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PRINCE2: The Project Management Method Explained

Rebel’s Guide to PM

PRINCE2® is a project management method. It’s structured, and experience-based, created from the lived experience of thousands of project managers and successful projects. It’s a customizable way of managing and controlling the work. The most recent major update came in 2023. What is PRINCE2®? Who is PRINCE2® for?

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Who does what in Project Initiation in PRINCE2®

Rebel’s Guide to PM

The Initiating a Project process is designed to “establish solid foundations” according to the 2023 Managing Successful Projects official manual, also known as PRINCE2 7. Agree tailoring requirements The project manager is responsible for working out how to tailor the processes to fit the project. There are seven things to do.

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Scrum Master Interview Guide 2023: The Scrum Master Role

TL; DR: Scrum Master Interview Guide 2023: The Scrum Master Role If you want to fill a Scrum Master position in your organization, you may find the following interview questions helpful in identifying the right candidate. Guaranteed : Professional Scrum Master Training w/ PSM I Certificate — Live Virtual Class: February 7-10, 2023.

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The Impact That Artificial Intelligence Might Have on Project Management Practices

The IIL Blog

August 30, 2023 Background For decades, companies have recognized the need for legal representation on projects. Legal representation appeared in procurement management and became one of the knowledge areas that is needed in most companies for successful project delivery. By Harold Kerzner, Ph.D. and Elissa Farrow, Ph.D.

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Jira Anti-Patterns and How to Overcome Them

So in March 2023, I embarked on a non-representative research exercise to learn how organizations misuse Jira from a team perspective as I wanted to understand Jira anti-patterns. Guaranteed on May 16 : Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills Class — May 16, 2023. ? Get notified when the Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide book is available !