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Why Agile Transformation Fails | AgileIndy 2021

Leading Agile

This is Mike Cottmeyer's talk from AgileIndy 2021 on The Executive's Guide to Why Agile Transformation Fails. Announcer] This is Mike Cottmeyer’s talk from AgileIndy, 2021 on “Why Agile Transformation Fails.” I don’t mean Scrum.

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Using OKRs with Scrum and Evidence Based Management

Build internal capability to innovate or improve time to deliver value. Embedding OKRs into Scrum's Inspect/Adapt Cadence. OKRs are a great framework for setting goals. Setting high quality goals, goal clarity, and self-management, positively affect team performance [3].

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SAFe Simply Explained (Part 1): Core Competencies and Principles


In most cases, however, previous experience is based only on the small-scale use of Scrum or other agile methods in individual departments. SAFe is continuously improved and evolved, with the latest version 5 released in February 2021. SAFe picks up many already familiar elements and concepts from existing methods such as Scrum or Lean Project Management, which makes the transition easier for many companies. Agility should no longer be a new term for most project managers.

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 Executive’s Guide To Large-Scale Agile Transformation & Sustaining An Adaptive Enterprise w/ Mike Cottmeyer

Leading Agile

And what that means to us is not just teaching people how to do agile or how to do kind of methodologies in this space like say for Scrum or what have you but really like how to create the kinds of organizations that really can do agile really well and really effectively at scale.

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Product Discovery Anti-Patterns Leading to Failure

Scrum has proven to be an effective product delivery framework for all sorts of products. However, Scrum is equally well suited to build the wrong product efficiently as its Achilles heel has always been the product discovery part. Scrum’s Achilles Heel: Product Discovery.

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Comparing Nexus and SAFe - Similarities, Differences, potential synergies

In both SAFe/Scrum it is a self-managing team of self-managed teams with a couple of key roles at the team of teams level. . Scrum theory emphasizes Empiricism and Self-management, coupled with Flow in recent years. Scrum Master in the NIT - RTE.