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What Makes Agile Transformations Successful? Results From A Scientific Study

Each post discusses scientific research that is relevant to our work with Scrum and Agile teams. What makes Agile transformations successful? In this post, I summarize the findings from an academic peer-reviewed publication by Daniel Russo (2021), a professor at the University of Aalborg.

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So, what is organizational agility? 2022 UPDATE

So, what is organizational agility? . I learn all the time, and 2021 taught me a lot. Based on those lessons, I’d like to share an update on what organizational agility means to me in 2022. LET’S START BY DISCUSSING WHAT ORGANIZATIONAL AGILITY IS NOT. . Agility is not about: . The agile industrial complex.

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Agile Transformation – Success Factors part 2

In the previous article, Agile Transformation – Success Factors part 1 , there was a strong focus on key levels that should be taken first into consideration. Agile Transformation efforts might be difficult. For instance: They create the agile transformation vision and act accordingly. They foster a positive, agile culture.

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?? Daniel Stillman: Designing Powerful Questions to help you Coach, Create, Connect and Lead

Learn from Daniel Stillman how designing powerful questions helps you coach, create, connect, and lead from the 35th Hands-on Agile meetup of October 5, 2021. ?? Watch the video with Daniel Stillman now: Hands-on Agile #35: Designing Powerful Questions to help you Coach, Create, Connect and Lead. ??

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Why Agile Transformation Fails | AgileIndy 2021

Leading Agile

This is Mike Cottmeyer's talk from AgileIndy 2021 on The Executive's Guide to Why Agile Transformation Fails. Announcer] This is Mike Cottmeyer’s talk from AgileIndy, 2021 on “Why Agile Transformation Fails.” And so my indoctrination to agile was never ever in the small. Transcript.

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Why External Agile Coaches Are Better for Your Agile Transformation


Agile is in the news yet again. In the 15th State of Agile Report, 94% of the respondents reported that their company is using Agile while 65% report that their organization has significant experience with Agile. The percentages must surely have piqued your interest, so let’s understand today’s topic, Agile.

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Leadership Tips for Project Managers – Part 4

International Institute for Learning

By Mike Griffiths Welcome to part four, the last installment of this series introducing basic leadership ideas that any project manager or Scrum master can employ. Be sure to see articles one , two , and three , which cover topics including how leadership differs from management, servant leadership, and team motivation.