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Why is Cognitive Diversity important? How to promote it?


Did you join the meeting to find out the solutions, but no one has a new idea? Your Scrum team has NO innovative idea to solve the customer problems in many Sprints? Nowadays, innovations, new values are the key to success. Customers always want more than they had and frequently look for new values. Therefore, the organization that can't continuo u sly bring new values to customers can't be a leader , have to give the space for those who have the innovation in leading the market. .

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Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Framework

Henny Portman

My ‘bird’s eye view on the agile forest’ gives a fairly complete picture of the different agile frameworks. I only adapt it when I come across really deviant frameworks. This time it’s MAHD. Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Framework was developed by Gary Hinkle and Dorian Simpson. It is similar to agile for software methods, but with critical differences.

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Scaled Agile - Skalierungs-Frameworks im Vergleich


. Wenn Unternehmen mit mehreren agilen Teams an einer Lösung - einem Produkt oder einem Service - arbeiten wollen, fehlt häufig das Wissen und die Erfahrung, wie die Skalierung der Teams gestartet und zielführend gemanagt werden sollen. Als Leitfaden zur agilen Skalierung wurden verschiedene Skalierungs-Frameworks entwickelt, die je nach Kontext hilfreich sein können.

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The ultimate guide to resource management 2022

Resource Guru

Resource management sounds like an administrative task, but it’s inherently human. Resource management is about using your most important resource—people—in an empowering and efficient way. Effective resource management is key to ensuring a happier, more fulfilling workplace where projects are completed on time while leaving room for employees to enjoy the work they are doing.

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Project Team Engagement in the Context of Human/AI Hybrid Teams

The leadership style that the leaders adopt during engagement is critical in gaining team member support for building a positive thinking team. The challenge is in deciding whether to adopt an engagement focused leadership style that emphasizes human behavior characteristics such as personalities, or to a task-oriented leadership style that focuses on the work needed to be performed and the tools to be used.

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How to Use Rolling Wave Planning in Project Management


Projects can be diverse. Similarly, the techniques and methodologies that project managers use can differ. While some project managers prefer traditional project management styles like Waterfall, others may use an iterative process like Scrum. For managers who prefer adjusting their project plan as work progresses, Agile project management is a great option.

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What Are Stretch Goals? How Do You Reach Them?


It’s time for a pop quiz. If you could only achieve one of these goals , which one would give you a greater sense of accomplishment?

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A turning point for prescriptive analytics? Can a technology on the edge go mainstream?

PM Times

Imagine you are the CEO of a major corporation. You’re sitting in a conference room, surrounded by bright people, facing down a strategic decision. You need to know whether your company should make a big investment in an emerging sector or not. So, you turn to your best data analysts, and you ask them what […]. The post A turning point for prescriptive analytics?

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Imposter Syndrome in Project Management


Have you ever thought that you are a fraud? Or that you hardly know what you are doing? Even if you have all the necessary qualifications, knowledge, and experience, you are afraid others will realize that you shouldn't be there. This is quite a common phenomenon, and if you have experienced Imposter Syndrome, you aren't the only one. In fact, there is a list of highly accomplished people who have been in the same position as you, so there is nothing to be afraid of.