Troubleshooting in Lean-Agile Development


Many project managers utilize a Lean-Agile approach when there is high change or churn in project requirements, significant lack of clarity in scope, high complexity to their projects, and/or a larger number of risks associated with such. Two Lean-Agile Types. Flow-based Lean-Agile.

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2021 Online & On-Site Events for Project Managers

Epicflow Blog

2021 is going to be full of both online and offline events for project managers engaged in different areas of business: construction and engineering, IT, healthcare, and many others. Biggest Online Project Management Conferences in 2021.

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Project Manager Job Description (with free copy+paste examples!)

While communication is key to address changes and make sure everyone is doing what they need to do, the project manager must also define, schedule and accurately estimate the task duration to develop and maintain a realistic project schedule.

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What Is Aggregate Planning? Strategies & Tips

Aggregate production planning also lets manufacturers know what staff, materials, output rates, timeline estimates and budget costs they need. This is part of a larger lean production strategy, which saves money by waiting until an order is placed.

Industrial Psychology for Project Management

Rebel’s Guide to PM

This often ends in restructure because execs want to make the organisation lean and change the way people think. It doesn’t mean you have to have a financial model you’ve created from scratch, but you can estimate the benefits.

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Creating a Risk-Adjusted Backlog

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Prioritizing based on business value is an example of the lean concept of 'Taking an Economic View of Decision Making.' While profit is not their goal, usually an economic impact figure can be estimated for the outcomes they aim to achieve.

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What Is the Role & Responsibilities of a SAFe® Scrum Master?


They will need to work with the extended Scrum Master community, including Release Train Engineers and Solution Train Engineers, to increase the effectiveness of SAFe across the enterprise Embraces SAFe Lean-Agile Principles. SAFe embraces Lean and Agile principles making them very explicit.

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12 Incredible Reasons You Should Get a SAFe® Agile Certification


SAFe is a knowledge base of proven, integrated principles, practices, and competencies for accomplishing business agility using Lean, Agile, and DevOps. It helps you spearhead agile transformation using lean thinking and product development flow in organizations.

The Complete Glossary of 614 Project Management Terms


Actual dates are different from planned or estimated dates. Actual Effort: The actual effort spent to complete the activity, as opposed to the planned or estimated effort. Actual Finish: The actual date on which an activity ends, as opposed to the planned or estimated finish date.

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The Complete Guide to Six Sigma Methodology


In this article, we’ll explain what the Six Sigma methodology is, how lean Six Sigma principles differ, and how Six Sigma project management can help boost your organization’s process efficiency and quality. A look at the lean Six Sigma principles.

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Waterfall Should Have Never Existed: Part 1


These associations and thought leaders, authors, and researchers developed several flavors of Agile: Scrum, Scrum XP (eXtreme Programming), ScrumBan, DSDM, DevOps, and Lean-Agile , and market them vigorously.

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Is SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework®) not Agile?


The lean economics. Consistent estimation approaches across all teams. There has been some amount of criticism about SAFe. Some Agile experts are not hard-core fans of SAFe. They say there are hundreds of pages, hours of videos, several different training courses, and more.

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What Is A Project Task? And How to Get Things Done In an Agile Environment


Scram uses story points to estimate the length of a task wherein a one-story point is equal to a workday. The involvement of resources can not only help estimate time durations for a task but can also help identify dependencies and possible blockages in the project.

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Understanding Agile Metrics: How to Use Burndown Charts, Velocity Charts, and More!


Agile metrics cover three main areas with different purposes: Lean metrics: Lean metrics focus on minimizing waste and continually shipping quality software to your users. Comparing velocity across teams (without talking about estimation culture).

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The Complete History of Agile Software Development


” At that time, organizations used to estimate three years between a validated business need and an actual application in production. Naveen is a Lean-Agile Coach, Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) and Internationally acclaimed Speaker in many Conferences and Agile events.

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Maximize Your Learning With Online Scrum Master Certification Training


Students work in small groups to prepare product backlog, refine product backlog, and learn how to estimate product backlog items and prepare releases—we have been using various techniques to prepare product backlog to meet product vision.

25 Best Asana Alternatives For Project Management in 2021 (Free & Paid) – TEST 2


As of April 1, 2021, Workzone is ranked as the #1 Asana Alternative in all ranking categories: Overall, Functionality, Ease of Use, Value for Money, and Customer Support by user reviews at Capterra , Software Advice , and GetApp by user reviews. Why you need an Asana Alternative.

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Can Scrum work for hard deadlines?

Scrum works well with deadlines because it’s based on empiricism, lean thinking, and an iterative approach to product delivery. Lean thinking means eliminating waste to focus only on the essentials, and iterative delivery involves delivering usable product frequently. . Lean Thinking.

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Guide to negotiation in project management

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Your task estimates were off, there wasn’t enough level of effort accounted for, a team member has to take a surprise week off to deal with a family issue, or a stakeholder wants to revisit requirements. Luckily, project managers have several negotiation skills and hacks they can lean back on.

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Maximize Your Learning With Online Scrum Master Certification Training


Students work in small groups to prepare product backlog, refine product backlog, and learn how to estimate product backlog items and prepare releases—we have been using various techniques to prepare product backlog to meet product vision.

Top 5 objections to Scrum (and why those objections are wrong)

Scrum works well with deadlines because it’s based on empiricism , lean thinking , and an iterative approach to product delivery. . Lean thinking means eliminating waste to focus only on the essentials, and iterative delivery involves delivering a usable product frequently. .

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Agile: Use This Flexible Management Style To Transform Your Team’s Productivity


After World War II, Toyota (the same company that invented Lean, Kanban, and much more related to Agile) hires Deming to train their managers. Look a little further beyond the agreement and estimate. Agile is more than a management methodology.

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5 Strategies for Product Backlog refinement

estimating the work in size and value. Estimating Product Backlog items. The Hypothesis Canvas based on Jeff Gothelf's Lean UX Canvas encourages Scrum Teams to explore problems creatively. Estimating Product Backlog items. Magic Estimation.

Webinar Recap: SIPOC Workshop Facilitation – Part 1: Overview of SIPOC and Systems


Those of you who study up on Lean Six Sigma, although it’s not exclusive just to Lean Six Sigma. The concept though, that drives the Lean Six Sigma concept, the define, the measure, the analyze, improve, control.

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Webinar Recap: Project Performance Measurement – Part 1: Overview Of Project Performance Measurements


You walked to the software developer, you lean over [inaudible 00:24:29] and said, “Hey, how far done are you on that task?” Again, all of them, at least the first three, are metrics you can really measure tightly; cost variance, schedule variance and estimate to complete.

Webinar Recap: SIPOC Workshop Facilitation – Part 3: Workshop Facilitation and Questions


Don’t have to go too far, too small, but if it’s something surrounding a technical requirement, programming code if you will, a certain technique, parametric estimating for executing and producing code.

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Role of the PMO: How It’s Currently Evolving

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OKRs are about “figuring out what really matters and getting that done in a time-bound, efficient manner so that it all improves performance” (in the context of Lean).

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A Simple Guide to Calculating Your Actual Recruitment Costs


If it’s the latter, it’s always worth taking an average of the highest and lowest salaries you’re willing to pay to help you estimate accurately. Hopefully, you’ll have some past data to lean on to understand the natural churn of employees within your organization.

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5 Lektionen, die ich im ersten Jahr als Product Owner gelernt habe, die Dir viel Zeit und Frust ersparen können

Es ging so schnell, dass es wie Magie wirkte, daher ist der Name diese Methode auch "Magic Estimation". Nach dem Gespräch realisierte ich, dass Schätzen nicht immer im Sinne der Lean-Philosophie, als Zeitverschwendung zu betrachten ist.

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Release planning and predictable delivery

Much like the lean movement in manufacturing, companies that embraced it wholeheartedly were the ones that ultimately see the competitive edge that it provides. In lean manufacturing, we can optimise the production of pre-developed products through the nature of its predictable production.

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Distributed Project Management: Modernize the Way You Work with Enterprise Work Management


Deep analytics and reporting: These critical insights allow for realistic timelines, budget estimates and project delivery plans and enable data-driven risk and profitability projections on future projects. As processes and technology evolve, so does the meaning of Project Management.

The Audio Version of the Scrum Guide 2020 Reordered Is Available

Join us on March 9, 2021 , for a live virtual workshop to create actionable recommendations on how to deal with the outcome of a forensic Product Backlog analysis. Estimating, Sizing. TL; DR: Download the Scrum Guide 2020 Reordered Audiobook.

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Product Backlog Refinement: 5 konkrete Strategien für diese essenzielle Product-Management-Aktivität

Das Hypothesen-Canvas, basierend auf dem Lean UX Canvas von Jeff Gothelf ermöglicht das und ermutigt Scrum Teams zur kreativen Erkundung von Problemstellungen. Magic Estimation. Was ist Product Backlog Refinement? Scrum Teams machen es ständig.

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Large-Scale B2B Telecom Projects: Managing Profitability from Order to Cash


Robust analytics and reporting ensure realistic timeline and budget estimates as well as project delivery plans, keeping projects on track at every step. Large-Scale B2B Telecom Projects: Managing Profitability from Order to Cash.

Why Experiment?

We do not need to spend 3 months (replace by your estimation), people effort and company money to deliver something that is not valuable. You can combine a few Lean UX practices. Useful information about Lean UX can be found here.

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Advantages of Mobile Project Management Apps


According to the latest estimates, 95% of Americans own a cell phone, while an average American spends at least five hours a day on his mobile device. It is estimated that business travel will top $1.7 The hype about popular methodologies, agile, lean, scrum, etc.,

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Product Discovery Anti-Patterns Leading to Failure

In the attempt to fill Scrum’s product discovery void, product delivery organizations regularly turn to other agile frameworks like lean UX, jobs-to-be-done, lean startup, design thinking, design sprint—just to name a few. TL; DR: Product Discovery Anti-Patterns.

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What is Takt Time & Why Does it Matter?


Tip: In order to get the most out of the lean process, it’s important to break down the production into smaller cycles. Then, compare the takt time for the total project to the individual cycles to get a more accurate estimate.

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The Definitive Guide to Aggregate Planning


Chase strategy is often used for lean manufacturing and production. Estimate the total cost for all the required inputs. Lean into back-order systems. Managers must learn to forecast a balance between demand and capacity to make sound decisions when planning projects.

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The Definitive Guide to Release Management


” While traditional models focus on the structures that surround activity, release management leans into the activities themselves. Create estimates for user stories. Estimate velocity.

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