What Is Lean Project Management?


This is commonly called lean project management. What Is Lean Project Management? Lean project management focuses on delivering a manufacturing project with more value and less waste. To work, lean project management relies on continuous improvement. The 5 Lean Principles.

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Beyond Agile Gratitude #2 - Lean Thinking and the Kanban Method

Leading Answers

Now that my Beyond Agile book has been published, I would like to thank people who helped shape its content and ideas. David Anderson has done much to popularize and explain lean and the Theory of Constraints thinking. Agile teams often use kanban boards to visualize their work.

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A 2021 Comprehensive Guide on Lean vs Agile Methodologies


These frameworks are many, but the ones we are interested in, in this article, are Lean and Agile. So, without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into describing what Lean and Agile project management methodologies are and how are they different from one another.

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Troubleshooting in Lean-Agile Development


Many project managers utilize a Lean-Agile approach when there is high change or churn in project requirements, significant lack of clarity in scope, high complexity to their projects, and/or a larger number of risks associated with such. Two Lean-Agile Types.

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Pitfalls of referencing agile

Kiron Bondale

One of the clichés you will run across if you read enough articles or watch enough videos about agility is that we should be using the term as an adjective rather than as a noun. Misunderstandings can also happen when we treat agile as an adjective in the wrong manner.

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Change Management in Agile – Seeking Expert Knowledge

Girl's Guide to PM

Do you have a wealth of experience with agile /lean project management? Manchester Metropolitan University is undergoing a study of lean/ agile methodology with the aim to help project managers and their team members cope with change. Deadline is 30 September 2021.

Best Task Management Software of 2021 for Teams


So, given all that, let’s rank the best task management software of 2021. 2021 Best Task Management Software Rankings. But it also has a Gantt chart timeline for lean visual management and task dependencies.

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Best Kanban Software of 2021 for Project Management


Here’s our ranking of the best kanban software of 2021. 2021 Best Kanban Software Rankings. ProjectManager is diverse enough to function in a waterfall, agile or hybrid environment. Related: 5 Best Trello Alternatives in 2021.

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2021 Online & On-Site Events for Project Managers

Epicflow Blog

2021 is going to be full of both online and offline events for project managers engaged in different areas of business: construction and engineering, IT, healthcare, and many others. Biggest Online Project Management Conferences in 2021. Don’t miss your place on the Agile beach!

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PMI-ACP and My New Book “Beyond Agile: Achieving Success with Situational Knowledge and Skills”

Leading Answers

I recall the Steering Committee meetings where we discussed what we believed was necessary for agile practitioners and team leaders to have experience in and an understanding of. So our scope included more than just Lean and agile; it had a little leadership and emotional intelligence.

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Overview and Key Themes of IIL’s 2021 Agile & Scrum Online Conference

International Institute for Learning

IIL’s 6th annual Agile and Scrum Online Conference: Co-Create for Greater Value opens on June 3, 2021. Today, agile concepts have expanded well into nearly every industry, across products and services. Where do teams even begin with agile transformation?

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Top 10 Project Management Methodologies – An Overview


Agile Methodology. What It Is: In a nutshell, Agile project management is an evolving and collaborative way to self-organize across teams. How do you know if agile is for you? Related: Agile vs Waterfall and the Rise of Hybrid Projects. Lean Methodology.

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Agile Product Development: Agile Methodology Explained

Epicflow Blog

There is no doubt now that Agile is not just a buzzword, but a really working methodology that takes software development to the next level. . Are there any disadvantages of the Agile methodology? Overview of Traditional SDLC vs Agile Approach. Agile .

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A Lean Innovation Management Process: Discovering and Creating Value

The Strategic Project Manager

Lean innovation management originated from startups, but is applicable in helping bring a startup mentality to a variety of types of organizations. Let’s start be defining lean innovation. What is lean innovation, and why is it important? What is Lean Innovation Management?

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Beyond Agile - Webinar Recording

Leading Answers

Last month I did a 20-minute overview of my new Beyond Agile book for the Washington D.C. Lean-Agile MeetUp group hosted by Sanjiv Augustine. I outline how Beyond Agile grew from studying high-performing teams and trying to distill what they did differently than most other teams.

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Announcing My New Book “Beyond Agile”

Leading Answers

I am excited to announce my new book “ Beyond Agile: Achieving success with situational knowledge and skills “ is launching. Since helping create DSDM in 1994, I have been working on agile projects for 27 years.

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Agile Asanas: Scrum Inputs and Outputs 2021 (Sprint I/O) - Part 1

Management Yogi

The Scrum Guide has changed and it has come with a number of new concepts such as Product Goal, Lean Thinking, Commitment based Artifacts among others. This post is part of the Agile Asanas series. To read all posts in Agile Asanas series, use this link. ]At

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SAFe® Agile Certification Cost in 2022


Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe is a set of organization and workflow patterns intended to guide organizations in scaling lean and agile practices. SAFe endorses alignment, collaboration, and delivery across large numbers of agile teams. Agile software development.

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Building and Managing A Hybrid-Agile Plan with MS Project


While Scrum and Kanban are two frequently used, individual Lean-Agile frameworks, many management practitioners use Hybrid-Agile approaches. Simply put, Hybrid-Agile methodology is a combination of Agile and non-Agile approaches. .

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The 27 Most Annoying Business Buzzwords of 2021

TrustRadius Project Management

This year we returned to discover the most egregious professional faux pas of 2021. The Most Annoying Business Jargon of 2021. When the TrustRadius community voted on their most hated buzzwords of 2021, a clear theme emerged. New in 2021). New in 2021). Agile.

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Converting A Kanban Project into A ScrumBan Project with MS Project 2019 Agile

Management Yogi

Two most used Lean-Agile frameworks are Scrum and Kanban. We will use MS Agile Agile Project Management Hybrid-Agile Management Hybrid-Kanban Hybrid-Scrum Hybrid-Scrumban Kanban Master Course MS Project Agile Scrum

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Why perfect is the enemy of good - using lean change to apply agile in context


Why perfect is the enemy of good - using lean change to apply agile in context. At Fractal Systems we strive to educate our clients and the project teams that we partner with about the importance of applying Agile in context. agile-scrum-training

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The Agile Transformation Coach: Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities

Leading Agile

Is an Agile Transformation Coach any different than being an Agile Coach? When most people think about Agile Coaches, they tend to think about a person who comes in and assists the teams with things like: Learning Scrum, SAFe, LeSS. Agile Transformation Coach Leaders.

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12 Incredible Reasons You Should Get a SAFe® Agile Certification


46% of the organizations reported inconsistencies in practices and processes as their main challenge with agile transformation. Source: 15th State of Agile Report. There sure is an Agile framework called SAFe. And SAFe is the road to Business Agility.

Benefits of Scaled Agile Framework ( SAFe®) – Agilemania


Recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on Lean-Agile best practices, Dean Leffingwell took it on himself to do something about it. He introduced the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). SAFe is based on following 10 Lean-Agile principles-.

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Project Manager Job Description (with free copy+paste examples!)


Here are the main project management certifications offered by the PMI: Project Management Professional (PMP): This certifies that you’re a capable project manager who is competent in waterfall and agile project management. Experience in Agile project management teams.

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The Rhythmic Dance of Agile with Cadence


Now, you might be thinking what exactly a dance has to do with cadence in Agile? One can define cadence in Agile as follows: Cadence is a regular, predictable pattern of development work in Agile. The concept of cadence in Agile is suitably explained with a dance.

Is SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework®) not Agile?


Some Agile experts are not hard-core fans of SAFe. And this makes SAFe more complicated, bureaucratic than the Agile manifesto recommends. They also have this opinion that SAFe is so heavy, maybe it is not Agile at all. For a long period, our idea of Agile was only Scrum.

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Why Agile Transformation Fails | AgileIndy 2021

Leading Agile

This is Mike Cottmeyer's talk from AgileIndy 2021 on The Executive's Guide to Why Agile Transformation Fails. Announcer] This is Mike Cottmeyer’s talk from AgileIndy, 2021 on “Why Agile Transformation Fails.” It was always large scale agile stuff.

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How to Stay Lean While you Scale Your Product Team From Product/Market Fit to Growth


A lean product team strikes the perfect balance. The ideal lean product team structure at every stage (according to teams that scaled quickly). The ideal lean product team structure at every stage (according to teams that scaled quickly).

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12 Best Free & Paid Kanban Board Tools [2021]


With its roots in lean manufacturing, many companies use Kanban to improve their productivity and deliver optimal customer value. 12 top tools to consider in 2021 How to choose the right tool for you. Agilean specializes in agile delivery and aims to make remote working simple and easy.

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What is Lead time in Inventory Management- A Getting Started Guide


You May Also Like: A 2021 Guide to Kanban Cadences to help Align Your Business Communication. Make Agile Better with Hybrid Approach in Project Management. What is An Agile Project? Change Management inventory management Lean Management Work Management

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Linking Strategy to Everyday Work — John Cutler at the Agile Camp Berlin 2021


In this highly engaging speaker session from the Agile Camp Berlin 2021, John Cutler delves into the advantages of linking strategy to everyday work: Motivation, inspiration, seeing the big picture despite working on a small iteration. ??

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Industrial Psychology for Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

IO is broader – how do you create a learning path for an organisation e.g. in a project where you are moving from waterfall to agile , you have to create new roles and definitions about responsibilities and new behavioral patterns.

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How to Become an Agile Project Manager?


The foremost objective of agile project management is the systematic and frequent execution of valuable steps. It is the agile project manager’s responsibility to ensure that the teamwork’s efficiency remains intact throughout the process.

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Getting to Know the Agile Pillars

Leading Agile

The term Agile Pillars is just another name for the four core values that were laid out in the Agile Manifesto. The Agile Manifesto Pillars are: Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools. Agile Transformation Pillars? The 3 Things that Make Agile Work.

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How to write a lean PRD (product requirements document) for your next project in 5 steps (with free template)


However, an increasing number of Agile teams are starting to see the value of adding more planning to their process. Agile is all about staying lean and adapting to user feedback, right? The essential elements of a lean, mean one-pager PRD.

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Understanding Agile Metrics: How to Use Burndown Charts, Velocity Charts, and More!


Metrics and data can be a touchy subject for Agile teams. In the best-case scenario, Agile metrics like sprint burndown charts, velocity, and cumulative flow diagrams are used to reduce confusion and show team progress (or bottlenecks).

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Five factors required for teams to self-organize

Kiron Bondale

This is one of the reasons why I endorse the Disciplined Agile guideline to “ Create semi-autonomous self-organizing teams ” as it acknowledges that the degree of autonomy is rarely absolute and will vary widely between contexts even within the same organization.

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Scaled Agile Framework: Understand SAFe® and Its 4 Core Values


Core Values of Scaled Agile Framework ®. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) is the world’s leading framework for business agility. The Lean-Agile Leadership has a pivotal role in creating an environment that fosters safety and trust that enables transparency.

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