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Why Agile Transformation Fails | AgileIndy 2021

Leading Agile

This is Mike Cottmeyer's talk from AgileIndy 2021 on The Executive's Guide to Why Agile Transformation Fails. Announcer] This is Mike Cottmeyer’s talk from AgileIndy, 2021 on “Why Agile Transformation Fails.” We’re trying to connect a strategy.

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Top 6 Tips For Handling Your Ecommerce Business Projects


In order to avoid budget overrun and not fall behind business schedule, a clear strategy is crucial for your eCommerce project management. For example: an influencer marketing campaign can have goals like 200% ROI through custom URLS and 150% increase in website traffic.

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SAFe Simply Explained (Part 1): Core Competencies and Principles


SAFe is continuously improved and evolved, with the latest version 5 released in February 2021. SAFe picks up many already familiar elements and concepts from existing methods such as Scrum or Lean Project Management, which makes the transition easier for many companies. Lean Agile Leadership: Managers are the very core of lean agile development and business agility. These fixed, i.e. unalterable, ten principles aim to influence leadership behavior and decision making.

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Creating a Risk-Adjusted Backlog

Leading Answers

Prioritizing based on business value is an example of the lean concept of 'Taking an Economic View of Decision Making.' Some might have to be escalated to other stakeholders to get the benefits, and a final category may have to be ignored if we cannot influence them.

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Leading Through Change: 5 Ways to Help Your Team Cope With A Crisis (Or Any Other Major Transition)


Lean hard into trust and transparency. You’re not adapting your marketing strategy, but helping your marketing team cope with a completely new environment filled with emotional landmines. Lean hard into trust and transparency.

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How To Become a Successful SAFe Agile Coach?


The SAFe Agile Coach is supposed to enable the agile teams in their SAFe adoption, and they also learn a variety of Lean techniques/tools to improve the flow of value in their agile teams. What is SAFe agile.

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Webinar Recap: SIPOC Workshop Facilitation – Part 1: Overview of SIPOC and Systems


One of the ways that I wanted to kick this off, was just to say, out of the three sessions that we have, this one in particular will lay the foundation for workshop strategies as well as workshop questions.

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Building Trust via Trustworthiness

Leading Agile

The VP stated the Agile teams were in ‘chaos’ since being taught the concept of Lean Agile portfolios. Some other factors that keep teams from being trustworthy are: Teams are not cross-functional; they don’t include everything and everyone necessary to deliver results tied to strategy.

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Large-Scale B2B Telecom Projects: Managing Profitability from Order to Cash


In fact, as early as the Request for Proposal (RFP) and opportunity development stage, decisions and actions influence profitability. Sudden turnarounds in strategies, project scope swings, variations in constraints and shifting project milestones are not uncommon.

 Executive’s Guide To Large-Scale Agile Transformation & Sustaining An Adaptive Enterprise w/ Mike Cottmeyer

Leading Agile

Not only at the team level, but at the program level at the portfolio level, at the strategy level, like at the macro level of governance and that was kind of the problem that we really set off to solve.

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Deciphering Goals

This classification is important as it has an influence on communication and measures. . A company vision might span several business strategies which concludes that higher- and lower-level goals might represent a 1-many relationship. Business Strategy / Lean Canvas.

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Agile Transformation – Success Factors part 2

In modern, Agile or Lean organizations, the customers, employees and value delivered, is the most important concern. [3]. Nexus) or other Agile or Lean frameworks, were enacted in an empirical way. Liker, The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership, 2011

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Webinar Recap: PMI PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Standard – What’s New?


You have Lean. Next is motivate, influence, coach and learn. So, goals will be there for an organization, strategy of an organization and objectives of an organization. If you look at the current edition of PMBOK, there is a risk response strategy called escalate.

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