The Challenge of Digital Project Management

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Not only are DPMs working in the high-tech and software industries, you’ll also find us in the retail, travel, hospitality and many more industries. . A digital project manager must also hold scrum master credentials in other compani es. General CMS digital project manager JIRA manage up project management project managers Scrum SEO software project managementAre you stuck in your project management career and looking for a new challenge?

5 Insane Project Management Techniques in Today’s Market


You can also squeeze in Scrum methodologies with AUP since they offers a lot of wiggle room for diversified processes. It all depends on the implementation of Sprint, Scrum Meetings in Agile and such other variables that help to offer a customized experience to project managers. Sometimes the structure is perfect – i.e. flat ones are streamlined with Agile and Scrum and top-down structures are suited for Extreme Project Management techniques.

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The Key Agile Principles of Project Management


Now, Agile is in almost every sector of the economy, including manufacturing, retail, petroleum, and human resources. Empowering small teams of motivated individuals to do the work as it evolves, as opposed to creating strict guidelines under the supervision of a rigid “scrum master” is a key principle of Agile Project Management. What is Agile Project Management?

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3 Business Transformation Success Stories and What We Can Learn From Them

As a mid-sized state run bank, DBS already had its hands full in 2019 due to new fintech startups offering exceedingly competitive solutions to traditional banking.

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