The Product Owner in Scrum: Responsibilities, Certifications & Tools

Scrum is a framework for organizing agile teams, and it’s processes and guidelines are excellent for improving team productivity. They act as the project manager for the scrum team, although the agile community generally doesn’t use that term. Product Owner Certification.

How to earn PDUs fast in 2020

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Is your re-certification cycle coming to an end for your PMI certificate? The PMI Continuing Certification Requirements guidelines are laid out in the CCR Handbook, which you can download from the PMI website. There are different requirements for each of the PMI certifications.

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Project Management Trends [2020]

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Long-time readers will know that I believe certification schemes to be useful, but not the only thing that a successful project manager needs. As the demand for project management work grows, certification schemes are a simple way to differentiate candidates. If soft skills are essential, how do we get them if not through certification training courses? There are trends in all industries and professions.

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The Best Agile & Scrum Certifications to Have in 2020


With the ever-changing IT market, its expectations, and demands, it is imperative for organizations to practice agile methods and principles. The post The Best Agile & Scrum Certifications to Have in 2020 appeared first on Agilemania. Agile and Scrum Certification

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Using Continuous Customer Testing for Pandemic-Proof Product Success

Speaker: Luke Freiler, CEO and co-founder of Centercode

After weathering recessions with a wide range of iconic customers, CEO and Product Manager Luke Freiler has seen first hand the impact the Voice of the Customer has had in making or breaking tech companies during hard times. He's going to walk you through an agile process for continuous customer testing that saves you time and gives you full confidence in your products — no matter how many you're sending out the door this year.

Top Project Management Conferences of 2020

It’s a great time to further your education, keep up on your certification and get a chance to rub shoulders with others in your field from all over the world. So, save the date and mark your calendars, whether analog or digital: here are the top project management conferences of 2020. Change Management 2020 Conference. 2020 Project Management Symposium. Attendees can earn up to 12 PDUs towards their PMP certification. Agile & Beyond .

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15 Easy Ways to Earn PDUs in 2020

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Do you need to earn PDUs to maintain your PMI certification? In this article we’ll cover what you need to know about the different categories of PDUs and how many you need to get, plus some simple and free ways to earn PDUs in 2020. How to Maintain Multiple PMI Certifications.

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Five Highlights of the 2020 PMI Job Report

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The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) membership magazine – PM Network – has just released the January issue with a report – 2020 Jobs Report – available for project management practitioners to take a look at (currently only available for members). During 2020, the focus is specifically on understanding automation and advanced analytics. The report shared lessons from the last recession as a reminder and as a pointer for the project manager’s careers in 2020.

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How Valuable is the PMP Certification?


It’s natural for aspiring project managers to want to look for ways to differentiate themselves in the job market, and getting a PMP certification from the Project Management Institute is one of the most effective ways to do thatWhile there are many more PMP-certified project managers today than there were just a few years ago, a project management certification is still a mark of distinction. PMP Certification Requirements. So, is PMP certification worth it?

CSM or PSM – The Better Certification!! The Never-Ending Debate.


When people posted this question to me, to help them figure out which among the two certifications (PSM and CSM) was better, it was confusing and humbling at the same time. When going through the links that were shared, I was surprised at the efforts to commoditize the certifications and realized the source of their confusion. No, I don’t plan… The post CSM or PSM – The Better Certification!!

What is an agile coach? A valuable role for organizational change


Agile coaching skills is one of the most in-demand skills nowadays. Agile coaching is an essential skill for scrum masters, agile coaches, and leadership coaches to support self-managed teams. Blogs agile assessment Agile Certification agile coaching Professional Agile Coaching

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10 Ways to Earn PDUs and Maintain Your PMP Certification


Certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) are required to earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) during each three-year certification cycle. is 25% higher than those without PMP certification, according to PMI’s most recent Project Management Salary Survey.

Enterprise Agile Coach Masterclass with Two ICAgile Certifications (ICP-ENT & ICP-CAT)


ICAgile is the world’s leading certification body for agile which offers the practitioner with a clear and broad learning roadmap made up of separate tracks. Each of these modules contains at least two high standard knowledge-based certifications and each of these modules ends with a competency-based Certifications called ICAgile Expert. Blogs Enterprise Agile Enterprise Agile Bootcamp Enterprise Agile coaching Enterprise Agile Masterclass

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Update on Google's Project Management Certification

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I received an email from Google today, as I'm sure many of you did, stating that their Project Management certification course will "launch on Coursera later this year." Our certificate will focus on foundational concepts like empathizing with users, conducting research, and prototyping.

4 Project Management Trends of 2020: What to Prepare for?

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Project Management web resources are awash with articles about 2020 project management trends. The fact that AI as a project management trend in 2020 is discussed so vividly doesn’t make it true. According to most sources, in 2020, project managers will require soft skills even more than the technical ones and professional knowledge. We don’t share this opinion, which is why soft skills cannot be named a 2020 trend. Emotional Intelligence as 2020 Must-Have Soft Skill

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Agile Outside, it’s a thing

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Using Agile outside the server room. Yes, I know you wouldn’t really use Agile anything in the server room (unless that’s your workspace…). However, what do you think about using Agile or Adaptive Management to lead humanitarian aid efforts?

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What is the difference between a SAFe and Certified Scrum Master certification


In this article, we will discuss the significant differences between the two prominent certifications in Agile space. The post What is the difference between a SAFe and Certified Scrum Master certification appeared first on Agilemania. Agile and Scrum Certification

PMI’s Pulse of the Profession 2020: Creating a Future-Oriented Project Management Culture


Source: PMI 2020 Pulse of the Profession Report, page 2 The new decade calls for a paradigm shift in project management. Transformation of culture in times of digitalization To prepare for change, agility and creativity are becoming an increasingly important part of the corporate DNA. ".

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Leveraging Agile to Get Predictable

Leading Agile

Agile isn’t ever really about Agile. In our Business Drivers of Agility webinar series hosted by LeadingAgile CEO, Mike Cottmeyer, Mike dives deep into six key business drivers to uncover how Agile can enable organizations to connect these drivers to better business outcomes.

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The 23 Best Project Management Books For Upgrading Your Career in 2020


We combed through best-seller lists, spoke with veteran PMs, and read a ton to put together this list of the best project management books for upgrading your career in 2020. In fact, if you’re taking the PMP certification it will be your textbook.

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Project Management Training – Shifting from Classroom to Computer

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Whilst PMO Learning provide PMO specific training they have recently teamed up with Aspire Europe Ltd, as a trusted reseller to provide the best eLearning for the key PPM certifications such as PRINCE2 , MSP , Agile Project Management and the APM PFQ.

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I have my Scrum Master certification—now what?

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The percentage of projects using agile or hybrid practices exceeds the number of traditional projects , according to the Project Management Institute. Agile is moving beyond technology and is now widely used in financial services, government, and professional services companies. Agile is a dominant practice for companies going through digital transformations and accelerating customer experience through UX (user experience) design. Agile is a mindset and way of working.


How to Become a Project Manager in 2020


They also tend to be higher if you hold professional degrees or certifications like the PMP (we’ll come to this later). Most project managers, thus, end up either learning on the job or acquiring formal certifications to level up their project management skills. This can be in the form of a degree (at the undergraduate or graduate level), going through an apprenticeship, or earning a certificate. Some jobs ask for certifications or degrees (especially PMP).

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Best 2020 Online Courses, Events, and Resources for Project Managers

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There you can also find information about paid-for certifications suggested by various PM expert companies, and corresponding examinations. Agile in the Program Management Office. Besides, you can also pass your PMP certification exam online, just from your place. There’s absolutely no difference between the way you’d pass it at a special certification center and at home. You can choose from the following PM topics: Agile Project Management.

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PMI-ACP Supported Self-Study Group with Mike Griffiths - September Start

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The first 25 people to signup will receive a free Kindle version of my book “ Agile Illustrated: A Visual Learners Guide to Agility ” that explains each of the PMI-ACP exam content outline domains and tasks. Agile Project Management Books Certification Events PMI-ACP

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July 1, 2020’s PMP® Exam Changes


The new exam, which goes live on July 1, 2020, contains the biggest changes the exam has ever experienced. The biggest change is a greater emphasis on Agile. In fact, approximately 50% of the exam content covers Agile topics. This is the method for keeping the PMP a relevant certification. In the most recent study, apparently, a large group of the project managers surveyed were using Agile principles and frameworks.

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Becoming an Agile Certified Practitioner


This is the essence of Agile. Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP®) certification is relatively new when compared with the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Those who adapt, survive. Those who adapt and act, thrive.

How The PMP Exam is Changing in 2020

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It’s widely known that the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam is changing in July 2020, but what exactly is going to be different? If they didn’t, you’d find that the PMP exam was still based on the ways of working we had back when the certification was first introduced. Plus PMI want to put more emphasis on Agile ways of working. It was going to change at the end of 2019 but now the date is 1 July 2020. How much agile is in the exam?

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How to Start a Career in Project Management: Answers to FAQ

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Every project manager should have a strong understanding of project theories and methodologies, and be able to apply them in his or her work: Agile, . What Are the Best Certifications for a PM and How Much Do They Cost? Prince2 certification (pricing starts from $540); .

Surprise. I am no wizard. Agile nor Scrum.

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I regularly get inquiries from people reaching out for instructions, assistance, or other forms of guidance to learn about Scrum, pass exams, become a trainer, or advance their career towards “Agile coach” Surprise.


How To Become A Project Manager: The Ultimate Guide

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Project Management Certifications. It’s not necessary to have a project management certification to get a project management job or to have a successful project management career. And you can move into project management and then decide if you want to pursue certification.

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Our Scrum Master Holds the Certification but Is Not Competent


I have been consulting a big MNC who has started their Scaled Agile adoption journey. The Program was practicing Scrum for six… The post Our Scrum Master Holds the Certification but Is Not Competent appeared first on Agilemania. This company is trying for Scrum from the past 9-10 months and struggling with that too. They introduced me to one of the choice Programs in their organization where they asked for help on improving their Scrum process.

I failed again – I talked about why agile but they wanted “how to Scrum”


I was invited to share my knowledge on agile to the management team today in fast-moving consumer goods at FMCG (a popular beer company). The post I failed again – I talked about why agile but they wanted “how to Scrum” appeared first on Agilemania. Agile and Scrum Certification


Certifications, Digital Credentials, and Endorsements

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I started running my Lean Change Agent workshop in 2014 and have never offered a certification. I provided a Certificate of Completion because I have never believed that anyone should be ‘certified’ in anything for attending a 2-day course. Backstory: My history with certifications. I remember asking for help to create a local meetup in the days when there weren’t 90,000 agile meetups every week in every city. Lamest blog post title ever.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Professional Certificate

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Deciding to get a professional certificate can involve several factors such as, your industry, your interests, your network, and how you would ultimately like to grow in each of these areas. Although certificates demand additional time, energy, and investment, they are likely to pay off by translating to better, more consistent projects, as well as greater visibility and rewards for your work. One study found certain certificates carried an 18% premium for salary.

5 dos and don’ts during the Sprint Planning


Agile and Scrum Certification Blogs professional scrum master Scrum Sprint In Scrum Sprint PlanningWe had an online meet-up on this topic yesterday, and I felt we were a little off track as there was a large group of participants, so the discussion went in multiple directions.

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How to build a career in agile and scrum post certified scrum master 


Two days of classroom training is sufficient to become familiar with Scrum and Agile framework. Further, you are looking to enhance your career as an Agile Leader. These certifications will help you to enhance your professional growth and learning. Why further Agile certifications are important after CSM ? Certified Scrum Master is a basic certification to enter into an agile world. Your organization must be thinking of Agile implementation.


Top 3 Recommendations for Measuring Scrum


The million-dollar question that many of us have heard asked before, whenever one speaks of agile transformation is below. How will we know if the agile transformation has been successful? For this article, I will be narrowing down the scope of agile transformation… The post Top 3 Recommendations for Measuring Scrum appeared first on Agilemania. There is a question I get asked a lot during my individual and also team coaching sessions.


How to Get Hired as a Scrum Master


Blogs Agile agile assessment Agile Certification Agile Coach Agile Metrics agile planning Agile Scrum training Enterprise Agile Professional Scrum TrainerBeing a consultant, one of the activities I often indulge in is helping the organization hire a Scrum Master if needed. I know that sounds kind of counter-intuitive after having hired me as a consultant but unfortunately that does happen.


Announcing Supported Study Groups

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I am currently running a similar program for a group of agile coaches, and feedback so far has been excellent. Agile Project Management Books Certification Events PMI-ACP Visual LearningI am piloting a new program for anyone wanting to study for and obtain their PMI-ACP credential. It is a small group, 8-week online book-club / self-study program. Read one chapter of my PMI-ACP Exam Prep book each week.

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