Artificial Intelligence and the Role of the Project Manager in 2030


In the year 2030, projects will no longer be controlled by managers, but by software. This technology can be used for projects that are subject to constant change due to increasing complexity, fast pace and the high pressure to innovate in all industries. What does the Project Manager in 2030 do then? Recognizing innovation potential. Implementing innovations. In the private sector, 43% of projects exceed their budgets.

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2020 Shipbuilding Challenges and Trends

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The innovation implies equipping workers with neckband cameras enriched with 5G function being able to broadcast real-time 360-degree videos in the integrated control tower. The cut budget has also forced the American Navy to retire some large military ships that could serve many more years.

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The Role of Bots and AI in Project Management


prioritize and delegate accordingly and manage the budget. Gartner predicts that by 2030, as much as 80% of the routine work?—?which Innovation and critical thinking should be the key attributes of a project manager’s role as routine work gets managed by machines.