Strategic Planning in Business

That’s why smart businesses plan for the future as best they can through strategic planning. By planning strategically for the future, a business can anticipate potential unknowns and embark on a journey where they’re most likely to achieve their goals. What Is a Strategic Plan?

How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

Would you like to make 2019 a successful year for your projects? I asked people two questions: What should people managing projects be aware of as we go into 2019 to make 2019 their most successful year ever? What will you be doing in 2019 to have your most successful year ever?

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Getting the Most Out of Your Project Planning Sessions

Project Smart

When you come across an idea that you want to implement - whether that's a new way to sustain growth, manage your inventory, or hire new staff - chances are you'll be in a rush to get it launched. Project Planning

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Mike Cottmeyer @ Agile & Beyond 2019

Leading Agile

What’s needed is a plan. A plan to do more than simply teach people Agile. If you want your Transformation to be sustainable, you’re going to need to find a way to systematically overcome the structural, procedural, and cultural barriers that stand in the way of Transformation.

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Mike Cottmeyer at TriAgile 2019

Leading Agile

What’s needed is a plan. A plan to do more than simply teach people Agile. Whitepaper Lead a Structured and Disciplined Agile Transformation Download Now. In order to achieve business Agility, Agile has to be applied in a certain context.

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Mike Cottmeyer, Live, at TriAgile 2019

Leading Agile

What’s needed is a plan. A plan to do more than simply teach people Agile. Whitepaper Lead a Structured and Disciplined Agile Transformation Download Now. In order to achieve business Agility, Agile has to be applied in a certain context.

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Mike Cottmeyer at Innovate Virginia 2019

Leading Agile

What’s needed is a plan. A plan to do more than simply teach people Agile. Whitepaper Lead a Structured and Disciplined Agile Transformation Download Now. In order to achieve business Agility, Agile has to be applied in a certain context.

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An Introduction to Supply Chain Management (SCM)

There are many stops along this route, but first comes the design and plan, which when executed must be monitored as would any other project to measure its progress and control any issues that arise before they become problems that impact the cost of the operation.

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What Is the Definition of Done for Agile Teams?

When it comes to project planning , this fluctuating environment can make things tricky: hard deadlines and a predetermined set of deliverables are nearly nonexistent. There is a plan , but that plan is adjusted to reflect the realities of doing the work.

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9 Inspirational Teamwork Examples

That fertile soil that nourished and sustained them was far from their Liverpool home. It seems that people have been spelling team with an “i” for a long time. We live in a culture that promotes the roughed individual, the self-made person, the entrepreneur.

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10 Mindset Shifts for 2019

Stepping Into Project Management

This means it comes with both the positives and the negatives that we carry with us in 2019. Creating the Right Environment- When we create goals and start working towards them, the main objective is to be able to sustain that.

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How to Handle Digital Transformation Pain Points

Epicflow Blog

On average, industrial companies plan on investing 6% of their annual revenue on digitalization over the next five years. Many of these companies have managed to considerably increase their production efficiency, react to fluctuations faster, and become more sustainable.

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Business Change & Best Practice Needn’t Be Puzzling

Arras People

How Can Best Management Practice Help To Build And Sustain The Bigger Picture of your Jigsaw? If you are interested in finding out more about project success and the fundamentals of planning then why not contact us.

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6 Key Questions to Answer during the Resource Capacity Planning Process


In our recent webinar, Navaigating the Resource Capability Planning Minefield we explored the many nuances of resource management. Focusing on how organizations can better prepare for and deliver effective resource capability planning. Is the project roadmap sustainable?

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There can be only one (and it is not YOUR project)!

Kiron Bondale

Here are just a few of the challenges with managing such projects: Getting and sustaining senior leadership commitment and support is going to be much more difficult. Managing a high priority project can be a wonderful experience.

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6 Key Questions to Answer during the Resource Capacity Planning Process


Focusing on how organizations can better prepare for and deliver effective resource capability planning. No matter what level of resource management maturity your organization is currently at, you will surely face many issues when building an effective resource capacity planning cycle, for example: Shifting priorities. Is the project roadmap sustainable? In a recent webinar we explored the many nuances of resource management.

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10 Construction Conferences In 2019


Looking to add construction conferences to attend in 2019 to next year’s schedule? There are many different options of conferences, summits, and expos in 2019, so finding the right one for you is crucial! Construction Conferences in 2019. AEI Conference 2019.

Surveys Said: Agencies Need a New Approach to Compete


Often lost in the shuffle of running a business is capturing and sustaining the expert knowledge employees gain and contribute over time. A majority of our survey respondents reported that they plan to increase distributed work in the year to come.

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Carrying Out a Feasibility Study: How to Make a Smart Decision

Project Smart

According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, "it's an examination of a situation to decide if a suggested method, plan, or piece of work is possible or reasonable." Let's start by defining what we mean by a 'feasibility study'.

Scrum vs. Kanban Board: Which One Is Better for Building a Project Plan?


However, there are a few methodologies that come to mind when you’re looking to create a project plan. But first, it helps to know that any good project plan provides 3 things: Transparency – Everyone involved knows the status of each moving piece and can jump in when needed.


8 Steps for Practical Program Management Metrics


The use of program management metrics takes the guesswork out of project management, helping to make projects more predictable, sustainable, and productive. Planned Hours vs. Actual: How many hours were used to date compared to the number of hours allotted?

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Future-proofing Your Business with Cyber-Security & Risk Management

Brad Egeland

Ideally, the only way you can build a sustainable future for your business would be through getting ready for what the future holds. Here is how to future proof your business against ever-evolving cyber threats: Establish an Effective Risk Management Plan ​ A risk management plan helps to improve the visibility you have into your threat landscape. However, a risk assessment plan is not a one-time project; you will need to keep on monitoring it from time to time.

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Slack, Flow, and Continuous Improvement

Leading Agile

All of the Lean-style slack is meant to promote continuous flow of planned work. Planned work may include items that require different kinds of activity or different “rules” for pull; we usually refer to these as “classes of service.”

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Questioning Agile Dogma

Leading Agile

How can the same principle be a good idea in 2002 and a bad idea in 2019? I’d like to consider the following in this post: Sustainable Pace. Sustainable Pace. It includes advice about planning for employee burn-out and burning them out quite deliberately.

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Three Must-Reads to Build Better Teams


The book provides action plans, tools, and resources for leaders to improve trust in their organization. The heliotropic effect is the tendency for all living things to be drawn to energy that sustains life.

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What is the Difference Between Agile vs Waterfall?

TrustRadius Project Management

*This article has been updated on February 21, 2019 based on new research conducted by the TrustRadius team*. Based on a February 2019 poll on, fewer than one in five professionals said their organization uses the waterfall methodology.

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How to Master Rockefeller Habits to Scale Your Business


While the team vision for Elon Musk’s company, Tesla, is “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”. Everyone in the Company is Aware of Plans and Performance Results.

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5 Key Benefits of Optimizing Your Resource Management Process


With Resource Management Software, whenever resources are double booked, or a project plan has been rescheduled you can easily spot any conflicts and quickly resolve them. Ondemand Webinar: Navigating the Resource Capability Planning Minefield.

Process Optimization in Project Management (1): Steady Progress with Kaizen


But if you want to improve project management processes in a sustainable way, you should first get an overview of the various possibilities - from radical methods to fundamental ways of thinking. It’s not just simply about pondering to do things better without a concrete plan.

Why Choose Agile Project Management Software for Mobile App Development Projects?

ProProfs Project Management

Furthermore, the role of a scrum master is to make sure that every activity is performed as per the proposed planned. Since every step is well planned and executed, there are no surprise expenses. The team can set the budget aside according to the plan and work efficiently.

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Re-imagine your Scrum to firm up your agility

Gunther Verheyen

Use Product Backlog as the single plan, holding all development work, whether technical, functional or non-functional. It is gradually re-merging your organization towards a networked system of self-sustaining product hubs.


Quick & Easy Ways to Get Organized At Work (And Stay That Way)


Sustain a mindset of only touching something once when you need it by putting it away immediately after use. The drag-and-drop interface makes it user-friendly and easy to use for any project, task, or other plans you are working on.

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Practical Simplification in Agile

Leading Agile

If our systems provide what the “external” customer cares about, but they do so in a way that isn’t manageable, sustainable, or supportable, we will not be able to keep our customers happy for very long. what their strategic plan is.

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The Path to Aligned Project KPIs


The negative effects of this misalignment could include: Stalled Growth : When organizations misfire due to misalignment, initiatives required to support and sustain profitable growth get into trouble.

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Prioritizing Tasks: Strategies Every Manager Needs to Know


Eisenhower sustained his decades-long productivity streak by using a strategy that came to be known as the Eisenhower Matrix. The premise is that rule is that each day you plan to complete one big task, three medium ones, and five small ones. “Where do I begin?”.

The 4 Best Trello Alternatives for Kanban Project Management


It definitely helps in planning for similar projects in the future. per user per month (Premium plan), there are Trello alternatives you can switch to today to get a better value for your investment. nTask offers the following plans: Free. Pro pricing plan ($2.99

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Process Optimization in Project Management (2): The 5S-Framework


If you introduce this method sustainably in the company and if you use it continuously, you will also observe a change in the work attitude of all departments. For shared areas such as the kitchen or the lounge, it is best to create cleaning plans. S hitsuke - Sustain Without self-discipline and regular use of the 5S, the old chaos will return to most workplaces within a short period of time.

Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

Herding Cats

Planning and Scheduling (#PS). Integrated Master Plan and Master Schedule (#IMPIMS). Without those, progress to plan can only be measured with the passage of time and consumption of money. This starts with a Plan to deliver those Capabilities. Planning and Scheduling .

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How to use Agile Principles to Transform your Business?


Part of this requires accepting a certain level of uncertainty in planning, as well as performing validation on ideas and concepts ahead of the decision to execute. They benefit and sustain the company in the long-run.

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Project Management Vs. Leadership – How nTask evolved From an Early Start up to a Robust Industry Competitor


However, a lot of that success factor is riding on proper planning and execution. Planning. Plans are made at a strategic level and executed at the project manager’s level. You will have sustainable allies based around mutual trust.

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