A Beginner’s Guide to Scrum Ceremonies


The secret to scrum is simplicity, even in the face of complexity. And although scrum is simple at heart, it can be difficult to master. Scrum requires self-organizing teams that can quickly solve problems in unpredictable environments. The Four Scrum Ceremonies.


17 Scrum Master Interview Questions to Find the Right Hire


The scrum master is a key member of the scrum team, but also a somewhat misunderstood one, which can make the hiring process problematic. Put simply, the scrum master is the person responsible for promoting and supporting scrum. How Does Agile and Scrum Differ, If They Do?


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How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

Would you like to make 2019 a successful year for your projects? I asked people two questions: What should people managing projects be aware of as we go into 2019 to make 2019 their most successful year ever? What will you be doing in 2019 to have your most successful year ever?

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The Top UK Project Management Certifications in 2019- By Role

Arras People

In a recent blog The Top UK Project Management Certifications in 2019 , we explored the results from the 2019 PMBR (Project Management Benchmark Report) dataset to identify the take-up (or not) of PM certifications in the UK.

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Why Are Daily Scrum Meetings Important for Successful Project Management?


The Scrum meeting is an essential part of every project’s management, especially one following Agile methodology. To take full advantage of the benefits of daily Scrum meetings, companies need to believe in empiricism and create an integral framework for implementation.


Newbies’ Guide to Scrum Project Management 101


Scrum” is a phenomenal subject – i.e. if you are familiar with it. As an Agile project manager, I have seen my fair share of so-called “Scrum Masters” and “Agile Experts” claiming to be masters of their craft. The truth, however, is that they don’t know a lot of things about Scrum and Agile. In fact, I was surprised that some of the “experts” didn’t even know that Scrum Master and Product Owner are not the same individual. Introduction – Why Scrum?


The Top 20 Team Management Software of 2019


The Top Team Management Software for Small Teams in 2019: nTask. Allows subscriptions to groups or discussions. Grant permissions to individual users or groups. Group calendars. Groups. Individual and group discussions through multiple channels.

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2019 Epicflow Multi-Project Management Features

Epicflow Blog

We’ve prepared a list and description of new features released so far in 2019. With phases we support not only Jira users better, we also make it possible to use a Scrum approach in Epicflow. Group Risk Factor. Timesheet was introduced in May 2019.

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Project Manager Career Path vs Scrum Master Career Path

PM Basics

The Scrum Master career path is easier to enter. Let’s review the pros and cons of Project Manager vs Scrum Master. A program manager leads a group of projects that pursue one goal. Now let’s talk about the career path of a Scrum Master. Next Step: Scrum Coach.


The Best Project Management Blogs for 2019

Online PM Courses

So, it’s time to refresh our list and put up a new one, in good time for 2019. So, here then is our list of the 52 best Project Management Blogs for 2019. And another group offer commentary and critique that challenges lazy thinking.

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The 18 Most Influential People in Project Management


based Spire Healthcare Group, and is the CEO and founder of the Otobos Group, an organization that provides project communications to individuals and businesses across multiple industries. The 2019 incarnation of the summit will be in Orlando, Florida from October 20-22.

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51+ Best Project Management Software & Tools [Updated Oct 2019]

ProProfs Project Management

Pros: Easy to group and arrange the information. Features: Supports Kanban, Scrum, and Hybrid models. The post 51+ Best Project Management Software & Tools [Updated Oct 2019] appeared first on ProProfs Learning.

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Webinar Recap: Best of Microsoft Inspire 2019


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Leonardo Nogueira and Larry Mead’s Best of Microsoft Inspire 2019 webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. Kyle: Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s MPUG Webinar, the best of Microsoft Inspire 2019.

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The Agile Manifesto, Explained


In 2001, a group of 17 people working in the industry, codified the approach at a ski resort in Snowbird, Utah. Any good movement has a manifesto, which is a public declaration of policy and intention.

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What Is the Definition of Done for Agile Teams?


Some of those are Scrum , Extreme Programming, Adaptive System Development, DSDM, Feature Driven Development, Kanban , Cystal and others. Agile has been around since 2001, when a small group created the Agile Manifesto in response to traditional approaches of managing software development.

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2019 Epicflow Multi-Project Management Features

Epicflow Blog

We’ve prepared a list and description of new features released so far in 2019. With phases we support not only Jira users better, we also make it possible to use a Scrum approach in Epicflow. This Quick Edit (QE) mode was implemented in May 2019 as a corresponding MS Project function analog to let you make edits in your projects’ structure in Pipeline using either key combinations or a graphic interface. Project and Group Risk Factor. resource group or summary.

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Develop Better High Performing Teams


A high-performing team refers to a group of multi-talented individuals with specialized expertise and harmonious skills who collaborate, innovate and produce consistent, top-quality results. This works best when supported by good coaching such as from a scrum master or agile coach.”.

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How to Make a Product Vision Everyone Can Appreciate


Once the vision statement has been reviewed by those who created it, share it with others in the organization, such as project stakeholders, the development team, the Scrum master and Agile mentor, if you’re working within a Scrum/Agile framework. You’ve heard of “the big picture.”

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Can you use Slack for project management?

Girl's Guide to PM

Project name: set up a channel for your project team # Project sub-group: got a lot of one type of subject matter resource? Or is one group just very collaborative and the others don’t need to hear it all? The short answer is no. At least, not by itself.

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How to Earn 60 PDUs for Free and Maintain Your PMP®Certification


Certified Scrum Master Program. PMI identified ways and grouped them in different PDUs categories. Certification CSM PMI-ACP® PMI-PBA® PMP® Scrum 60 PDU Claim PDU pmp® Report PDU

Use an Affinity Diagram to Easily Organize Ideas and Information

Project Bliss

An Affinity Diagram is a tool that helps you group or organize large amounts of information based on theme or relationship. By using an affinity diagram, you can take the long list and break it out into smaller, logical groups that are easier to work with.

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Are you being (responsibly) transparent?

Kiron Bondale

Transparency is so critical that the Scrum Guide lists it as one of its three pillars and it is similarly echoed in the reference materials for many other agile delivery methods as well as in PMI’s Code of Ethics.

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27 Best Basecamp Alternatives for Project Management for 2019 (Free and Paid)


Here are great paid and free Basecamp alternatives you’ll want to check out in 2019 before making the change with your team. JIRA’s got many types of workflow tools built in (like Scrum and Kanban)—or you can customize and build your own!

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What Is The Value of a Project Manager Today?


With the popularity of Agile, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), and Scrum, organizations are asked to justify the project manager’s role on a project. According to Scrum, the Scrum Master is responsible for removing impediments from the team.

7 Tips on How to Manage a Remote Team


The other half, which is 5%, is the only group that knows how to improve remote team productivity at an individual and collective level. Yes, Sprints are part of Scrum architecture. Scrum is to Agile, as Agile is to Sprints. In that order, if you have been part of an Agile work environment, you may as well know that the scrum master assigns sprints to different teams. Also Read: The 21 Best Free Productivity Apps of 2019. 36 Best Free Productivity Apps of 2019.

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Questioning Agile Dogma

Leading Agile

How can the same principle be a good idea in 2002 and a bad idea in 2019? Zombie Scrum describes the impact on delivery teams. One of the roles or functions of the Product Manager is that of Product Owner, in the Scrum sense. Scrum development work is done in it.

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24 Best Smartsheet Alternatives For 2019 (Free & Paid)


It’s designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and groups within large organizations. Targetprocess is a project management tool designed for visualizing and managing Agile projects according to Scrum, Kanban or a custom approach.

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The 11 Best Project Management Certifications to Consider in 2019


Agile strategies such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean are featured for project managers to cultivate maximum responsiveness to market volatility. The Certified ScrumMaster certification is a focused credential specifically geared toward the Scrum management technique.

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Stories about Stories in Agile Development


This happens in the Iteration Planning meeting (or Sprint Planning meeting, if you are using Scrum). As we write stories on index cards and group them together, we get the product backlog. — [1] Exploring Scrum: The Fundamentals by Dan Rawsthorne, Doug Shimp. [2]

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Retrospectives and Intraspectives for Agile Practitioners


One of the widely used iteration-based Agile frameworks is Scrum where every iteration is known as a Sprint. A retrospective should also not be a witch-hunt meeting to put blame on someone or some group. Let’s take an example with Scrum to understand.

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How do you Track Value in an Agile Transformation?

Leading Agile

How many people have like a Transformation plan that says, I’m going to train these people, I’m going to get these Scrum Masters, I’m going to run them through CSM class and I’m gonna make sure these teams have backlogs.

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The 5 Best Free Smartsheet Alternatives of 2019


Group chat rooms. Kanban and Scrum boards. Customizable Scrum boards. The post The 5 Best Free Smartsheet Alternatives of 2019 appeared first on nTask. Smartsheet is a project management tool which essentially relies on a spreadsheet format for managing projects and tasks.

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Agile Teams Defined

Leading Agile

The Scrum Guide implies what a team should be, but we want to get super explicit. It’s not a group of people working on a project. It’s not a group of people dedicated to a project. It’s a group of about six to eight people.

How Jeff Bezos’ 2 Pizza Rule Affects Productivity in Today’s Industry?


The Ringelmann Effect: According to this, the individual productivity of a person decreases as the group size increases. The more people you keep adding to your group, the lesser productivity levels will be observed. Also read: The 21 Best Free Productivity Apps of 2019.

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7 Benefits of Working as a Team for Successful Project Management


Part of the reason is the misconception about the roles of the scrum master and the project manager. When teams work together as a group, they can generate more work output – that’s another reason why teamwork is important. Also Read: The 21 Best Free Productivity Apps of 2019. The 23 Best To-do List Apps of 2019 for Personal Task Management. 10 Essential Project Management Skills for Project Managers of 2019. 36 Best Free Productivity Apps of 2019.

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Review: A Guide to Assurance of Agile Delivery

Henny Portman

This guide (2017) is a result of the working group of the Association for Project Management’s Assurance Special Interest group (APM’s Assurance SIG).

Agile Performance Management: Measure what matters retrospective

Henny Portman

Rik explained that for scrum teams a simple measurement is the delivery rate (and you probably already have the data). Further reading: Succeeding With Agile: Software Development Using Scrum by Mike Cohn. I am looking forward to the next AGILE NXT Future Friday, November 22, 2019.

Agile Culture Isn’t the Problem

Leading Agile

And one of the questions that I ask, and I love doing this in like user groups is I say, “okay, if you were king for a day and you could by virtue of fiat tell everybody in the organization they had to think differently tomorrow, right?

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Top Project Management Conferences in 2020

Epicflow Blog

Besides, Smart Scrum Product Ownership workshop will be also held by Jeff Patton and Jeff Gothelf. Read on: Project Management Trends in Manufacturing in 2019. Willing to attend a project management conference in 2020?

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Top Project Management Conferences in 2020

Epicflow Blog

Besides, Smart Scrum Product Ownership workshop will be also held by Jeff Patton and Jeff Gothelf. Read on: Project Management Trends in Manufacturing in 2019. Willing to attend a project management conference in 2020?

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