4 Reasons to Have a Professional Services Management Template


A recent GoSkills article spotlighted a critical gap professional services businesses need to be aware of if they want to achieve hypergrowth. In PMI’s 2017 report, they project that by 2027, employers will need more than 87 million people working in project management related roles.

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The Quality Project Manager: an Interview with Olu Jinadu

Project Bliss

After all the recent articles I’ve written on quality , I was eager to dig into this conversation. Related article: Productive Conflict at Work: Simple Guidelines to Keep it Positive. Related article: 7 Strategies to Follow When Escalating Project Risk.

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What is a Digital Project Manager (and How to Become One)


Budgets, deadlines, and processes - all tend to be skewed when dealing with digital projects, and not in a good way. In the middle of all this chaos stands the digital project manager (DPM), bringing order to disorder and process to practice.

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The Insights Behind the Project Management Trends

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

In this article I’ll take a look at all ten of the trends and highlight some of the insights, thinking and activities we’re starting to see and what that means for project management practitioners today. million in 2027.

Why You Should Go For Remote Employee Monitoring (And How)


It’s been estimated that by the year 2027, flexible workers will make the majority of employees in the U.S. Also, you will get more understanding of worker’s process of working and activities.