SmartSuite Review [2022]

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Currently SmartSuite’s client base leans towards marketing, real estate, construction and health/wellness, so a real mix. SmartSuite brings together enterprise level processes and tasks with what you need to do day-to-day.

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Top Project Management Conferences of 2022

One way to keep up with the latest project management trends is to attend a project management conference in 2022. ProjectManager has compiled the top project management conferences for 2022. Be Prepared for Project Management Trends in 2022 with This White Paper. Agile 2022.

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Intro To Lean Transformation in Project Management for Agile Teams


Embarking on a lean transformation journey requires some deep thinking and planning. Even though the concept of lean has been there for a long time now. However, lean transformation in project management is different. Change Management Agile Framework Lean Management strategy

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Troubleshooting in Lean-Agile Development

Management Yogi

Many project managers utilize a Lean-Agile approach when there is high change or churn in project requirements, significant lack of clarity in scope, high complexity to their projects, and/or a larger number of risks associated with such.

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The 5 Lean Principles: Definitions & How to Use Them

Lean management originated in Japan, where it grew out of the Toyota Production System. This led to lean manufacturing, but today lean is used in more industries, such as project management, software development, construction and more. What Is Lean Manufacturing?

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7 Best Product Backlog Management Tools to Use in 2022


If you are in need of a product management backlog , then you have come to the right place because, in this article, we are going to explore the market and find out the 7 best product backlog management applications and how they can fulfill our needs and requirements in 2022.

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Top Agile Interview Questions and Answers (2022)


Epic: An Epic is a project that requires the definition of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and approval by Lean Portfolio Management before implementation. The post Top Agile Interview Questions and Answers (2022) appeared first on Agilemania.

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Janna Bastow: Lean Roadmapping and OKRs

TL; DR: HoA #42: Lean Roadmapping and OKRs w/ Janna Bastow. Watch the video now: Janna Bastow: Lean Roadmapping and OKRs — Hands-on-Agile #42. ???? Zur deutschsprachigen Version des Artikels: Lean Roadmapping und OKRs mit Janna Bastow — Hands-on Agile #42. ??

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A Complete Guide to Lean Project Management and Why Do You Need It


Lean project management is the best way to convey more value and revenue to your business. Agile Project Management Agile Agile Framework Cost benefit analysis Lean Management

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Small business tips for managing projects with a lean team

Brad Egeland

Small business owners face the challenge of growing their organization with limited resources. You may think this dilemma is somewhat rare, but 99% of companies are considered to be small businesses.

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Top 15 Scaled Agile Interview Questions and Answers in 2022


Here’s a guide containing the Top Scaled Agile Interview Questions and Answers in 2022 that’ll be of great help. . You might find this useful: SAFe Agile Certification Cost in 2022. It is part of the Agile Product Delivery competency of the Lean Enterprise.

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Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: What are the top reasons to get Lean Six Sigma Certification?


Certified lean six sigma green belt certification is a professional qualification that will enable you to demonstrate your skills in managing projects, processes, and people. It also provides the necessary knowledge for implementing lean management principles into an existing organization.

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[Webinar]: Lean Portfolio Management with Azure DevOps and OnePlan, 6/2/2022 @ 10am PST/1pm EST

Brad Egeland

If you are planning and tracking work in a complex domain, like software and product development, best practices dictate using an empirical process and leveraging shorter feedback cycles. Scrum is an easy-to-understand Agile framework that many teams use to manage their complex work. Azure DevOps supports Scrum out of the box. Regardless of the type of development, technology, or platform you are building, Team Services can manage your backlogs, boards, sprints, and releases.

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What Is The Scaled Agile Framework®? Explained For Project Managers

The Digital Project Manager

Scrum, Kanban, Lean…and now SAFe®. The SAFe framework has shown up to the project methodology party. If you don’t want to be left out, let’s get to know our new party guest—the SAFe framework.

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Bring More Value to More People in Different Environments

International Institute for Learning

This exclusive interview is with Lisa Feeley who discusses the importance of Lean Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma skills and having a “Kata” or Lean mindset. What is Lean Six Sigma, and why is it important?

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Agile Project Management for Marketing

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Since her role as head of marketing for Kanbanize, a Lean and Agile project management tool, she has evangelized the Agile mindset to marketers around the world. This is a guest contribution from Monica Georgieff, Agile Coach and Trainer at AgileSherpas. Monica Georgieff.

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Top 10 Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Tools [2022]


SAFe is a knowledge base of proven, integrated principles, practices, and competencies for attaining business agility using Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking, and DevOps. It concentrates on visual management, lean execution, and ease of use.

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Small business tips for managing projects with a lean team

Liquid Planner Leadership

Lean teams must collaborate well and trust each other. The post Small business tips for managing projects with a lean team appeared first on LiquidPlanner. Small business owners face the challenge of growing their organization with limited resources.

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Are your PMs drowning in paperwork?

Kiron Bondale

Once that leaning out has been done, the second is to monitor the project manager’s administrative effort and provide them with support once it exceeds a reasonable threshold. (If

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Total Productive Maintenance Essentials: 8 Things You Need to Know About TPM

This lean production leads to increased productivity, lower costs, improved quality and extends the lifespan of your equipment. Administrators can apply TPM principles of lean manufacturing in their operations, and in turn, improve their efficiency.

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Kanban Principles & Best Practices Explained

The goal of lean kanban is to start with no limits and monitor the WIP. The scientific approach of incremental change is the basis of lean and agile principles. This is an essential practice in lean manufacturing and serves kanban well by keeping teams working at capacity.

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What exactly is Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt? What are the key Principles and roles of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt?


A Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is someone who has completed the six-sigma certification process. This certification shows your commitment to the Lean Six Sigma methodology and process improvement. Lean Six Sigma encourages practices that streamline the functions to prevent junks.

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Agile and Scrum 2022: Making It Work for You

International Institute for Learning

At IIL’s Agile and Scrum 2022 Online Conference: Making It Work For You – we will explore these topics and more. View live Q&A with Keynote Speakers on June 2 (Opening Day) and enjoy On-Demand access from June 3 to September 4, 2022. By Jackie Kerzner.

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Just-In-Time Manufacturing & Production (JIT): A Quick Guide

Without that kind of cash flow, only a lean manufacturing methodology could allow Japan to stay competitive. This is the heart of just-in-time manufacturing and production, keeping the production line lean, with no fat.

Wie passen Scrum, Design Thinking und Lean Start-up zusammen? ????

Die gute Nachricht: Scrum ist ein Rahmenwerk, in dem sich Methoden wie Design Thinking und Lean Startup gut integrieren lassen. . An dieser Stelle hilft uns Lean Startup. .

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30 Popular Tools for DevOps: The Ultimate List for 2022


Naveen is a Lean-Agile Coach, Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) and Internationally acclaimed Speaker in many Conferences and Agile events. The post 30 Popular Tools for DevOps: The Ultimate List for 2022 appeared first on Agilemania.

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From Servant Leadership to Shared Leadership

Mike Griffiths

Strategic” indicates someone who leans more toward the ideas end of the data-to-ideas spectrum and who is happy dealing with ambiguity. Operational/Technical” shows someone who leans more toward the data end of the data-to-ideas spectrum and toward the things end of the things-to-people range.

Das Lean-UX-Canvas am Beispiel eines Nicht-Softwareprodukts erklärt

Um dies in einer strukturierten Art und Weise zu tun, verwenden wir in Produktentwicklungsteams das Lean-UX-Canvas. Wenn wir mit dem Lean-UX-Canvas arbeiten, beginnen wir beim Problem, welches das Unternehmen sieht.

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7 Surprising Ways a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Certification Can Benefit Your Career in 2022


In 2022, the demand for Scrum Master will only increase. Benefits of a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification in 2022. A CSM certification will help you with the lean, agile mindset, which enables you to become successful by resolving conflicts and being open to innovation. .

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Best PMI-ACP Exam Prep Books

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Lots of things are at the heart of agile methods – it’s a very lean way of going about delivering results). Are you aiming to achieve your PMI Agile Certified Professional ( PMI-ACP )®?

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So, what is organizational agility? 2022 UPDATE

Based on those lessons, I’d like to share an update on what organizational agility means to me in 2022. Lean and Kanban expert Klaus Leopold says, “Agility is not a team sport; it is a company sport.” So, what is organizational agility? . I learn all the time, and 2021 taught me a lot.

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On Demand PM Webinars from OnePlan

Brad Egeland

On-Demand WebinarsON-DEMAND Agile Portfolio Lean Portfolio Management with Azure DevOps and OnePlan If you are planning and tracking work in a complex domain, like software and product development, best practices dictate using an empirical process and leveraging shorter feedback cycles.

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Making your Scrum Events Lean – Identifying the Wastes

The new Scrum Guide 2020 mentions Scrum is founded on empiricism and lean thinking. Lean thinking reduces waste and focuses on the essentials.”.

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Top Benefits Of DevOps Foundation Certification


Before we talk about the benefits of DevOps Foundation Certification in 2022, let’s understand the definition of DevOps. Benefits of pursuing DevOps Foundation Certification in 2022. DevOps Trends that will dominate 2022. Low code adoption will increase sharply in 2022.

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How to Be Assertive At Work (Nicely)

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Lean in a little more to the opportunities before you. This is a guest article from Andy Kaufman, PMP. Andy Kaufman. I work with project managers around the world, and increasingly there’s one success trait that I find could use a tune-up. In a word, it’s assertiveness.

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Review Agile Portfolio Management

Henny Portman

The next chapter The reality of Agility@Scale is more a chapter on lean thinking and principles.

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5 Steps to Finding the Path to Business Agility

International Institute for Learning

When used alongside knowledgeable industry guides or Tactec coaches, these patterns result in what we call lean agile acceleration. We must walk the path to lean agility. At Tactec, we use a lean change approach to implement a program of minimum viable change.

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How resource management can save you from The Great Resignation

Resource Guru

First, get complete visibility of team schedules Next, lean on capacity planning to build your iron triangle Finally, prevent overallocation by balancing workloads Resource management becomes your shield against the Great Resignation.

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A Deeper Look: Top Changes in the New 2020 Scrum Guide for Agile Practitioners

Management Yogi

Agile Agile Project Management Leadership Lean Product Backlog Product Management Scrum ScrumbanA new version of Scrum guide was released in November, 2020. There are quite a few changes in the guide, as well as new additions.

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5 Ways to Create a Cybersecurity Focused Culture in the Organization

Brad Egeland

Our annual Lean Into Learning Report compiles findings from surveys and research, industry analysts, and Skillsoft customers to share the state of training and the importance of creating a culture of learning.

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