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The Rhythmic Dance of Agile with Cadence


Now, you might be thinking what exactly a dance has to do with cadence in Agile? Let’s start first with the definition of cadence. Cadence – Definition and Basics. One can define cadence in Agile as follows: Cadence is a regular, predictable pattern of development work in Agile.

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Don’t Blame Agile for Bad Agile


An agile backlash is underway. Some organizations have declared victory, fired their agile staff, and moved on. Others are agile in name only or are “doing” agile but have not fundamentally changed the way they work. We should not blame Agile for bad Agile. Agile teams are empowered and collaborative.

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13 Reasons to Choose Agile Project Management Methods


Are you thinking about introducing agile processes to your project management methodology? You’ve a few case studies, you’ve perhaps even seen agile working effectively at other companies. Additionally, it may not be enough for you to know that agile methods are a logical addition to your toolset at work.

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Adopting Agile Practices Isn’t Agile Transformation

Leading Agile

Agile needs to be tied to business-driven results. If not, then we start measuring things like people trained, teams doing Scrum, or the organization’s sentiment toward Agile to tell us if we’re succeeding. If your Agile isn’t helping you do that, then it’s not really Agile at all. First, how are we forming teams?

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Is SAFe Agile?

Leading Agile

I don’t spend a bunch of time on LinkedIn, but the other day, I was scrolling around and happened to catch a thread where some folks in the Agile community were debating if SAFe was actually Agile. In short, it really comes down to what you mean by Agile and Agility. One of the original signatories of the Agile Manifesto.

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Agile Transformation: ChatGPT or McBoston?

TL; DR: Agile Transformation with ChatGPT or McBoston? I was interested in learning more about a typical daily challenge many agile practitioners face: How shall we successfully pursue an agile transformation? Or shall we embark on an agile transformation with ChatGPT providing some guidance?

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Scaling Agile Practices – Improve Business Outcomes


Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe® is the world’s leading framework for Business Agility. The seven core competencies each have three dimensions making it a total of twenty-one dimensions to enable Business Agility. These dimensions contain some of the practices, patterns, and guidelines to Scale Agility across the enterprise.

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