Capabilities Release or Cadence Release

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In the Agile world the phrase deliver early and deliver often is good advice. Agile developers like to toss that phrase around as an alternative to having a plan for the delivered value we'll replace planning and estimating with early and often delivery. There is NO means of making credible decisions in the presence of uncertainty without first estimating the outcome of that decision. So do we pick a Capabilities Release or a Cadence Release?

Is SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework®) not Agile?


Some Agile experts are not hard-core fans of SAFe. And this makes SAFe more complicated, bureaucratic than the Agile manifesto recommends. They also have this opinion that SAFe is so heavy, maybe it is not Agile at all. For a long period, our idea of Agile was only Scrum.

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Troubleshooting in Lean-Agile Development


Many project managers utilize a Lean-Agile approach when there is high change or churn in project requirements, significant lack of clarity in scope, high complexity to their projects, and/or a larger number of risks associated with such. Two Lean-Agile Types. Flow-based Lean-Agile.

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GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide Applied to Agile

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The GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide has 12 steps. There are not specific to Agile Software Development. Agile. Agile teams, for the most part, are a fixed set of resources, so the spending plan is essentially Flat. Either a Cadence Release Plan or a Capabilities Release Plan. Agile doesn't have the formal notion of a critical path , but there are critical features that are needed for the Capabilities.

Unpacking Agile Transformation: The System of Delivery

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So if we agree that Agile Transformation is worth talking about, we need a better way of talking about it. You see, over the past 20 years, the general hypothesis has been to train people on Agile methodologies and trust everything else will emerge.

Creating a Risk-Adjusted Backlog

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Agile projects typically prioritize the backlog based on business value or perceived needs. While profit is not their goal, usually an economic impact figure can be estimated for the outcomes they aim to achieve.

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Questioning Agile Dogma

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When I first learned about Agile methods in 2002, the principles seemed to offer an ideal solution to many organizational issues common at the time. It’s time now to move forward to the next level of proficiency in software delivery; what we might call “post-Agile.” ” A lot more is possible than was imagined when “Agile” was first defined. Let’s begin with some parts of the Agile canon itself.

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Leveraging Agile to Get Predictable

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Agile isn’t ever really about Agile. In our Business Drivers of Agility webinar series hosted by LeadingAgile CEO, Mike Cottmeyer, Mike dives deep into six key business drivers to uncover how Agile can enable organizations to connect these drivers to better business outcomes.

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Releases and Deadlines in Agile

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But Agile at Scale has a different paradigm than Agile at the Table. Cadence Release - when a fixed period ends, go with what is ready to go. Cadence Release paradigm, is a flow-based approach. The variability of the development work is minimized through the planned cadence. Focusing on meeting the needs of the customer or market is key to success in the Cadence approach. The Capabilities are laid out Cadence Releases in the chart below.

Influencing the eternal optimism of a delivery team

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When I teach agile fundamentals classes, I frequently emphasize the importance of inspection and adaptation. Teams which don’t use feedback loops with their products and their processes should not consider themselves to be very agile. For those teams which use an iteration-based cadence for their delivery such as those who have implemented the Scrum framework there have multiple feedback loops to help them improve. Agile Project Management agile project management

Is Your Agile Project Healthy?

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Experienced agile coaches and practitioners develop a sixth-sense. They can quickly assess the health of an agile project or team just as doctors do with their patients. In my agile training and consulting practice, I have witnessed similar symptoms when an organization is struggling with its agile adoption. Like a competent physician, an agile coach can quickly diagnose problems by listening, observing, and asking probing questions. Outsourced Agile.


New PM, New Choices

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It would be easy (and wrong) to classify all construction projects as candidates for traditional approaches, and all IT projects as needing an agile approach. Likewise, there are defined, repeatable IT projects that can (and have been) successfully managed using meticulous planning, detailed estimation, and formal change control procedures. Here, formal planning and estimation are difficult because we don’t know what we will encounter.

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Don’t Say NoGet Them to Understand Your Team Delivery Capacity

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Let’s say that on average stakeholders request a couple of large items, a couple of medium-sized ones, and five small ones in any given cadence, iteration, release, or whatever unit of time your organization uses for such matters. Let’s say you’re using a two-week cadence, as that’s pretty typical and is what most agile coaches recommend as a starting point. In a typical cadence, stakeholders ask you to complete 12.5

Webinar Recap: Agile Series Part 2 – Agile Features & Capabilities in MS Project / Project PPM


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Tim Runcie’s Agile Series Part 2 webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. Kyle: Hello everyone and welcome to part two of MPUG’s Agile training series. Today’s session will cover Agile features and capabilities in Microsoft Project and project PPM. So really want to help educate you guys, get you going and continue the discussion around Agile. Hence Agile, right?

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Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

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Agile Project Management (#APM). Agile Software Development (#ASD). Integrating Agile and Earned Value Management (#AEVM). Agile and Earned Value Management Bibliography of papers, books, and thesis (#Biblio). Agile Project Management. Managing agile projects have many of the same principles as traditional projects and have principles much different from tradition projects. Agile and all SW development operates in the presence of uncertainty.

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The Difference Between The Kanban Method and Scrum


Continuing our theme of helping Agile teams understand the Kanban Method, so they can effectively adopt it for their improvement efforts, I am again honored to publish a guest article by another great friend of ours – Dave White. In this article, he outlines the similarities of the two as WIP Limiting, Pull-based systems – with cadences and a focus on learning – while also explaining their differences. Cadences. This also includes cadences.

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Handling Unplanned Work

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We did our short-term planning last week and we came up with an idea of what work we would be able to complete in the next iteration or cadence. People who have been using lightweight methods for years still talk about improving their estimation skills as a remedy for “failing” to force reality to conform with their predictions. What happens when the actual time to complete a piece of work differs from our estimate?

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Is Macroeconomics and Social Science the Same as Software Development?

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There a popular notions in the agile development world that authors like Hayek and Taleb speak to how software development works. You Can’t Understand Agile Without Understanding Hayek. This is the basis of the Agile Product Roadmap and Product Release Plan (either cadence or capability based). This is also the core principle of Agile - evolutionary emergence of the needed requirements to fulfill the needed Capabilities. .

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Unravelling PI Planning


There is a quote introducing PI Planning content on the Scaled Agile Framework website. A Program Increment is a fixed timebox of 8 to 12 weeks (default being 10 weeks as recommended by Scaled Agile Inc.). The 10 weeks’ time-box encapsulates 5 Agile Sprints or Iterations with each spanning 2 weeks. The PI Planning is meant for the entire team allocated to the Agile Release Train and everyone is expected to attend it. Img Src:

How to make a project schedule you’ll stick to in 9 steps (with free template)


Estimate task time and effort. How do Agile teams create a project schedule? Planio: Best for teams of all sizes (Agile and traditional). At a minimum, you should know what type of person you’re basing your estimate on. Estimation. Estimate task time and effort.

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An Incremental Paradigm

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We were speaking a Homeland Security yesterday on Agile development in the Federal Government and there was a senior director who brought up a paradigm that resonated with me. Agile and Incremental and Iterative Development and Deployment. Like the agile incremental house cartoon, or the bicycle morphing into a car, NO discussion of the incremental or iterative development of software can take place without a Product Roadmap and Release plan.

Team using “Waiting for Release” column on their kanban board


We do product releases every 4-6 weeks, and these get deloyed to our SaaS servers – that cadence is well established. On the one hand, the delivery team is not able to precisely estimate when it can deliver a release. Lean/ Kanban agile Kanban Lean Lean Software Development Management Release Management ScrumHere’s is another question that I recently answered on a discussion forum –. “My

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Kanban = Continuous Delivery? Not Necessarily


We do product releases every 4-6 weeks, and these get deployed to our SaaS servers – that cadence is well established. On the one hand, the delivery team is not able to precisely estimate when it can deliver a release. Lean/ Kanban agile Kanban Lean Lean Software Development Management Release Management ScrumHere’s is a question that I recently answered on a discussion forum –. “My

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A Word on Velocity

Leading Agile

Velocity, while seemingly a simple measure of team output, is quite often one of the most misconstrued metrics by organizations new to Agile ways of working – by both managers and the teams themselves.

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Encapsulation of Value

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Agile transformations are hard. People are starting to draw the conclusion that “Agile doesn’t work.” The problem stems from the fact that it is much easier to pilot an Agile transformation with the first slice of the organization than the second slice: .

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Build a CI/CD Pipeline in the Cloud: Part Two

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This gives them confidence that the development team knows what they’re doing, so they won’t need to ask for revised estimates every day for the next umpteen months. Now, your friendly neighborhood Agile Coach has probably hammered home the point that every piece of work the team carries out must deliver customer value. This could be the only Story the team tackles in their first development cadence or iteration or Sprint or what-have-you. Welcome back!

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Deliver Fast or Deliver as Planned (Update)

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A popular mantra in Agile is deliver fast, deliver often. Where we work and where agile is becoming the norm, we have another view. The Plan for the delivery of value is shown in the Product Roadmap and implemented in the Cadence Release Plan, or sometimes in the Capabilities Release plan. The notion of agile is the basis of all military process, not just 5 coders in the room with their customer. Why Guessing is not Estimating and Estimating is not Guessing.

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The Complete Glossary of 614 Project Management Terms


Actual dates are different from planned or estimated dates. Actual Effort: The actual effort spent to complete the activity, as opposed to the planned or estimated effort. Actual Finish: The actual date on which an activity ends, as opposed to the planned or estimated finish date.

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58 Product Owner Theses

A Product Owner is an innovator at heart and thus a value creator for customers and organizations if given a chance to work in an agile manner. Roadmap planning is—like Product Backlog refinement—a continuous effort, just at an extended cadence.

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Release planning and predictable delivery

Many organisations wrestle with the seeming incompatibility between agile and release management, and they struggle with release planning and predictable delivery. Without a regular cadence of delivery of working software any belief that you will get a usable increment is misguided at best.

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Tips from the trenches: How to Start Up Three new Scrum teams Simultaneously.

I was hired by a bank to help them to get started with agile and Scrum. I took the opportunity to present myself as the Agile Coach facilitating the change and explained in a couple of words the essence of working with Scrum. Explanation of effort estimation and planning poker.

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"Why can?t we plan Sprints accurately with velocity?"

My fellow PST, Glaudia Califano, and I were sitting in a café (at a time prior to the current lockdown due to Covid-19), having agreed to meet up with a Business Analyst who had reached out to us to have a chat about Scrum and Agile.


Product Discovery Anti-Patterns Leading to Failure

You can sign up here for the ‘Food for Agile Thought’ newsletter and join 30,000-plus other subscribers. The wave of agile transition projects, particularly in large, established organizations over recent years, has provided those frameworks with a tremendous tailwind.

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Tips from the trenches: How to startup three new Scrum teams simultaneously.

I was hired by a bank to help them to get started with agile and Scrum. I took the opportunity to present myself as the Agile Coach facilitating the change and explained in a couple of words the essence of working with Scrum. Explanation of effort estimation and planning poker.

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20 Sprint Planning Anti-Patterns

Too much estimating: The Development Team estimates sub-tasks. Read More : Why Engineers Despise Agile ). Irregular Sprint lengths: The Scrum Team has variable Sprint cadences. Do Not Miss Out: Join the 6,500-plus Strong ‘Hands-on Agile’ Slack Team.

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What’s Worse Than Not Automating Your Software Delivery Pipeline?

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They asked a software developer what it would take, and he estimated something like 20,000 pounds over several months. James Grenning , a well-known leader in the embedded software field and the author of Test-Driven Development for Embedded C is also among the authors of the Agile Manifesto and an early adopter of Extreme Programming (XP). ” They asked me how they could streamline the workflow and move to a more “agile” delivery cadence. Sounds good.

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System of Delivery: An Intro to Our Governance Model

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We talk about the goals of going agile. That epic then moves across to portfolio prioritization, based on a high-level estimate and all the other things that are in the pipeline, and our current capacity, is this the next most important thing to start breaking down for the organization? Also, by having the work visible like this, and having our cadence of meetings and clarity of rules, we know what it means to be done with portfolio prioritization before we start writing code.

Webinar Recap: Introduction to the Power BI Suite


” And often this is part of the agile world. Power BI gets refreshed every month so it has a high cadence.

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