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10 Reasons Why Agile Transformations Fail – And How To Fix Them


The Agile methods , which provide alignment, planning, and cadence for small teams, fall painfully short when implementing the same across hundreds of people needed to build very complex products. The leadership personnel must be educated that the pros of Agile outweigh those of Waterfall.

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Overview of the PMBOK® Guide Seventh Edition – Lesson 3 Transcription


Definitely, there has to be the communications planning involved with that as well to more of a lean and effective type of method. Project team management and leadership. Servant leadership, what does that mean? What’s deliverable, cadence, project phase?

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Transformation, Business Architecture, and Scaling

Leading Agile

What do you do with planning cadences? And the way that you’re going to maximize value at an enterprise level is to take your multi year annual planning cycles and to break them into some sort of quarterly cadence with quarterly funding, right?

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The Complete Guide to Scaling Agile and SAFe for Business Agility


The cadence of development of multiple teams. These frameworks also encourage you to use Lean principles to optimize your flow. These include Disciplined Agile Development (DAD), LeSS, Scrum@Scale, Spotify, Lean Startup, hybrid combinations, and more. Lean Portfolio Management.

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How to Pass Implementing SAFe SPC Training Exam in your First Attempt


Becoming a Lean-Agile leader (15%). Lean Agile Mindset . SAFe Lean Agile Principles. Cadence synchronize with crossdomain planning. Exploring Lean Portfolio Management (2%). LeanAgile Leadership .

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