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How much Product Discovery Is Enough?

The problem is that becoming stuck in an endless discovery cycle neither solves your customers’ issues nor contributes to your organization’s sustainability. Guaranteed : Professional Scrum Master Training w/ PSM I Certificate — Live Virtual Class: February 7-10, 2023. Watch the video now : How much Product Discovery Is enough?

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Value Creation in Scrum: Shift Left

Let Us Create Transparency—join 900-plus peers : Join the Anonymous Scrum Master Salary Report 2023. Advanced Professional Scrum Master Online Training w/ PSM II Certificate — December 12-13, 2022. ?? The Context of Value Creation According to the Scrum Guide. to separate the wheat from the chaff.


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ChatGPT Product Owner Job Interview

I ran the ChatGPT Product Owner job interview on 2023-02-14, from 1:30 to 3:45 pm CET, on ChatGPT’s February 13 version. Join your peers on April 5, 2023 : Hands-on Agile #50: The Product Community of Practice w/ Petra Wille. For example, “Q 03” refers to the third question of the guide.) I did not edit ChatGPT’s answers.

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23 Books About Recruitment Every Recruiter Should Read


Mark Horstman lays out a step-by-step approach to help readers analyze lean, effective talent strategies for a high-quality workforce and ensure long-term success in today’s talent war. Recruitment Marketing: Creative Ways to Attract Candidates to your Employment Brand Using Social Media by Jonathan Kidder, 2023 ?

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Agency burnout: why it happens and how to prevent it

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And it certainly doesn’t translate to the day-to-day reality of running a sustainable agency fit for our times. High employee turnover A shortage of skilled professionals is a crucial challenge for agencies in 2023. Suddenly the out-of-balance life of a 1960s Madison Avenue ad exec doesn’t look so slick.