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Project Management: Principles, Practices & Context


Lean manufacturing influenced the quality movement, Agile , and DevOps. The 7 th Edition (2021) was a seismic shift from a process- to a principles-centric approach. Lean Lean principles originated in Japan’s manufacturing sector after World War II but have since been adopted by various industries worldwide.

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Comprehensive Guide to Becoming A SAFe Agilist


SAFe® is a knowledge base of proven, integrated principles, practices, and competencies for achieving business agility using Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking, and DevOps. A SAFe agilist leads a Lean-Agile Enterprise with the help of SAFe®. Vision and Implementation of the Lean-Agile Principles. Who is a SAFe agilist?

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SAFe Simply Explained (Part 1): Core Competencies and Principles


SAFe is continuously improved and evolved, with the latest version 5 released in February 2021. SAFe picks up many already familiar elements and concepts from existing methods such as Scrum or Lean Project Management, which makes the transition easier for many companies. This requires collaboration and alignment of processes.

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Disciplined Agile & SAFe

International Institute for Learning

They build on lean-agile thinking, and standard Scrum, Kanban, and DevOps practices. Full SAFe extends the framework to Large Solutions that require coordinating many ARTs and implementing Lean Portfolio Management. To coordinate the teams, SAFe applies cadence and synchronization. Did you get your PMP® before January 1, 2021?

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The Transformation Journey: Lessons Learned


We wonder if many enterprises even did annual planning for 2021: How many organizations are still running off the plan they created in 2019? A continuous planning cadence – quarterly, monthly, or even weekly – enables organizations to be ready to move fast when change occurs, or new opportunities appear on the horizon.

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Why Agile Transformation Fails | AgileIndy 2021

Leading Agile

This is Mike Cottmeyer's talk from AgileIndy 2021 on The Executive's Guide to Why Agile Transformation Fails. Announcer] This is Mike Cottmeyer’s talk from AgileIndy, 2021 on “Why Agile Transformation Fails.” Transcript. But they’re gonna try some interesting things with the format.

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Product Discovery Anti-Patterns Leading to Failure

In the attempt to fill Scrum’s product discovery void, product delivery organizations regularly turn to other agile frameworks like lean UX, jobs-to-be-done, lean startup, design thinking, design sprint—just to name a few. Scrum’s Achilles Heel: Product Discovery. Participation is free.).