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Trello Gantt Charts: How to Turn Your Trello Project Into a Gantt Chart

Trello is an online tool that creates kanban boards, which allow project managers to organize projects. The kanban boards offer a visualization of your work, and allows you to easily see a project’s workload at-a-glance.

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How to Earn Leadership PDUs for PMP Renewal in 2020

Girl's Guide to PM

If you are like many Project Management Professional ( PMP )® certification holders, you might be finding it hard to source enough quality learning materials for your Leadership PDUs. Panic no more, I have all the details you need below.

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How to Manage Multiple Projects

Managing multiple projects at once can be a bit like a juggling act. Every action taken in one project needs to feed into the next with fluidity and poise, and when done right, a skilled portfolio manager can make it seem like no trouble at all.

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17 Powerful Ways to Learn Project Management

Project Risk Coach

Years ago, I had a great job managing about 50 Information Technology professionals. However, I wanted to become a project manager. Therefore, I made a difficult decision to change companies and jobs. Consequently, I needed ways to learn project management quickly.

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Are Your Embedded Analytics DevOps-Friendly?

Does your analytics solution work with your current tech stack and DevOps practices? If not, any update to the analytics could increase deployment complexity and become difficult to maintain. Learn the 5 elements of a DevOps-friendly embedded analytics solution.

5 Ways to Improve Your Digital Project Management Process

The Digital Project Manager

The post 5 Ways to Improve Your Digital Project Management Process appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Communication Leadership & Team Management Quality Management Risk Management Topics

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How to Manage Fixed Date Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

What is a fixed date project? A fixed date project is one that has a defined — and often unmovable — end date for delivery. Hitting the date is compulsory, which means we can’t plan the project as we would normally do using best practice scheduling techniques.

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Review Being a Project Manager

Henny Portman

B eing a Project Manager – A different Book on Project Management by Hamutal Weisz and Daniel Zitter focuses on the essentials and practice of project management. . I love the process of baking bread as a metaphor for project management and all those related colorful pictures throughout the book.

4 Types of Project Risk – Different Forms of Uncertainty | Video

Online PM Courses

A project risk is simply ‘uncertainty that can affect outcome’. We rarely think of the differences in the kinds of uncertainties. The post 4 Types of Project Risk – Different Forms of Uncertainty | Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses. Project Management: What is.

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The Essential Elements of a Project Timeline


In project management, it’s well known that organization is critical for success. The clear communication of goals, targets, and deadlines establishes the foundation for each team member to accomplish individual tasks in a prompt and productive way while keeping the overall objectives in mind.

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6 Steps to Improving Your Application’s Analytics Experience

No one designs bad dashboards and reports on purpose. So why do so many applications have terrible analytics experiences? Download this ebook for secrets to creating dashboards and reports your users will love.

Forming Teams in an Agile Organization

Leading Agile

When teams aren’t formed in the right way in your organization such that they’re encapsulated to create working tested increment of product in a given time frame, they become a dependency. . Without encapsulated teams, you’ll find yourself with many dependencies.

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Book review: Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn’t, and Why

Girl's Guide to PM

Donald Asher’s book, Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn’t And Why is sub-titled ’12 things you’d better do if you want to get ahead’. Now in it’s second edition, it’s an easy read with a conversational style.

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5 Things Marketers Should Do Before the 2020 Holiday Season


With the holiday season just around the corner, we take a closer look at how to prepare for these crucial months in our latest article. The holiday season is important every year, but this year, it somehow feels even more crucial.

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Agile Outside, it’s a thing

Project Management Five

Welcome to the Eleventh Issue of TSR. This week was kind of a mess with email, ‘eh? Sorry about that. With new tools comes a learning mountain that I’m still climbing. On a different note, this week’s issue brings about an updated format, more streamlined, and less essay-ish.

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4 Approaches to Data Analytics for Your Application

Selecting the right solution for your embedded analytics is crucial to the success of your application. But with so many solutions and vendors, how do you make this critical selection? Learn about the different approaches to analytics and the pros and cons for each.

How to Create a Project Budget That Works


Every successful services business has a deep understanding of project budgets and what it takes to create an accurate budget and stay on target.

Real Project Management 101: Six Ways to Add More Value to Your Projects

Brad Egeland

Are you ooking for new ways to push your project management office (PMO) or PM infrastructure over the fence into new service and performance territory? Or are you a project manager looking to up your game and make a bigger difference in your own individual project delivery within the organization?

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Project Charter Example and a Comprehensive Guide (+Template)

PM Basics

Project Charter helps to link requirements and scope of a project to its objectives. In this article, you’ll find a Project Charter Example for a real-life project. In addition, you can get a simple template I developed and used throughout 10 years as a software development project manager.

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Effective Team Communication Tips for Agile Professionals in 2020


To work together, you need to communicate, and to work together really well , you need to communicate at the same wavelength. But what makes for good communication? Is team communication different than communicating otherwise in your daily life?

2020 78

Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

8 Best Human Resource Management Books of 2020


Here is a list of our suggestions for the best human resource management books of 2020. No matter your needs, we’ve got you covered. For forward-thinking teams. For teams new to remote work. For teams focused on employee experience. For teams hiring graduates. For teams focused on diversity.

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The Three Things You Need For Agile Transformation

Leading Agile

Agile Transformation is fundamentally about Three Things: forming teams, building backlogs, and having the ability to produce working, tested software. If we don’t these Three Things then Transformation fails. .

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What's the Latest Project Status?

Brad Egeland

Oh the project client who always wants the latest and greatest status. Asking for more info like you're holding something back. The same is true for your senior leadership.

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Understanding Different Types of Project Risk | TeamGantt


See what types of risk to look out for in project management, and get 5 simple tips to help you identify, monitor, and manage common project risks

The Rise of Embedded Self-Service Analytics

Speaker: Chris Von Simson & Nat Venkataraman

Can your users get the data and analytics they need without leaving your application? Watch this webinar with Chris von Simson of Dresner Advisory Services as he shares why user enablement has emerged as the theme in today’s embedded analytics landscape.

Effective Team Communication Tips for Agile Professionals in 2020


To work together, you need to communicate, and to work together really well , you need to communicate at the same wavelength. But what makes for good communication? Is team communication different than communicating otherwise in your daily life?

2020 78

Project Initiation Checklist [Free Download]

Girl's Guide to PM

This month’s free template is a project initiation checklist. This is the first page of the Project Initiation Checklist. It’s a quick way to speed up finding out what you need to know from your project sponsor when you meet for the first time.

The Physics of Agility: Predictability

Leading Agile

Listen to the SoundNotes Podcast on the go! Find and subscribe to SoundNotes on: Apple Podcasts. Google Play. Spotify. Soundcloud. When large organizations set out to take on Agile Transformation, it’s never for Agile’s sake.

2020 72

Real Project Management 101: How to Fix Your Problem Project Fast

Brad Egeland

Got a project on shaky ground? We've all been there. We've all had those situations where we had one too many projects and one of them seems to be slipping into troubled waters. Or the customer is nowhere to be found and you need sign off on user acceptance testing (UAT). Or very few stakeholders seem to be on the same page in spite of your best efforts to keep them there. Or possibly the budget or timeline is beginning to go out of control. There are a hundred (maybe million?)

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Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs.

Cloudy Conditions: Clarifying MS Project’s Plans and Pricing Structures


The Microsoft Project product family has so many solutions, pricing structures, and platforms to choose from that it can be confusing to many people on what to use. In this article, I hope to clear up some of this confusion and make some predictions. Let’s begin by comparing the different solutions.

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Social Media Marketing with Project Management Tool


With the increased popularity of social media sites, social media marketing is also on the rise. This phenomenon calls to question: how you can manage social media marketing for your company. Project management tools are a great way to help you manage social media marketing.

2020 78

Top 10 Project Management Skills For Growing Your Career

ProProfs Project Management

Irrespective of how much experience you have, project management always tests your limits with difficult challenges, such as team conflicts, tight budget, or short delivery windows.