Part 8 of 9: Training. Part 8 of 9: Change Management Training. Training is an important part of the change management process. Every stakeholder needs to be assessed in terms of what training he or she will require to make the change happen. This is not just training on the deliverable or the use of the deliverable; there is also non-deliverable training. Nondeliverable Training. This means we train stakeholders on requirements creation.

2019 60

BrainBOK Review: PMP and CAPM Training

Girl's Guide to PM

PMP® and CAPM® training has been online for a long time but right now it seems like there are more choices than ever before. How many PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition processes have Enterprise Environmental Factors as an input? It shows you the complete set of processes and the ITTOs that go with them. Click a process and you’ll get the description and details of that process. Course Reviews Software Training PMP TrainingName: BrainBOK.

2019 255

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How to Define a Workflow Process

First you need to define a workflow process. What Is a Workflow Process? Workflow is the definition, execution and automation of business processes: where tasks, information and documents are passed from one person to another for action according to a set of procedural rules.

From Technical To Exceptional Review [Training Course]

Girl's Guide to PM

I review quite a lot of project management training materials , but I’ve never come across a course that is so laser focused, and so useful for the people it is designed to reach. He’s spent two decades of training and coaching experts who want to transition to leadership roles, straddling the technology and management divide. He has filled many roles including technical pre-sales, system administration, IT Operations management, as well as consulting and training. Training

2019 224

The PMI-SP Certification & uCertify Training Course Review

Girl's Guide to PM

That is a lot of experience and a lot of formal training in a specific subject, but it is achievable. When you start to look at your prior experience you may find you have more experience and training than you thought! The final lesson looks at integrated schedule management and the project management processes that affect the schedule, which is helpful as it gives a ‘real life’ flavour to the material. Build a Career Training

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How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

Would you like to make 2019 a successful year for your projects? I asked people two questions: What should people managing projects be aware of as we go into 2019 to make 2019 their most successful year ever? What will you be doing in 2019 to have your most successful year ever? You can scroll down and get the highlights, and then read all the advice in the How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects ebook. Now 2019 is here, I think that’s’s a cop-out.

2019 258

A Quick Guide to Business Process Mapping

That guide is called business process mapping. An Overview of Business Process Mapping. Business process mapping means defining what a business does, who is responsible for what, what is the standard for completing that process, what tools will be used and how the success of the business is determined. History of Business Process Mapping. Mogensen started training others in this method. What’s the Importance of Business Process Mapping?

How to Write a Business Case

Again, you’ll want to have this process also documented in your business case. So, you’ve identified your business problem or opportunity and how to reach it, now you have to convince your stakeholders that you’re right and have the best way to implement a process to achieve your goals.

2019 382

The What, Why, and How of Process Mapping

Project Risk Coach

Operational risks includes people risk, technology risk, external event risk, and process risk. In this article, let's talk about process risk and how to reduce these risks through process mapping. And these organizations often lack process documentation. Furthermore, they fail to cross train other employees adequately. When employees leave organizations, these entities may loose daily operational knowledge. You know.

Big Announcements from Ignite 2019


In support of that commitment and with 1628 sessions, Ignite 2019 was proud to host events accessible to everyone. It includes a new set of robotic process automation capabilities called UI flows, now available in public preview. It was made generally available on October 1, 2019.

2019 83

Risk Analysis 101: How to Analyze Project Risk

By planning for risks, you begin the process of knowing how to identify, monitor and close out risks when they show up in your project. Part of that process is risk analysis. Risk analysis is the process that figures out how likely that a risk will arise in a project.

Risk 323

How The PMP Exam is Changing in 2020

Girl's Guide to PM

It was going to change at the end of 2019 but now the date is 1 July 2020. That’s to give all the training and e-learning providers time to prepare for the change, plus notice for candidates who would rather take the exam under the current arrangements.

2020 339

How to Create a PERT Chart

The nature of the PERT chart and its breakdown structure help to take the complexity of a project and its many parts and visualize the dependencies between each step in the process. This post updated December 2019). Project Management Training Videos Task Management

2019 382

How to Make an Action Plan (Example Included)

Whether that’s a meeting on process or a more structured training session, you want everyone to be able to use the tool before they start working on the project. This post was updated November 2019). Planning Project Management Training Videos Task Management

2019 377

100+ Project Management Statistics & Facts To Remember in 2019

ProProfs Project Management

Whether you are overseeing a team or leading major projects and their execution process, it is essential to keep everything in line to ensure project success. 20% of companies say that their IT requirements process is not the articulation of business need. 58% of organizations report more defined processes and practices as their key step to project success. Other than that, with well-defined processes and practices, the chances of project success automatically increases. .

2019 85

Is Project Management Really an Ageing Profession?

Arras People

This was one of the statistics that caught my eye recently when I was looking over the 2019 PMBR. Organisations are unwilling to invest time and money in training and development. The impact of the recession increased the ageing process as organisations needed the ability to deliver projects today with no budget to invest in the people of tomorrow. To gain more insights from the Project Management Domain take a look at the 2019 PMBR.

2019 195

How to Plan an Event

You’ll need communications to inform them of event information, payment processes to collect fees, emails to stay in touch, directions, badges and access points. This post updated December 2019). Marketing Project Management Training VideosNeed to know how to plan an event?

Capacity Planning: What It Is and How to Do It

Capacity planning is a process that balances the available hours of teams against what the project needs. If it’s skill, then there’s training to close the gap. The process is different. This post was updated November 2019).

2019 297

51+ Best Project Management Software & Tools [Updated Oct 2019]

ProProfs Project Management

Automated project processes. Comprehensive training tool. The post 51+ Best Project Management Software & Tools [Updated Oct 2019] appeared first on ProProfs Learning. Project management software helps in not only managing multiple projects, but also streamline workflow and improve your teams performance exponentially.

2019 66

Cost Management Basics

Cost management is the process by which one plans and manages the budget of a business or project. The cost management process begins in the planning phase of the project, where the costs are approved by executives before being implemented. What Is the Process of Managing Project Costs?

2019 308

8 Steps for Better Issue Management

These steps are part of a best practice issue management process and are a core essence of good project management. Managing issues is no different than managing a project in that it requires a process and a plan to implement the strategy. It also includes a process for managing issues.

2019 281

What makes a great project manager? The 10 most crucial project management skills for 2019 (and how to develop them)


So what project management skills does it take to become a truly great project manager in 2019 (and beyond)? The 10 most crucial project management skills for 2019 (and how to build them). They’re soft skills as much as the hard ones you were trained on.

2019 141

How Will a Project Management Course Help My Career?

Arras People

The project and the final product can therefore change and adapt to the needs of the customer, but the project begins to deliver from very early on in the process. Individuals and interaction over process and tools. It demonstrates that you have the commitment and training to manage project challenges. Project Management Training Fees can vary enormously. PRINCE2 Project Management CV Project Management Training project management certifications prince2 professional

2019 223

Overcoming a Lack of Project Resources

We suggest a two-step process to help your resource management. Watch Jennifer Bridges, PMP, who taps her expertise in project management to guide you through a short training video that helps you extend your resources and meet project expectations. This post was updated December 2019).

2019 274

‘The Apprentice’ Project Manager – A True Representation?

Arras People

Do you understand the procurement process? To find out more about more about the internationally recognised professional qualifications, such as PRINCE2® and APMP, which can help to boost your career prospects contact SPOCE Project Management Ltd, the training professionals and longest standing PRINCE2®training company in the world, who specialise in delivering Global Best Practice examined training events.

2019 190

Process Optimization in Project Management (2): The 5S-Framework


Most of all this methodology provides an initial introduction to process optimization for smaller companies. In this way you work more effectively and create a good basis for further optimization processes. S eiketsu - Standardize Now develop a comprehensible and understandable description of all work processes at your workplace (especially in production). If necessary, you can visualize certain processes for better understanding.

5 More Advanced Training Options for the PMO

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Back in 2015, we took a look at the five advanced training options for people working in PMO. PMOs which introduce new services; processes, tools and techniques to improve project management capability in project management naturally use approaches normally found in another discipline – business analysis. Think about it, an improvement is needed in, for example, in the risk management process or governance arrangements in large scale projects.

PMO 51

What Is the Project Management Life Cycle?

For project managers seeking to understand their process and work according to best practices, they are often guided by the PMI standards of practice which outlines the project management life cycle. The delivery process is what your team members are primarily engaged in.

2019 227

How To Create A Simple Project Plan (Project Planning Process)

PM Basics

Nevertheless, project planning is a structured and logical process. At each moment of the process, you’re in need of information that you don’t have yet. Most of the processes are interrelated, and you don’t know where to start from. You use outputs from the previous steps in the next step in the process. You need to evaluate each process. Here, I focus on project planning process only. It’s more important that you understand the process.

How to Perform a SWOT Analysis (Example Included)

Related: How to Lead a Change Management Process. They went for the ones, maybe new into it, that they were training and teaching. Project Management Project Management Training VideosWhat is a SWOT analysis, and why are so many successful companies using this powerful tool? Jennifer Bridges, shows you the what, why and how. She also includes a SWOT analysis example in the video, so be sure to tune in! Here’s a screenshot of the whiteboard for your reference.

2019 284

10 Latest Project Management Trends You Must Know in 2019

ProProfs Project Management

It is 2019, all the companies that are trying to run their business are focusing on one thing and that is project management. There have been a lot of project management trends in 2019 that have come into the picture here. It’s 2019 and the trends in technology are changing at the speed of light. Virtual Reality , Robotic Process Automation , Machine Learning have come into the picture and they have made the life of the employee’s way easier than it used to be.

2019 54

Management Training Programs to Consider in 2019


Management Training Programs to Accelerate Professional Success. A management training program can be a great option because it is like taking a short elevator ride to get yourself higher up the ladder of success. Even if your company does not have in-house management training, you can still find programs to give you the development you need. Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers.

How to Prioritize with the MoSCoW Method

This is called the requirements gathering part of the process. It’s a four-step process that can be used for projects big and small. The size of the project will only impact the length of time it takes to complete this process. This post updated December 2019).

2019 286

The 10 Project Management Knowledge Areas (PMBOK)

Project management knowledge areas coincide with the process groups, which are project initiation, project planning , project execution, monitoring and controlling, and project closing. The knowledge areas take place during anyone of these process groups.

2019 403

Crisis Management: How to Lead During a Crisis

And who are the people who know the structures who can put the framework and the processes in place when things change? Project Management Training VideosSometimes leading a team, project or organization goes well. Sometimes it doesn’t. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you crisis management techniques to help you successfully lead during a disaster. Here’s a screenshot of the whiteboard for your reference. In Review – Crisis Management: How to Lead During a Crisis.

2019 273

5 Key Benefits of Optimizing Your Resource Management Process


Learn how successful businesses are improving efficiency and productivity through retaining talent and optimizing their resource management process. Perhaps there should be more focus on tightening up internal resource management processes with a view to improving overall productivity levels. By standardizing your resource management processes, you can improve visibility and control, which in turn can lead to significant benefits for any business.

The Balanced PMO

The Lazy Project Manager

P = Process. It may be tempting to just think of the PMO as all about the process, the means to ensure that good project management is achieved through methodology and quality assurance etc but that ignores the people side. But without the inclusion of a promotional program it could well be the case that all of the good work you, and your team, achieve in the areas of process and people will go unnoticed and unappreciated by both your peers and the executive.

PMO 181

How to Make a Disaster Recovery Plan

This will include having a team leader and a management team responsible for the process—that includes teams that are responsible for network, server, application, data and backups, restoring IT functionality, IT systems and networking equipment. Review this process regularly. They are responsible for keeping the approaches, the processes, and all of this up to date. And what’s the process in order that we restore. Project Management Training Videos

2019 246

IT Risk Management Strategies and Best Practices

Then there’s the problem of finding the right people to address IT risk management, those with training and expertise in the space. They provide a process to regularly update and review the assessment based on changes. Evaluate Early & Often: There’s no better time to start on the risk management process than now, so begin early. Remember it is a process and so it will continue throughout the project. Project Management Project Management Training Videos

4 Signs Your Project Intake Process Is Outdated


Workers toggle between apps up to 10 times an hour and, when they do, 31% report losing their train of thought. Does this sound like your current work project intake process? Here are 4 signs your project intake process is outdated and some simple steps to build a well-defined project intake process that’ll take your team into the future. The more requests you get, the more time-consuming and repetitive this process becomes.