The PMO Game Changer: A Value-Driven Project Resource Management

The Lazy Project Manager

Project resource management by PMO has changed significantly in the last 20 years. This article would help you understand how a value-driven resource management can become a major game-changer for the PMO and become a profit centre for the business. GRAB YOUR FREE EBOOK HERE.

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Sciforma Review [2021]

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Summary review of Sciforma: Sciforma is a PPM tool that has powerful portfolio management features and will level up your PMO. Sciforma offers projects, portfolio, strategy execution, execution and resource management across the whole enterprise.

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2021 Online & On-Site Events for Project Managers

Epicflow Blog

2021 is going to be full of both online and offline events for project managers engaged in different areas of business: construction and engineering, IT, healthcare, and many others. Biggest Online Project Management Conferences in 2021. This day will be fully PMO-focused.

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10 PMO Problems and How to Manage Them

Project Risk Coach

I highlight 10 of the 40 PMO problems and provide ways to manage them. 10 PMO Problems and Solutions 1. No project sponsor or project charter for the implementation of the PMO. The PMO doesn’t understand the organization’s culture. Need some help with your PMO?

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My virtual world tour in search for the best PMO

Henny Portman

Today I finished my tasks as judge in the 2021 World PMO of the Year Award competition organized by the PMO Global Alliance. As a judge you can learn a lot from those PMO presentations. PMO Global Alliance offers a PMO of the year award (worldwide, continent, country.

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Best Product Management Tools Available in 2021


LeanKit by Planview is another great road-mapping tool that offers the ability to plan out the strategies behind your product development. The platform aims to be your end-to-end road-mapping tool to help you build and communicate your product strategy. What Does PMO Mean?

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The 2021 Project Management Report

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Basically, poor leadership and lack of strategy puts people in these positions. We recognize the value of project management in helping to deliver strategy. We surveyed 220 project managers to better understand what it’s like to work in project delivery.

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Project Risk Management: From Principles to Methods

Project Risk Coach

The means to the end includes tools and techniques, project management plans, and strategies, among other methods. Someone like the PMO told them they had to use a particular method but they did not understand why.

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What is Your PMO’s “Marketing Plan”

Bridge the Gap Consulting

But, out of respect for the PMO manager who asked not to be named or have this published until his retirement in March of 2021, I held off. One of my first PMO managers had an Actuary background. So, he created strategy; the PMO Marketing Plan. Marketing Strategy.

Which PMO Structure Is Best for Your Company?


The structure of your organization’s project management office (PMO) may be the difference between effective and ineffective project management. Your PMO structure must blend in with the organizational culture to ensure project management success. What is a PMO structure?

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The PMO Roadmap for Driving Business Agility

Planview Blog

Portfolio Management Offices are in a prime position to deliver this business agility – with the right PMO roadmap. Even in normality that was a dying strategy.” 32:00): The four steps any PMO can take to adapt their PPM practices and accelerate agility, outpacing the competition. (33:55):

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Michael Porter on Strategy and Project Management

The Strategic Project Manager

Michael Porter, top Harvard Business School Professor and one of the most well-known long time strategy experts in the world, spoke at the PMO Symposium by the Project Management Institute (PMI) a few years ago. On Misconceptions About Strategy. Actions flow out of strategy.

9 Types of Artifacts in Project Management

Rebel’s Guide to PM

The 9 types of artifacts are: Strategy Logs and registers Plans Hierarchy charts Baselines Visual data and information Reports Agreements and contracts Other – a bucket category for anything else. Strategy artifacts.

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Project Manager Job Description (with free copy+paste examples!)

The project manager’s first role is making a feasible plan that achieves the goals and objectives of the project and aligns with the organization’s overall business strategy. Business & IT strategy experience. PMP certificaction required; PMO experience preferred.

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Multi-Project Management: 5 Essential Tips

That’s why multi-project management is a challenge that requires a project management office (PMO) or experienced project manager to manage resources and team members. It’s hard enough to manage one project.

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Managing Multiple Projects: The Research

Rebel’s Guide to PM

This wasn’t a survey about project portfolio management at the PMO level. Responses ranged from: The numerous enterprise /PMO metrics which are measured on a monthly cycle combined with reporting out to the stock market every 12 weeks.

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Project Management Blog Roundup: The Best of 2021


Tuck into some of the best project management blogs of 2021. We’re sharing it here with you in the hopes that you can make 2021 your year to shine. Best Project Management Blogs of 2021 In no specific order, here's blogs with engaging, frequently updated content.

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Tactics and strategy

Musings on Project Management

Consider this military bit or wit, and put it in the context of a PMO dealing with tactics and strategy, as well as tactics and logistics on complicated and complex projects. Project Management StrategyAre you the professional or the amateur?"There There is an old—and misleading—bit of conventional military wisdom which holds that “amateurs study tactics, while professionals study logistics.” The truth is that amateurs study.

The Value of an Agile Project Management Office


Welcome to the concept of the Project Management Office or PMO. In this article, we will learn about PMOs as organizational structures, about various types of PMOs, and about traditional roles within a PMO. Then, we will dive into the topic of Agile PMO, its relevance, and a number of roles that can be played by such a PMO. PMO Definition. As noted in the definition, a PMO is an organizational structure. Traditional Roles of PMO. Agile PMO.

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Modernizing PPM: A Practical Four-Step Roadmap to Accelerate Agility

The Lazy Project Manager

This webinar comes as Planview launches its new report, The State of Strategy Execution: Embracing Uncertainty to Adapt at Speed. Delegates are invited to join the webinar to find out how the PMO can lead the way in embedding speed and agility into strategy execution.

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What can I do with a degree in project management?

Rebel’s Guide to PM

If that’s you, be on the look out for these kinds of job titles, as you can probably enter project management higher up the ranks: Project manager Senior project manager Program manager Business change manager Organizational change manager Delivery manager PMO manager.

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Role of the PMO: How It’s Currently Evolving

Planview Blog

The role of the PMO is changing. We recently got an in-depth look into this new face of the PMO during our webinar – “What’s Ahead for the PMO?” Here’s a quick recap of key points about the evolving role of the PMO. Measuring PMO Value and Benefits to the Organization.

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These 3 Warning Signs Will Keep PMO Directors Ahead of the Game


Instant real-time signals, alerts, and notifications that pertain directly to the project portfolio are the kinds of warning signs that ensure that PMO directors remain informed–making the right decisions at the right time and preventing PPM failure. .

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These 3 Warning Signs Will Keep PMO Director Ahead of the Game


Instant real-time signals, alerts, and notifications that pertain directly to the project portfolio are the kinds of warning signs that ensure that PMO directors remain informed–making the right decisions at the right time and preventing PPM failure. .

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Engaging Stakeholders with Gamification [video]

Rebel’s Guide to PM

So we’ll look at how to use those principles to support your team’s drive engagement throughout the PMO and encourage stakeholders to take action. Finally, I’m assuming that you work in a project or programme environment within the context of a PMO.

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15 Powerful Enterprise Project Management Software Tools For 2021


Clarizen helps you turn your business ideas into strategies, plans, and actions for your team. Seems great for managing large-scale PMO over multiple countries and regions. It integrates projects, solutions, and strategies in a single online tool.

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The 12 Principles of Project Management

Rebel’s Guide to PM

As a PM, you might not have much influence over processes led by the PMO, but you can certainly input and offer feedback to try to shape how work gets done.

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What Is a PMO Maturity Model?


PMO maturity models have been called indispensable for their ability to ensure continuous improvement, involve strategic insight from upper management, and create a personalized benchmark system for growth. But what is a PMO maturity model, and why and how should your team use one?

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Who Approves Your Project Change Requests?

Project Risk Coach

The sponsor has the perspective of how the project aligns and supports the organization's mission, goals, and strategy. Who approves your project change requests? On one project, the sponsor tells the project manager to make the decisions. On other projects, the sponsor makes the decisions.

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Why Agile Transformation Fails | AgileIndy 2021

Leading Agile

This is Mike Cottmeyer's talk from AgileIndy 2021 on The Executive's Guide to Why Agile Transformation Fails. Announcer] This is Mike Cottmeyer’s talk from AgileIndy, 2021 on “Why Agile Transformation Fails.” We’re trying to connect a strategy.

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What Is an EPMO? (Enterprise PMO)


PMO vs. EPMO: what is the difference? While PMO has greatly helped many organizations, EPMO is the way of the future. . An EPMO creates a throughline between strategy, execution, and impact measurement. . Enterprise PMO) appeared first on Blog Wrike.

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How To Manage Multiple Projects At The Same Time

Rebel’s Guide to PM

In this article we’ll look at strategies for managing several different projects that are running in parallel. You find out what is a priority by: Asking your sponsor or line manager Taking direction from the PMO Using your professional judgment.

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The Diversity of Project Manager Position Types: How to Choose a Job Among Different Titles

Epicflow Blog

Portfolio Office Analyst works on the creation of a corporate strategy together with senior office executives, examines the project and program interdependency within the portfolio, and reports on the research outcomes to senior management; . PMO Job Titles.

Need a Very Experienced and Successful Project Manager for Your PMO?

Brad Egeland

Do you need long term or one-off expert project management help right now? Tech PM or just a very experienced real world go-to Project Manager to come in and help take charge? I can do remote or onsite, full-time or part-time, W2 or 1099. Contact me by email or through my contact form here.

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Pattern Recognition Techniques from Venture Capital to Project Management

The Strategic Project Manager

However, there also is very much a human side to pattern recognition, and it is applicable to developing strategies and managing projects. Let’s now turn to how pattern recognition techniques are utilized in both strategy and project management.

The PMO’s Guide to Thriving in the Future of Work (Free eBook)


What do PMO teams need to do to succeed in the future of work? The latest Wrike eBook, “The PMO’s Guide to Thriving in the Future of Work,” delivers actionable advice on how PMOs can go fast, be efficient, and meet the needs of the organization. 5 common PMO pain points .

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Do Your Projects or PMO Need Experienced Help ASAP?

Brad Egeland

​ Do you need long term or one-off expert project management help right now? Tech PM or just a very experienced real world go-to Project Manager to come in and help take charge? I can do remote or onsite, full-time or part-time, W2 or 1099. Contact me by email or through my contact form here. Let's discuss. Thanks! You're only as successful as your last customer thinks you are." What does your organization look for in a consulting professional? A 'yes' man?

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The Ins and Outs of Software Development Project Management


Software development teams will create a strategy to stick to the budget decided for the project while still supporting the end-products and business’ justification. What are Task Boards and How We can Master them in 2021? What Does PMO Mean?

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Project242: Build Strength in Multiple Areas, Not Just a Few

Bridge the Gap Consulting

Project242 (P242) is my journey to bike 242 miles in 24 hours, across the state of Minnesota on gravel roads, in August, 2021 (the Day Across MN, or the DAMN). But in the end, they aligned the company’s mission to long-term goals, to what the top strategies were.

4 Arguments for PMP Certification

Brad Egeland

Don't waste time and effort going the wrong route for your needs and particular training niche an preferences, Certification will strengthen the PMO or PM infrastructure. but mostly bad experiences – then I do believe that PMP certification will strengthen the PMO overall.