Celebrating Women in Project Management


Even after all that time, women in project management are still a hidden key to our global and economic sustainability. This year, I’m going to spotlight an initiative called #CelebratingWomeninProjectManagement launched by Elise Stevens , CEO of FixMyProjectChaos.

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Our Top 10 Project Trends for 2019

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Here are our 10 project predictions to watch out for in 2019: Disruptive Technologies Will Continue Their Trajectory. As projects continue to span the global market, the discipline of project management will sustain its growth to support these initiatives.

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What Is the Definition of Done for Agile Teams?


Now that we know the context, let’s address the initial question about how to determine when you’re done in agile. Agile process promotes sustainable development. These days, it seems like everybody is all about doing things agile.

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Strategic Planning in Business


A business plan is more focused on offering a structure to capture and implement ideas that initially define a business. Where a strategic plan is building a sustainable competitive advantage in the future, a business plan is designed to take advantage of a current business opportunity.

Business Change & Best Practice Needn’t Be Puzzling

Arras People

How Can Best Management Practice Help To Build And Sustain The Bigger Picture of your Jigsaw? Imagine your business as a jigsaw with each jigsaw piece being a business function.

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There can be only one (and it is not YOUR project)!

Kiron Bondale

Most of the time, we are working on initiatives which, while important, are not top of mind for your senior executives. Here are just a few of the challenges with managing such projects: Getting and sustaining senior leadership commitment and support is going to be much more difficult.

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Slack, Flow, and Continuous Improvement

Leading Agile

Any given initiative may require the services of multiple teams. That’s realistic, practical, and sustainable, and it won’t break the Lean system or burn out the workers. One of the key ways to keep work moving forward is to avoid working on too many things at the same time.

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Strategy Implementation Needs Great Portfolio Management

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

This is achieved, in the most part, through the enhancement of strategic dialogue amongst the management team and, most crucially, the alignment of projects around the most critical strategic initiatives. How is this sustainable in the long term?

Questioning Agile Dogma

Leading Agile

How can the same principle be a good idea in 2002 and a bad idea in 2019? I’d like to consider the following in this post: Sustainable Pace. Sustainable Pace. We always observe a ripple effect of secondary benefits, once sustainable pace has been achieved.

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Re-imagine your Scrum to firm up your agility

Gunther Verheyen

They go through incredibly hard work when they: 1/ Re-consider what the ‘ product ’ is for the implementation of Scrum (or select another clearly bounded and meaningful initiative). Slicing the initiative if it is too BIG. 2/ Re-imagine Scrum for the selected product/initiative/slice.


How to Master Rockefeller Habits to Scale Your Business


In his initial construction of the Rockefeller Habits, Verne Harnish mentioned the top five issues executives run into when they work together. While the team vision for Elon Musk’s company, Tesla, is “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”.

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What is the Difference Between Agile vs Waterfall?

TrustRadius Project Management

*This article has been updated on February 21, 2019 based on new research conducted by the TrustRadius team*. Based on a February 2019 poll on TrustRadius.com, fewer than one in five professionals said their organization uses the waterfall methodology.

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Practical Simplification in Agile

Leading Agile

If our systems provide what the “external” customer cares about, but they do so in a way that isn’t manageable, sustainable, or supportable, we will not be able to keep our customers happy for very long. We humans like to simplify complicated things.

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Why Choose Agile Project Management Software for Mobile App Development Projects?

ProProfs Project Management

This intense competition has initiated the demand for a more flexible and credible app development approach. Using the responsibility, flexibility, and leadership, an agile method makes it possible to develop a sustainable, high-quality mobile app.

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The Path to Aligned Project KPIs


This should be a red flag that your project KPIs aren’t strategically aligned with business goals and initiatives. Gain Executive and Team Buy-In - Getting executive level sponsorship of this type of initiative is usually pretty easy, but team buy-in can be more challenging.

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Agile NXT Future Friday retrospect

Henny Portman

Friday May 10, 2019, I was one of the 40 participants of the first Agile NXT Future Day conference organized by Xebia. We experiment how to make culture change more tangible and sustainable by using the corporate culture map (A3 placemat).

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A Quick Fire Guide to Project Portfolio Management Business Benefits


Project Portfolio Management provides a structured environment for deciding which projects, programs and initiatives to fund, to sustain and to eliminate.

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Prioritizing Tasks: Strategies Every Manager Needs to Know


He was also highly productive: during his eight years in office, he initiated space exploration with NASA, launched an early version of the Internet through DARPA, and supported the development of the Interstate Highway. “Where do I begin?”.

Process Optimization in Project Management (2): The 5S-Framework


Most of all this methodology provides an initial introduction to process optimization for smaller companies. If you introduce this method sustainably in the company and if you use it continuously, you will also observe a change in the work attitude of all departments. S hitsuke - Sustain Without self-discipline and regular use of the 5S, the old chaos will return to most workplaces within a short period of time.

Project Innovation and “Crossing the Chasm”

Tony Adams

Plenty has been written on innovation thinking – the classical distinction between incremental (evolutionary) and radical (revolutionary) innovation is well covered, with different variations including architectural vs modular , organic vs mechanistic and sustaining vs. disruptive.

A Quick Fire Guide to Project Portfolio Management Business Benefits


Project Portfolio Management provides a structured environment for deciding which projects, programs and initiatives to fund, to sustain and to eliminate. From optimizing your investment in important change programs, through to ensuring you are running the right projects and programs at the right time - Project Portfolio Management will bring sanity to project and resource chaos.

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Project Management Vs. Leadership – How nTask evolved From an Early Start up to a Robust Industry Competitor


You will have sustainable allies based around mutual trust. We also encourage initiative. Initially, we would call impromptu meetings where managers had to walk from one length of the office to another. Project management often reflects tangible results that managers crave.

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Being or Becoming?: Millennials in Software

Leading Agile

Work weeks of 70 to 90 hours were common, on a sustained basis. As far as I could tell, there was nothing missing except for him to raise one finger to a height of 2 millimeters and bring it down smartly on a hypertext link to initiate a tutorial.

The Path to Aligned Project KPIs


This should be a red flag that your project KPIs aren’t strategically aligned with business goals and initiatives. The negative effects of this misalignment could include: Stalled Growth : When organizations misfire due to misalignment, initiatives required to support and sustain profitable growth get into trouble. In summary, the consequences of strategic misalignment from project KPIs to the overall business initiatives can be detrimental.

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11 Ways to Improve Collaboration Between Departments


When teams are guided by a common vision and understand how their work fit into the larger context, they’re more empowered to take initiatives. Small wins help sustain momentum and motivation while breaking down barriers and silo walls.

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Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

Herding Cats

If there is not fit among these activities, there is no distinctive strategy and little to sustain the strategic deployment process. When this occurs, operational effectiveness determines the relative performance of the organizations, and the strategic initiatives are lost.

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3 Project Management Automation Myths Debunked


Additionally, automating tasks that are repetitious provides a level of consistency and precision that humans often fail to sustain. Initially, it was well received in progressive rock, but heavily frowned upon in classic rock for obvious reasons.

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How to Effectively Run Construction Management Projects


After that, most construction management projects follow these steps: Initial stage: The customer shares their ideas and works with a construction management company to draft their design. The build team meets with the client to go over the best ways to operate and sustain the new facility. Warranty period: The owner officially moves into the building, enacting the warranty (either expressed or implied, depending on the initial contract and laws relevant to your area).

Managing Virtual Teams: Challenges, Tips & Virtual Team Management Tools


Productivity and Communication are two stringent strategies that are used to counter this initial challenge at hand. These work categorization related issues were resolved after the advent of Greenberg & Antonucci’ s journal on “Creating and Sustaining Trust In Virtual Teams.”.

Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence: Is your Organization ready?


Digital Transformation (DX) is one of the, if not the, most crucial initiatives that many organizations have undertaken or are taking up. And by 2019, 40% of all DX initiatives will be related to AI.

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The 30 Most Popular Project Management Articles from 2017


Takeaway: IT and business professionals can benefit from having a project management certification and demonstrate they know-how to plan, schedule, budget, execute, deliver, and then report on IT initiatives.

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