What Is the Definition of Done for Agile Teams?


So if a foundation of agile is working fast and changing rapidly and often, while continuing to iterate on the project, what’s the definition of done in agile? The Definition of Done in Agile. Can the Definition of Done Vary? Agile process promotes sustainable development.

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How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

Would you like to make 2019 a successful year for your projects? I asked people two questions: What should people managing projects be aware of as we go into 2019 to make 2019 their most successful year ever? What will you be doing in 2019 to have your most successful year ever?

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The Definitive Guide to Project Management Methodologies


PRiSM (Projects integration Sustainable Methods) is a project management methodology developed by Green Project Management (GPM) Global. Instead, it factors in the entire lifecycle of the project post-delivery to maximize sustainability. What are project management methodologies?

The Agile Manifesto, Explained


It can be a minefield, so we’re going to step carefully and try to provide you with an uncontroversial definition of agile. Agile processes promote sustainable development. While, as we stated earlier, we have no horse in the race, software engineer and author has a good definition.

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Henny Portman

I got across the AGILE NXT FUTURE FRIDAY 2019 conference organized by Xebia. Learn how to make culture change more tangible and sustainable. I will definitely attend AGILE NXT FUTURE FRIDAY 2019 and I look forward to the insights the speakers will offer.

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How to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly


Consumers are demonstrating a significant preference for sustainable products and socially responsible corporations (SRC). Even further, the largest segment of the workforce, millennials, seek out sustainable employers.

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The Balanced PMO

The Lazy Project Manager

A balanced approach will definitely pay dividends and will not only ensure that the PMO is as effective and efficient as possible but will also aid the acceptance of the PMO by the rest of the organisation.

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10 Mindset Shifts for 2019

Stepping Into Project Management

This means it comes with both the positives and the negatives that we carry with us in 2019. Creating the Right Environment- When we create goals and start working towards them, the main objective is to be able to sustain that.

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Questioning Agile Dogma

Leading Agile

How can the same principle be a good idea in 2002 and a bad idea in 2019? I’d like to consider the following in this post: Sustainable Pace. Sustainable Pace. We always observe a ripple effect of secondary benefits, once sustainable pace has been achieved.

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Five Actions for Inspiring Your Project Team


This is a simple definition that avoids the high-level business speak and baggage that typically accompanies the word “vision.” Every project manager will need to inspire a project team at some point in their career.

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Three Must-Reads to Build Better Teams


It is definitely a recommended read for any project manager! The heliotropic effect is the tendency for all living things to be drawn to energy that sustains life. Building high-performing teams isn’t easy, even though teamwork and project management go hand in hand.

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Slack, Flow, and Continuous Improvement

Leading Agile

And depending on the size and complexity of the organization, many teams may not be able to deliver a solution increment all the way to the end customer frequently; they may have an adjusted “definition of done” that fits their circumstances.

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Agile NXT Future Friday retrospect

Henny Portman

Friday May 10, 2019, I was one of the 40 participants of the first Agile NXT Future Day conference organized by Xebia. We experiment how to make culture change more tangible and sustainable by using the corporate culture map (A3 placemat).

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Re-imagine your Scrum to firm up your agility

Gunther Verheyen

Practitioners worldwide turned Scrum into the most applied definition of Agile. It is gradually re-merging your organization towards a networked system of self-sustaining product hubs. Many of today’s enterprises are hardly fit to play a leading role in today’s world.


Practical Simplification in Agile

Leading Agile

If our systems provide what the “external” customer cares about, but they do so in a way that isn’t manageable, sustainable, or supportable, we will not be able to keep our customers happy for very long. We humans like to simplify complicated things.

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The Agile Fluency model

Henny Portman

Delivering teams deliver on the market cadence (agile sustainability). This model definitely fits into the culture-targeted block of my bird’s eye view on the agile frameworks forest ( see also the complete article ): Agile agility English Post framework

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The 4 Best Trello Alternatives for Kanban Project Management


It definitely helps in planning for similar projects in the future. With so much to offer with a variety of plans to select from, Aceproject is definitely worth a try. Trello is a star when it comes to project management and collaboration tools.

The Business Analyst

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

The Key to Successful Change is Making It Sustainable. Through findings from gap analysis, variance analysis and force field analysis, BAs can definitively state “Here’s what will happen if we don’t do this. Achieving sustainable change isn’t a one-shot thing.

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Webinar Recap: Agile Series Part 1 – Understanding & Incorporating Agile Project Management


So there are definitely things that you want to make sure that you incorporate and also understand that not every agile discipline is going to be as strong follow up for perhaps the type of work that you’re doing. Again, high value, definitely zero down on high value. Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Tim Runcie’s Agile Series Part 1 webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members.

How to Craft a Perfectly Streamlined Document Approval Process


Improve efficiency: A fixed approval process gives everyone a definite blueprint of what to do at each stage of the document workflow. In a streamlined process, PMs should only have to dive in to fix problems; the approval process can be self-sustaining.

Quick & Easy Ways to Get Organized At Work (And Stay That Way)


As you think about it, consider revamping your definition of clutter as anything unnecessary to your efforts that hinders your ability to reach your goals in the most effective way possible. Do you know anyone at your office who always seems to be organized and have their life in order?

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How Employee Experience & Training Affects Customer Experience


Here are some other important benefits that definitely deserve your attention: Improved competitive advantage. Ability to sustain and fuel growth. Customer experience has become a goal that SMBs share on a global scale.

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Being or Becoming?: Millennials in Software

Leading Agile

Any real or perceived barriers to that are someone else’s fault, by definition. That’s the definition of career stagnation. Work weeks of 70 to 90 hours were common, on a sustained basis. When they lost, it was “unfair” by definition.

How to choose the perfect business apps


Marketing apps In 2019, your digital market strategy should be ready long before the product launch. Google Ads If you have a marketing budget (even a tiny one), you should definitely invest part of it in Adwords.

Risk Management Resources

Herding Cats

Project Risk Identification Based on the Interaction of Risks from the Approach of Multi-Agent Simulation,” Peng Huang, Peng Di, and Jinrui Li, 4 th International Conference of Energy Equipment Science and Engineering , 2019. 85 1 Feb 2019. “An

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A Compendium of Risk Management Resources

Herding Cats

Project Risk Identification Based on the Interaction of Risks from the Approach of Multi-Agent Simulation,” Peng Huang, Peng Di, and Jinrui Li, 4 th International Conference of Energy Equipment Science and Engineering , 2019. 85 1 Feb 2019. “An

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Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

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Knowing what Done looks like on Agile projects is emergent but at the same time the needed Capabilities have to have some definition otherwise the developers won't know what to develop.

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How to Effectively Run Construction Management Projects


The build team meets with the client to go over the best ways to operate and sustain the new facility. You can expect to find things like key project objectives, milestone definitions, and main benefits in this type of document. This might indicate that your client would appreciate a construction project management plan with built-in processes that promote sustainability (like green-energy equipment rentals and reduced-energy consumption during the building phase).

How To Be More Productive: 18 Top Tips To Help You (Don’t Miss The Last One!)


Collaboration tools and project management software can definitely help with this (more on this later), but you also have to commit to using tools like this so you don’t let down your fellow co-workers.

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Managing Virtual Teams: Challenges, Tips & Virtual Team Management Tools


Just to help curb these issues, we have made a proper list of recommended virtual team management software that you should definitely take a look at. Since we are already in the middle of 2019, the managerial side of business is already moving to more advanced styles of management.

Cultural Fit versus Cultural Fit

Pawel Brodzinski

We want to sustain an environment where people share their diverse opinions, and not simply have them. With that founding principle, the definition of a cultural fit would be very different. There is a remark on hiring I’ve heard quite a few times recently.

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How To Make 2018 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

External factors around projects are constantly changing at a breakneck speed which makes it challenging to definitively control the outcome without frequent course correction. Guess what my tip would be for 2019?

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Project Management Questions I Get Asked Most

Online PM Courses

Of the three routes I suggest in that article, the best is definitely to re-cast your current role as a PM role. is most definitely 'yes'. So, I wrote The Definitive Guide to Why a Good Online Project Management Course Beats Live Training. So, what is a Project Definition?