Henny Portman

I got across the AGILE NXT FUTURE FRIDAY 2019 conference organized by Xebia. Last year I read the magazine AGILE NXT – Insights and foresights for your next step in agile so I was triggered, and the program looks awesome. Learn how to make culture change more tangible and sustainable.

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Key Growth Strategies for New Businesses

Look to Your Competition: They can give you a canary in the coalmine view of the market and whether it can sustain growth or not. One of my favorites is Entrepreneur, like Entrepreneur Magazine, Entrepreneur Online.

Agile & Project PPM: The Better Together Story


Sustainable development, which is able to maintain a constant pace. According to another article published in Forbes Magazine , even Amazon has embraced Agile to improve its capabilities and to evolve into a more efficient and responsive company. Agile PPM & Project.

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Review AGILE NXT – New Insights for Agile Performance Management

Henny Portman

Measuring the Value of Business Agility (by Daria Nozhkina) shows that business agility generally adds value in three ways: it impacts the top line or the costs (or both); drives profitability; and contributes soft value which ensures that the profitability achieved is sustainable over the long term.

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