The PMI-SP Certification & uCertify Training Course Review

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What is the PMI-SP Scheduling Certification? PMI-SP® is the PMI Scheduling Professional credential. If you want people to know that you are good at that kind of thing, then the certification is a good one to showcase your skills. The uCertify PMI-SP Course.

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The Top UK Project Management Certifications in 2019- By Role

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In a recent blog The Top UK Project Management Certifications in 2019 , we explored the results from the 2019 PMBR (Project Management Benchmark Report) dataset to identify the take-up (or not) of PM certifications in the UK.

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The Top UK Project Management Certifications in 2019

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One of the top questions we have answered from our inception back in 2002 has been about project management certification. Interestingly, for those who identified as currently unemployed just 56% (-10%) said they had this level of certification.

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10 Easy Ways to Get PDUs & Stay PMI Certified

If you hold a qualification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) like PMP (Project Management Professional) or PMI-ACP (PMI Agile Certified Professional), CPD is mandatory. Without it, your project management certification will expire. PMI’s PDU Requirements.

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Top Project Management Conferences of 2019

There’s always room to better oneself, make connections and get a picture of the industry: all good reasons to take time to visit one of the many project management conferences held in 2019. RICS Valuation Conference 2019. Change Management 2019. deliver:Agile 2019.

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Project Management Prepcast Review [2019]

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His company is a Registered Education Provider for PMI, so you know the course has been vetted and is top quality. And most importantly: A 35 contact hour certificate! Taking the PMI-ACP exam ? The course content has been designed by PMP® certificate holders.

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A History of PMI & Its Role in Project Management

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a nonprofit organization for those working in project management across the globe. If you have even a passing interest in the field, then you’ve bumped up against PMI. Quick Facts About PMI. The PMI footprint is huge. PMI Founders.

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Seven Priorities for Project Managers in 2019

Anyone who tells you, with 100% certainty, what 2019 will look like at the start of the year is bonkers. If you want to know what your priorities should be for 2019, look at the way your world was at the end of 2018 and at the start of this year.

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Five Highlights of the 2020 PMI Job Report

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The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) membership magazine – PM Network – has just released the January issue with a report – 2020 Jobs Report – available for project management practitioners to take a look at (currently only available for members).

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How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

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Would you like to make 2019 a successful year for your projects? I asked people two questions: What should people managing projects be aware of as we go into 2019 to make 2019 their most successful year ever? What will you be doing in 2019 to have your most successful year ever?

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5 Best Project Management Certifications and Courses of 2019


Project Management certifications, or a certified professional are not essential to an organization’s core structure, but their involvement makes a difference in ten folds. Why Are Project Management Certifications Important? The 5 Best Project Management Certifications of 2019.

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Earning Leadership PDUs for PMIs Certification


Once you earn these leadership PDUs, you can apply them to PMP® certification or any other PMIs certification renewal. In this blog, I am sharing tips to earn PDUs for all PMIs certificates under the Leadership category. PMP® Certification. PMI-ACP® Certification.

How to Earn 60 PDUs for Free and Maintain Your PMP®Certification


I often get several queries related to PDUs for PMP® certification, how do we earn sixty PMP® PDUs? If you are looking to know the ways of earning PDUs, you may refer to this blog – “ Ways to earn PDUs for PMIs certification ”. PMI-ACP® Certification.

Earning Strategic PDUs for PMIs Certification


Minimum & Maximum Strategic PDUs for PMIs Certification’s: The minimum and maximum Strategic PDUs requirements for each PMI’s certificate are as below: How to earn Strategic PDUS? Strategic PDUs are applicable for any of your PMI certificates. In this blog.

The Winding Road to PgMP Certification

ProProject Manager

I am the 862nd person to obtain the Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification out of 2770 people in the world as of February 2019. I’ve worked hard to achieve success, gain certifications and I’m happy to share my PgMP journey with you. . Certification Granted!

Why a PMP Certification Is Important for Your Career


The PMP, also known as project management professional certification, is unbiased proof of a person’s project management talents and expertise. Here are some reasons why the PMP certification can help you build your career successfully. How to Qualify for PMP Certification.

9 Benefits of CPM Certification


Certified Project Manager CPM Certification Although becoming qualified may not be required in your particular line of work, there are many benefits to obtaining CPM certification. Networking Having your CPM certification will lead you to new employment opportunities.

What Are The Dates for the 2018 PMI Exam Changes?

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This article, What Are The Dates for the 2018 PMI Exam Changes? Here’s an interview with project management trainer, author and certification expert Jeff Furman who explains what’s coming up and the deadines you need to be aware of. PMI-ACP® Exam: 26 March 2018.

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How The PMP Exam is Changing in 2020

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Every so often PMI carry out an assessment of what a project manager does all day. In other words, PMI (or more specifically, the agency contracted to do this work) look at what a project manager actually does day-to-day and link this back to the qualification.

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Want to become an Agile Project Manager? Training and Certifications to consider

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Important Training and Certifications to consider. Agile Project Management Agile Agile certification agile project manager Agile training PMI scrumWant to become an Agile Project Manager?

100+ Project Management Statistics & Facts To Remember in 2019

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Source: PMI ) Tweet this. Source: PMI ) Tweet this. Source: PMI ) Tweet this. Source: PMI ) Tweet this. Source: PMI ) Tweet this. Source: PMI ) Tweet this. Source: PMI ) Tweet this. Source: PMI ) Tweet this. Source: PMI ) Tweet this.

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The 11 Best Project Management Certifications to Consider in 2019


A certificate in project management is a great way to sharpen your skills and bring valuable credentials to your employer, while also increasing your own earning power in the process. There are certificates for project managers at every level of professional development.

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The PMP® Exam is Changing: Here’s What You Need to Know

International Institute of Learning

In June 2019, the Project Management Institute (PMI) ® announced that significant changes are coming to the Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Exam. The new PMP Exam will make its debut on December 16, 2019. Many folks ask, why does PMI have to change the exam?

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How To Fill The Work Experience Details In PMP®Application Form? (PMP Sample application included )


Project Management Institute (PMI)® offers the world’s most sought-after professional certification, Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification. Good Luck with your PMP® Certification Exam. PMI® gives you 90 days to submit the supporting documentation.

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Thank you 2019

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As 2019 comes to a close, I would like to take a moment and reflect on the year and thank everyone that has made a Girl’s Guide to Project Management a success this year. uCertify PMI-SP Certification BrainBOK PMP and CAPM Training From Technical to Exceptional.

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The Best Project Management Blogs for 2019

Online PM Courses

So, it’s time to refresh our list and put up a new one, in good time for 2019. So, here then is our list of the 52 best Project Management Blogs for 2019. So, it’s time to see my best project management blogs for 2019. I hope in early 2019, it will be much more.

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How open are YOU to changing your launch plans?

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During the last week PMI announced that, based on the feedback they had received from stakeholders, they would be delaying the significant changes to the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exam which had originally planned to be launched in mid-December 2019 to July 1, 2020.

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Agile Illustrated – Sample #3

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Anyone taking the PMI-ACP exam should expect to see 18-20 questions on this topic.). Agile Project Management Books Certification Leadership Personal Agility PMI-ACP TeamsThis is the third sample from my new Kindle book “ Agile Illustrated: A Visual Learner’s Guide to Agility ”.

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5 Major Changes Coming to the PMP Exam

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As described in the new  PMP Exam Content Outline , PMI commissioned a research study into trends in the project management profession. New question types – A change announced by PMI at the recent PMI Global Conference in Philadelphia was the introduction of some new question types.

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What Do Companies like Apple, Amazon and Google Look for in Project Managers?

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Certification. It’s a great plus for a project manager to have a formal qualification and receive a certificate demonstrating their proficiency. Project Management Institute suggests the following variants of certifications for PMs: .

Announcing "Agile Illustrated" Book

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  Using mind-maps, cartoons, and short summaries it covered the agile manifesto, the declaration of interdependence for agile project management, and each of the 7 Domains and 60 Tasks covered in the PMI-ACP exam. Agile Project Management Books Certification Leadership PMI-ACP

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Let’s Rewrite the PMBOK

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However, this will not be just an update, instead a radical departure from all previous editions aligned with PMI’s new digital transformation strategy. The full details of volunteer opportunities and entry requirements can be viewed at the PMI VRMS site Here. Phew, the wait is over!

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"Agile Illustrated" - Update

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Agile Project Management Books Certification Leadership PMI-ACP

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Agile Illustrated - Sample #2

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Agile Project Management Books Certification Leadership PMI-ACPHere is the second sample from my new Kindle book “ Agile Illustrated: A Visual Learner’s Guide to Agility ”.

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Webinar Recap: Best of Microsoft Inspire 2019


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Leonardo Nogueira and Larry Mead’s Best of Microsoft Inspire 2019 webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. Kyle: Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s MPUG Webinar, the best of Microsoft Inspire 2019.

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How I Got My PMP Certification

Project Management Resource Network

One day a friend of mine told me he just passed the PMP Certificate. He explained there is a certificate for project management from PMI (Project Management Institute). The post How I Got My PMP Certification appeared first on Project Management Resource Network.

5 Days to PMP Exam Prep and Certification with Cheetah Learning

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They offer PMP, PMI-ACP, CAPM, and CCPM prep courses as well as continuing education classes in a variety of project management, negotiations, and accelerated learning topics. Feeling lost on what to do with PMP and certification?? Cheetah Learning is not like the other training and certification programs or organizations. Cheetah Learning was the first company to offer Accelerated PMP Exam Prep over 15 years ago.

The Stakeholder Management Workshop is now open!

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I’m running a stakeholder management workshop in November 2019. You will get an attendance certificate. I am not a PMI R.E.P. Project management is a people business. Projects get done through people.

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15 Easy-to-Do Types of Professional Development

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Whether you want to achieve a certification , gain more confidence, build your technical skills or something else – it isn’t going to happen unless you make it happen. Think about what qualification would be the most meaningful to you as there are plenty of certificate schemes out there.

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How To Motivate Your Project Team

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And three times a year I teach an ICF approved coach training course through the Center for Coaching Certification. The courses are all eligible for PMI PDUs which is great! Ruth Pearce knows everything there is to know about motivating your project team.

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