Change management is a responsibility of the program manager. It is a role that is underappreciated, underutilized, and not performed well by some program managers. Change management is complex, and there is no cookbook recipe to apply. Our 9 part Guide to Change Management will focus on how to prepare the customer, stakeholders, and team for change. Part 1 of 9: Change Management-What Is It? Part 3 of 9: Change Models.

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5 Best Icebreakers for Meetings & Training Seminars


Today, we see different companies looking to learn different icebreakers for meetings & training seminars. The Concept of Icebreakers for Meetings & Training Seminars in an Organization: Many organizations work on their employees’ communication skills by scheduling training sessions on the subject of icebreakers for meetings. A typical icebreaker training session in a company can span over different activities. 36 Best Free Productivity Apps of 2019.

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Top Project Management Conferences of 2019

New year, new opportunities to advance your project management career. There’s always room to better oneself, make connections and get a picture of the industry: all good reasons to take time to visit one of the many project management conferences held in 2019. Project management training is the glue that holds your career together. So, as you start to plan your calendar for the year, we’ve offered a rundown of the best project management conferences in 2019.

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How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

Would you like to make 2019 a successful year for your projects? I asked people two questions: What should people managing projects be aware of as we go into 2019 to make 2019 their most successful year ever? What will you be doing in 2019 to have your most successful year ever? I’m sure you take away tips and ideas for making this your best year yet managing projects at work. It’s how we can help people and organisations adapt in fast-changing times.

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Change Management in Project Management- An Ultimate Guide

ProProfs Project Management

Unexpected changes in project activities.’. This factor cannot be taken lightly because unplanned changes not only shift your priorities but also cause delays. That’s why change management in project management is deemed as a crucial element. Project Management

How open are YOU to changing your launch plans?

Kiron Bondale

During the last week PMI announced that, based on the feedback they had received from stakeholders, they would be delaying the significant changes to the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exam which had originally planned to be launched in mid-December 2019 to July 1, 2020. The proposed changes to the exam are likely to be more significant than others made over the past decade. They were open to hearing negative feedback about the changes.

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Change Management Plan Template - Sample and Example


Projects are ALWAYS about Change Projects are a vehicle for change. In fact, it is not in vain that projects are sometimes also known as change initiatives! Download This Template However, bringing in change without accounting for all the implications in the organization and without understanding the readiness and capacity of the organization for that change can lead to disaster. Projects need effective change management. Change Management

60 Important Business Metrics Your Company Must Know


It helps in effective decision making for business management. It is important to note that business metrics address the business stakeholders, like; customers, managers, business owners, investors, and vendors. How to Manage a Project like a Pro in today’s Work Environment? If you have 200 sales opportunities and your sales team manage to win 50 among them will give a win rate of 25%. Top 12 Project Management Tools for Agencies and Creatives.

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How to Perform a SWOT Analysis (Example Included)

It will also help to reveal possibilities and limitations for change. Related: How to Lead a Change Management Process. It also helps to reveal possibilities and limitations for change, to revise plans to best navigate systems, communication, or even organizations, and act as a brainstorming device. They went for the ones, maybe new into it, that they were training and teaching. Project Management Project Management Training Videos

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How to Write an Effective Project Charter


This guide will explain what a project charter is, give some project charter examples, the difference between a project charter and a Scope of Work, and how you can successfully embed a project charter in various phases of a project management life cycle. Team Management. Because of this severity, the project managers have a proper duty that they should learn how to make an effective Statement of Work. The Benefits of a Project Charter for the Project Manager & Team.

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7 Benefits of Working as a Team for Successful Project Management


nTask is always motivated to hone project management skills. Since I am an Agile Project Manager, part of my responsibility is to orchestrate different activities that lead to team-building experience – for that to work, it is imperative for our organization to have a sense of teamwork. In Agile project management, working as a team goes to the advantage of the business. Part of the reason is the misconception about the roles of the scrum master and the project manager.

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10 Latest Project Management Trends You Must Know in 2019

ProProfs Project Management

It is 2019, all the companies that are trying to run their business are focusing on one thing and that is project management. Yes, handling a company efficiently is a task and so is managing all the projects with it. Project Management Technology is acknowledged when Project Management is concerned. The adoption rate of project management technology or software remains low. It’s 2019 and the trends in technology are changing at the speed of light.

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Management Training Programs to Consider in 2019


Management Training Programs to Accelerate Professional Success. Whether you are fresh off the single contributor track and into management role or simply want to learn how to become better at your job and rise through the hierarchy, there are many great opportunities to develop your management skills. A management training program can be a great option because it is like taking a short elevator ride to get yourself higher up the ladder of success.

The 10 Project Management Knowledge Areas (PMBOK)

What do you need to know to succeed at project management? While there’s some truth to that joke, it’s not helpful to the student or the experienced professional who is looking for a way to understand the myriad responsibilities of being a project manager. Project Scope Management.

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6 major factors affecting resource capacity planning in 2019

Resource Guru

It’s a simple idea that comes with a labyrinth of execution problems, even with a top resource management software option. A project manager can take the total number of people and multiply it by their time available to determine their full-time equivalents (FTEs). Before getting to 2019 capacity planning trends, let’s review the three historical biggest problems resource managers have faced since “capacity planning” formalized into a specific framework.

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Our Top 10 Project Trends for 2019

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

The most effective leaders will be those that work to complement their traditional project management tools with an advanced skill set, centred on adaptive thinking. Here are our 10 project predictions to watch out for in 2019: Disruptive Technologies Will Continue Their Trajectory. Vendor Management and Outsourcing is Growing. Most project-based workers today manage vendor relationships in some capacity. Managing Changes in Change Management.

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Project Management Conferences and Events 2020

Girl's Guide to PM

Project management conferences are a fantastic way to meet new people and improve your skills. If you are looking to attend a project management conference in 2020, chances are there is something happening near you that will be fun and meet your professional goals.

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How to Know When to Kill a Project & Cut Losses

When determining whether a project is worth continuing or if it’s a lost cause, Jennifer said project managers need to focus on losses. Only then can you make the right decision when managing your project. Projects Change. Situations and conditions change. Technology change. Management change. Administration changes. Any one or more of these changes will impact the project. Also administration changes.

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All Set For International Project Management Day 2019? The Only Project Management Guide you Need


Men and women from all over the globe came together to share ideas, discuss problems with experts and meet project management professionals to pick their brains. The below guide is for all the project management professionals who are willing to grow and succeed and aspire to make the most of International Project Management Day, without actually having to visit the International Institute of Learning. Get certified and grow yourself as a project manager.

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Challenging project leaders to lead confidently in uncertain times

Girl's Guide to PM

Strategy Execution’s Top 10 Trends for 2019. At the beginning of every New Year, Strategy Execution aims to release its Top 10 Trends list to help guide you and your teams through the constantly changing business landscape. This type of rapid change and growth requires project leaders to foresee the problems before they have happened and make decisions faster than ever before. Adaption is key and underpins every other aspect of the Trends list for 2019, as you will see.

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Get the ‘Right’ Project Controls & Enterprise Programme Management You Want

Arras People

Project management consultancy Dada Enterprises has released a copy of the webinar it presented on designing the ‘right’ Project Controls Solutions for an organisation. Although the benefits of an effective Cost Management system are well known too often most companies rely on a hotchpotch of legacy systems with manual re-entry of data in different systems with excel being relied upon to cut-and-paste integrated reports together. Training. Management control.

Is JIRA a Counterproductive Project Management Software In Today’s Market?


There are numerous complaints about project management software since the inception of the IT industry. Some of the complaints elicit the counter productivity factor of task management tools. I know that being an Agile project manager at nTask sounds like a bit of cliché’, but at the same time, I cannot help but think otherwise. If such business is to use a project management software, it will increase their productivity. Kathy trained the entire staff in one day!

10 Reasons the Change Management Process Fails (and How You Can Succeed)


Over 70% of organizational change initiatives fail, but change itself isn’t the stumbling block. Change is common and natural, even inevitable. Seasons change, people change, mountain ranges change — yet successful change management remains a lofty, even insurmountable challenge for many organizations. Organizational change happens every day as a matter of course. Successful change management starts with a sound strategy.

2019 41

60 Important Business Metrics Your Company Must Know


It helps in effective decision making for business management. It is important to note that business metrics address the business stakeholders, like; customers, managers, business owners, investors, and vendors. How to Manage a Project like a Pro in today’s Work Environment? If you have 200 sales opportunities and your sales team manage to win 50 among them will give a win rate of 25%. Top 12 Project Management Tools for Agencies and Creatives.

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How to Improve User Adoption of SharePoint for Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

Read on to find out how to get your free SharePoint project management template. ‘A Picking the right tool is one of the biggest challenges that project managers face, especially in a new or renewed project. Your project management tool should strike a balance between consistency but also the flexibility to adapt to projects with varying needs. Microsoft SharePoint can meet these challenges and is the preferred platform for many project management teams.

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Why Everyone in the Workplace Needs Project Management Skills


In the business world, where processes are becoming more technically sophisticated, lead times for product development are getting shorter, and work is becoming increasingly cross-functional, it’s no real surprise that demand for sound project management skills is on the rise, and not just from the dedicated project management team. One of the most compelling reasons for understanding the basics of project management is to improve visibility across all ongoing work.

2019 107

Change Log Template

There’s one thing constant across every project: change. Change management is how projects stay on track. A change log template is the tool that makes it all possible. If you’re looking for a way to control and manage change in your projects, then download’s free change log template. Why You Need a Change Log Template. But when a plan meets the real world things change. As already expressed, change is a constant.

2019 159

Change Request Form

Change is a constant and must be managed like any other aspect of the project. A change request form controls the process of dealing with change. Why You Need a Change Request Form. A change request form is the part of the change management process, which is a discipline that helps project leaders prepare, equip and support change. Change happens, and if one doesn’t respond to it, the change can derail the project.

2019 170

Requirements Gathering Template

The free requirements gathering template has a cover page that states the name of the project and features a box that tracks the versions and why changes were made (as there will always be changes generating this document). The project requirements are broken into seven subsections: user requirements, functional requirements, system requirements and software interfaces, user interface requirements, workflow activities, change management and risk management.

2019 168

The growing need for project leadership

Susanne Madsen

Projects fail because of unclear scope and success criteria, lack of strategic alignment, lack of buy-in and engagement from senior stakeholders, lack of change management skills, underestimation, inadequate risk management and poor resourcing. Many factors contribute to this growing complexity – for example, social and technological change, growing global interdependency, increasing numbers of stakeholders and the need to communicate and coordinate cross-culturally.

The PMP® Exam is Changing: Here’s What You Need to Know

International Institute for Learning

In June 2019, the Project Management Institute (PMI) ® announced that significant changes are coming to the Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Exam. In this post, I will provide important information about the new PMP ® Exam and answer the following questions: When is the PMP Exam changing? Why is the PMP Exam changing? What is changing in the new PMP Exam? When is the PMP Exam changing? Why is the PMP Exam changing?

2019 56

How to Fix a Troubled Project by Falling Back on the Fundamentals


Project heroes” emerge, trying to be the sole project savior only the realize one person can’t change the entire project. I’ve even caught a few of the projects in my portfolio going off the rails; however, I’ve always found that, when a project is in trouble, the team needs to return to project management fundamentals. Return to Project Management Fundamentals. From our PM training, the Project Triangle is also referred to as the Triple Constraint.

2019 81

Become a PM Pro With These Project Management Courses


The right PM course can change your career. This article shares a list of project management courses to help you learn faster than ever. Are great project managers born or made? Some of the skills you need to be a project manager are innate. If you’re a naturally good communicator and a born leader, you’ll be at home in a project management role. But a huge chunk of project management skills is acquired. 13 Essential Project Management Courses.

Ask A PM: How to Convince My Team to Use Time Tracking


The most difficult aspect is changing people’s perception and getting buy in to do the timesheets. In the past, managing and reporting time was never required, but our company has moved on in project management maturity and in the work we do. However, the good news is that it’s like any organizational change. Plan how you are going to introduce the change to working practice including a good ‘story’ about why the change is necessary.

2019 93

Top 10 Project Management Conferences You Can Not Afford to Miss in 2020


The momentum at which project management is evolving is making it tough for project managers to keep pace with it. New project management methodologies , tools, best practices and trends replace old ones. Project management conferences help you stay updated with all the latest developments in the project management industry. Moreover, it also enables you to hone your project management skills so you can manage projects more efficiently.

2020 70

Road Trippin’ Organizational Change: The Beginning

Project Management Essentials

Most organizational change efforts do not succeed. An oft-cited statistic is that 70% of organizational change efforts fail. A more recent Harvard Business Review article suggests that the glass is really half-full—60% of change efforts either fully or partially meet the objectives with only 10% of being outright failures. Regardless of your perspective, it is fair to say that change efforts are challenged. Next, we may provide training.

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Road Trippin’ Organization Change: The Journey

Project Management Essentials

Organizational change and transformation efforts are often challenging. In last month’s article, ”Road Trippin’ Organizational Change: The Beginning” , I recommending using adaptive-agile planning practices and treating the effort like a road trip: Set the direction, not the destination. Set high-level goals and the strategic direction of the change, motivate the “what” and “why,” but do not dictate the “how.” Recognize there will change; and.

Project Scope Example: Scope Baseline, Project Scope Statement

PM Basics

Also, it’s a problem to control the changes consistently. So, don’t overcomplicate scope management. In-Depth Guide on Project Scope Management. Below is the step-by-step guide on Project Scope Management. How to Create a Scope Management Plan That Works.

2019 63

The Top Five Skills for Project Leaders

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Business leaders and corporate executives need to find the optimal way to achieve growth while at the same time, manage the risks. Risk management training teaches that an official budget – the base case – should be considered in the context of three scenarios: worst case, best case and most likely. Companies with the fundamental strategic skills and rigor will have the strength to continue growing even when the economic environment is changing rapidly around them.

2019 63

How To Create A Simple Project Plan (Project Planning Process)

PM Basics

You need to apply knowledge and skills from all aspects of project management. For me, planning is one of the most exciting parts of the project management. The motto of a Project Manager. It’s not About Project Management Plan. If you want to learn about a Simple Project Management Plan – I’ve got you covered. I have put a link to the Project Management Plan article at the end. Pin it to your Project Management board.