" project networks, or alliances between project partners, as he describes them. Say "network" to me and I always jump first to a mind's-eye image of a "mesh", but actually that's one of several general ways to think of networks, and in most situations not a good general model for governance.)

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Project Portfolio Management - a quick definition


Throughout this blog you will hear us refer to project portfolio management on many occasions. For those of you new to the term or those researching it's suitability to your business - here is a quick definition from our recent webinar How PM, PPM and the PMO Work Together that we think sums up PPM quite nicely. Free Ondemand Webinar: How Project Management, Project Portfolio Management and the PMO Work Together.

Why You Should Align Strategy, Financials, and Execution


To make it more easily accessible to you, we are giving it everlasting life here on the blog. Forward-thinking organizations incorporate business processes for governance and decision-making, particularly regarding which investments should be made during the strategic planning process and ongoing checkpoints. In addition, governance checkpoints and stage gates throughout the project or program lifecycle can be used to verify continued alignment. PMO Vision and Trends

Improving the Repeatability, Efficiency and Quality of Professional Services Delivery


One answer to this problem is to set up a program management office (PMO). The focus of a PMO is to act as a central ‘hub’ for all project related information. On a day to day basis, the PMO will monitor the performance of projects, track their associated budgets and ensure resourcing requirements can be fulfilled across the business. We have an number of resources available in our blog to help you set up and establish a PMO, you can read more here.

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The Project Revolution: How to Succeed in a Project Driven World

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

In The Project Revolution , revolution means ‘popular and often forceful revolt against a government or social order’, here the traditional ‘silo-based’ nature of most organisations, and the absence of a ‘CPO’ that is, Chief Project, Program and Portfolio Officer, amongst the more commonly found C-Suite officers (I have just realised that this new officer should really be called C3PO, but no joke was intended!). This post first appeared on PMO Perspectives Blog.

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Improving the Repeatability, Efficiency and Quality of Professional Services Delivery


One answer to this problem is to set up a program management office (PMO). The focus of a PMO is to act as a central ‘hub’ for all project related information. On a day to day basis, the PMO will monitor the performance of projects, track their associated budgets and ensure resourcing requirements can be fulfilled across the business.

2019 60

Strategy Implementation Needs Great Portfolio Management

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

In this article I talk about the latest developments in portfolio management, drawing on my own experience as Head of Portfolio Management for three leading multinationals, as well as the dozens of workshops with top executives and senior government officials that I have facilitated around the world. This post first appeared on PMO Perspectives Blog.

Is Your Strategic Project at Risk Due to Poor Implementation of Proven Project Management Practices?

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Poor governance : Not having a clear escalation process or a well-established steering committee that is summoned on a regular basis. It’s often a challenge for project managers to assert themselves and ensure that an effective governance process is established. This post first appeared on PMO Perspectives Blog. According to the PMI’s Pulse of the Profession , 52% of projects completed in the last 12 months experienced scope creep.

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The Commercial Project Manager

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Contractor working within UK Government IT support: ‘one of the first things we are taught is to get a signed Variation Order if the client asks us for any work outside of our standard instructions, however small.’. This post first appeared on PMO Perspectives Blog.

How Savvy PMOs Drive Actionable Insights with Portfolio Dashboards


Does your PMO generate portfolio dashboards for stakeholders and executives? Does it help your PMO be seen as a value driver? In a 2019 Deloitte survey of 1,000 U.S. The Savvy PMO builds upon project-level reports to create progressively more sophisticated, portfolio dashboards.

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The Four Fundamentals of Business Change

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

This is essential to how you execute your project-based work and means creating a culture where process is appreciated and where you have the right organisational structures and governance in place to support those processes. This post first appeared on PMO Perspectives Blog.

How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

I couldn’t fit it all in this blog post. Ben Aston runs the blog The Digital Project Manager , the weekly Digital Project Manager podcast , and is – surprise – a digital project manager in real life too. Guess what my tip would be for 2019? I think when we think about how we are delivering our projects, we need to focus on Business Value, Customer Satisfaction, Governance and less about coming in on time and budget. He has 20+ years as a project manager and PMO leader.

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Project Management Questions I Get Asked Most

Online PM Courses

And there is also our biennial roundup of the best Project Management blogs, if you are thirsty for more ideas. The Best Project Management Blogs for 2019. That is, the two things that really matter are getting the job done, and good governance. What is a PMO?

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