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Five Ways to Improve Project Communication

Project Risk Coach

Communication is the vehicle for successful projects. From the beginning to the end of a project, the project manager and team must plan, execute, and deliver the required products and services while interacting with stakeholders. What are you doing to improve your project communication? Project managers are not lone rangers. Projects involve interdependent relationships such as the sponsor and other leaders, the project manager and the project team, and users interacting with the systems.

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The ‘Ready for Change’ 2017 Roadshow for Project Practitioners

Arras People

Here’s a few events worth checking out. SPOCE, the project management training organisation and partners AXELOS and APMG are running three events soon called the ‘Ready for Change’ 2017 Roadshows. They take place in London 31 st May 2017 | Bournemouth 6 th June 2017| Southampton 13 th June 2017. Change! Implementing it and embedding it. It is what underpins all objectives in Project Management approaches.

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A PM’s Guide to Agile Software Development

Project Bliss

Everybody’s talking about agile software development these days: project managers, software developers, IT directors, small startups and big corporations. You know it’s a hot topic and if you haven’t started exploring it, you may be feeling left behind. To get you a bit caught up on the topic, I’ve pulled together an introduction to give you an overview of the background and philosophy, along with a few of the most popular styles of Agile.

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When a project is running along swimmingly and then you decide you better tweak things just a bit

The Digital Project Manager

Agile is good and everything, but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s a good plan just to stick with the plan, and not get hurt. The post When a project is running along swimmingly and then you decide you better tweak things just a bit appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. General The PM life

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The Innovative PM: Cultivating Creativity in the Evolving Hybrid Workspace

Speaker: Rachel Rai Henry, Founder of the Creative Flow School

In this one-of-a-kind webinar, speaker, creativity expert, and educator Rachel Rai Henry will walk you through the evolution of hybrid work management through the lens of creative flow.

Your Ultimate Guide To Portfolio Management Tools

Large projects call for complex processes and the need for more management procedures. When you tackle larger and more complex projects, the following management procedures need to be up to date and these are aided by tools, methodologies , and strategies. Projects need to be taken care of in order to prevent budget overshooting, resource shortage, and disorganized schedule.

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Project Management 101 – Objectives and Deliverables

Arras People

2+2= ½? When a project takes twice the time, costs twice the budget and you get only half of what you expect then it’s hardly surprising that the project close out meeting becomes feisty and confrontational. So, what is key to preventing the unwelcome project outcome and that awkward final meeting. One of the key rules is to ensure that the Project Deliverables are directly aligned to the Project Objectives and Goals.

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Extreme risk -- or, extremely risky?

Musings on Project Management

Ideas about extreme risk management have been around a long time. No news there, so let's press on. Here's a working definition: Extreme risks are those for which the consequences are nearly irreversible, and the impact is near-catastrophic. And, fortunately, in most cases, the likelihood of the event is low. Because the expected value is nearly zero, but the threat so high, people are. Risk Management

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Course Review: How To Honestly Rate Your Meeting Productivity

Rebel’s Guide to PM

Why rate your meeting productivity? Easy: To stop doing what doesn’t work and to start making your meetings awesome. Boosting productivity makes a difference in being able to achieve your overall strategy. Meetings are a big part of that. Today I’m reviewing Gord Sheppard’s online training course about rating your meeting productivity. It’s a taster for some of his other products and it’s free. The course takes less than an hour to complete so you can do it in your lunchbreak.

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Effective project sponsor briefing is essential.

Ron Rosenhead

It’s a key strategic objective. The very success of this project will ensure that the company steals an estimated 12 months on the competition and give you huge competitive advantage. It’s been in research phase (for 8 months) and now, after a successful business case has been developed you are given the project to deliver. This is your first involvement with the project. So what briefing do you get from the project sponsor?

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How to Build Data Experiences for End Users

Organizational data literacy is often addressed, but it’s uncommon to consider users’ data literacy levels when building products. Product managers need to recognize their end users' data literacy when building an application with analytic features.

The PMO Series (4): Implementing a Project Management Office


The implementation of a PMO is just like any other project. This means that you have to plan it carefully. Before you start the project, you should analyze your organization’s current situation and based on these insights create a concept for your PMO. If it is the first PMO implementation in the organization, it’s particularly important that the PMO is aligned with the organization’s requirements and frameworks.

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Business Agility over “Doing or Being Agile”

Agile Coach

Recently I was asked to write a guest post for a friend of mine, Luis Goncalves’s blog. While writing the post, I remembered that a number of years ago I did a presentation about business agility after bringing this topic up at a local agile coach camp. Business agility from Jason Little. My topic at coach camp was “ Focus on Success over ‘Being Agile ‘” and I remember more or less being accused of not understanding agile.

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Behind The Scenes: Conferences From An Exhibitor’s Perspective

Rebel’s Guide to PM

I’ve always known the APM Conference is quite a draw. This year it attracted hundreds of delegates and a range of exhibitors, including Dimitar Janevski, who flew over from Macedonia to be on the Seavus stand with his colleagues. I caught up with him to find out what it was like being an exhibitor at a project management conference. Dimitar Janevski, standing by a handily-positioned APM banner. Dimitar, why did you choose to go to the APM event this year?

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Collaboration; the secret sauce for business success


What makes a company productive? Is it rigid rules and procedures established by its managers? Or plans dreamed up and set in stone early in the project? No, none of the above! Team collaboration done correctly is the primary enabler of productivity. I know everybody talks about the virtues of collaboration and how wonderful it is for all businesses. Everybody talks the talk but few walk the walk.

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Projects Deliver Products, Products Deliver Strategy

Speaker: Peter Monkhouse, Founder, NewGenP

This webinar will introduce a strategy implementation circle, which will demonstrate the role that projects and products play in assisting an organization with strategy implementation. The webinar will emphasize the importance of using an iterative approach to product development and project execution.

5 Stats You Need to Know from the 2017 State of Project Management in Manufacturing Report


In manufacturing, time is money. Every delay, machinery breakdown, and defective product adds up and, ultimately, hurts the bottom line. But following structured project management methods can help companies reduce delays, stay on budget, and deliver quality products. To better understand how manufacturers practice project management, we surveyed more than 100 executives, engineers, and project managers, resulting in the 2017 State of Project Management in Manufacturing report.

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Sustainable Development Goal #13 of 17 and Project Management, Climate Action.

Green Project Management

In this installment of our series on the SDGs, we look at #13 of 17, Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. I am going to approach this SDG a bit different from the others in the series because this is a heavily debated topic. First. Climate Change is real. Few debate […]. The post Sustainable Development Goal #13 of 17 and Project Management, Climate Action. appeared first on Delivering a better world, one project at a time.

130 Inspiring Project Management Quotes

The Digital Project Manager

Life as a project manager can be tough; if anyone needs inspiration to keep going with leading our projects and teams, it’s us. When you find. The post 130 Inspiring Project Management Quotes appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. General

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Quality Management: PMP Study Guide (PMBOK 6th Edition)


Project quality management involves all the activities involved to determine quality policies, objectives, and procedures in an organization. Project Quality Management uses policies and procedures to implement the organization’s quality management system, and it supports continuous process improvement activities. Quality and Grade are two different concepts: Quality = The degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfill requirements.

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The Definitive Guide to Embedded Analytics

Transform how you build value for your products with this definitive guide to embedded analytics.

Risk Management for the Real PM World

Brad Egeland

Risk management. Why not every time, every detail? It makes absolute sense, right? The process of performing risk management on the projects that we run should be a given – it should be an essential part of every single project and it should have the proper amount of time and attention given to it. The reality is, we often skip over it or we spend very little ‘planned time’ on it.

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Advice for Project Managers: How do I measure the success (or failure) of my projects?


“Dear Elizabeth: I want to get better at measuring the success (or failure) of my projects. What project management metrics should I be focusing on? And how can I use these metrics to improve project performance?”. I don’t mean to start off by being controversial, but you’re asking the wrong person. It’s your project stakeholders who decide if your project is a success or a failure. So what you should be asking is: how will they judge me?

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What Does it Mean to Focus on Value?

Herding Cats

A common chant in the agile community is we focus on value. What does this mean? What are the units of measure of Value? How do we know we are actually producing the RIGHT Value? How much will it cost to produce this Value? When is this Value needed to actually be valuable? Here's an approach used in ourSoftwaree Intensive System of Systems (SISoS) domain. . It's called Capabailities Based Planing.

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Why Do Projects Fail? Stories of Project Failure, And Lessons Learned

The Digital Project Manager

Why is it that that so many IT projects fail? According to IBM only 40% of IT projects meet schedule, budget, and quality goals. Asking. The post Why Do Projects Fail? Stories of Project Failure, And Lessons Learned appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. General

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A PM’s Master Class on Building and Maintaining Stakeholder Relationships

Speaker: Americo Pinto, Founder and Chair at PMO Global Alliance

In this discussion, Americo Pinto, Founder and Chair at PMO Global Alliance, will walk you through best practices for communicating with stakeholders.

3 Ways to Create Your Project Manager Calendar


If you’re trying to plan your project calendar for the next month, quarter, or even year, you might be debating the best method to capture your madness. . You’re probably looking for a calendar that can capture all your tasks, their deadlines, assignees and show you where you have some wiggle room. .

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Great Software To Organize Your Work – No More Wasted Time!


Task management is one of the key issues disconcerting those who wish to manage their business successfully, now and in the future. ‘What should be done first?’; ’; “Who ought to work on it?”, ”, and so on – those questions are only a few examples of tasks one has to handle whether he likes it or not. […].

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Is Software Development Art or Engineering

Herding Cats

I started my career as a Software Engineer , writing Fortran 77 signal processing algorithms to find and track missile launchers in the middle eastern desert. This skill was an extension of the signal processing work I did as a grad student looking for information in the data stream of a particle accelerator. The design of the code was straight forward. It was mathematically based, converting equations in books to Fortran using pre-written parts from the IBM Scientific Subroutine Package.

Celoxis Featured in Forbes Indonesia May 2017 Edition


Celoxis was recently featured in Forbes Indonesia May 2017 article "HOW INDONESIA CAN EXCEL AT REVERSE OUTSOURCING" written by Jennifer Xue. Blog PM reports PMO PPM Project Management best project management software celoxis forbes Online project management software project management web based project management tool

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6 Best Practices for Operational Reporting

Meeting requirements alone is no longer enough. Today’s users need insightful reporting built on accurate, real-time data. In our eBook, you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts to embedding operational reports, and how to avoid common reporting mistakes.

Staying educated (enculturation)

Musings on Project Management

The robots are coming! And, "enculturation" is my new word. I'm proud to use it. It means "to get with the program" and absorb the culture! The robots are enculturating! (and, and, that's a for-real word also) We see that robot headline repeatedly. What's the antidote? The usual answer: Education. Learn to do stuff the R's can't; and we see that one also Now comes some specifics around this: human factors Problem Solving

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What Is Teamwork Actually


Search for several hours “teamwork definition” and you’ll quickly realize that there isn’t a commonly agreed definition on what is teamwork actually. While many authors emphasize the importance of teamwork, they don’t provide a clear and straightforward definition of teamwork. Here are a handful of definitions we managed to find: Teamwork is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal.

Book of the Month

Herding Cats

It seems of late there is a campaign in the software development community, especially in the agile community where ignorance is a virtue. Ignorance of the microeconomics of decision making. The ignorance that all project work contains uncertainty, that uncertainty is of two kinds - reducible and irreducible, and that uncertainty is the source of risk. .

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