The Skills Project Managers Will Need in 2025


Based on industry trends and where technology is headed, here’s my guess for what PM skills employers will want to see in 2025. The post The Skills Project Managers Will Need in 2025 appeared first on LiquidPlanner.

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7 Must-Haves for Every Product Manager Resume

Leadership. Whatever leadership qualities you have, tag them to real-life work experiences that show how you have motivated teams, made tough decisions and communicated product visions clearly. Some of those skills are hard to define, such as leadership and communication.

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The Real Impact of Emotional Intelligence in Project Management


Emotional intelligence, or EQ as it also known, has become something of a bellwether for effective leadership. Various studies have highlighted a link between understanding emotions and leadership and team performance and success. Related: The Two Styles of Project Leadership.

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PMI Report: The Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Project Management


The automation of these more mundane elements of project management creates greater opportunities for the project manager to take ownership of all the leadership components of the project. Related: The Skills PMs Will Need in 2025. Leadership Methodology Project Management

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4 Guiding Principles for Leading Remote Project Teams


Related: The Skills Project Managers Will Need in 2025. Related: The New Face of Project Leadership. Advice Featured Leadership Project Management Teams

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4 Trends That Will Transform Project Management


Related: The Skills Project Managers Will Need in 2025. Many are taking a multi-faceted approach to better manage the generational gaps between team members and focusing on developing skills for effective leadership. Th e Skills Project Managers Will Need in 2025.

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Are we losing it?


By some estimates, 50% of the current jobs will be gone by 2025. Leadership Uncategorized AI cognitive thinkingWhen I first arrived in the US twenty years back I was “blown-away” by a few intense experiences that are still etched fresh in my mind.

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Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence: Is your Organization ready?


According to International Data Corporation (IDC), by the end of 2018, at least 40% of organizations will have a fully staffed Digital Leadership Team versus a Single DX Executive Lead to accelerate enterprise-wide DX initiatives.

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