The Origins of Scrum and Empirical Closed Loop Control

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Agile in name only. scrum, not agile. This took me back since Scrum is derived from an empirical closed loop control system developed in the USAF by Col. There's a recent paper " What Lessons Can the Agile Community Learn from A Maverick Fighter Pilot? "

The Benefits of Agile Approach to Meetings

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The Swedish police investigation support project, PUST (Polisens Utredningsstöd) ran along Agile lines and involved daily stand up meetings. Another technique used often by Agile teams is to remove the chairs in the room – Agile meetings are called stand ups for a reason.

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Comparing Agile Methods: Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban

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Regular readers will know that I’m not at all experienced in formal Agile project management, but I know it is something that I need to know more about. Today I’m partnering with Eylean to give you an overview of three agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban. Agile Featured


Risk management for agile projects

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What are the implications to project risk management when you choose to deliver a project using an agile approach? Tagged: agile project management , Risk management , Stakeholder analysis. Agile Project Management agile project management Risk management Stakeholder analysis

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Don’t forget n*(n-1)/2 when scaling agile!

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But on agile projects we expect that core team members will collaborate closely on a daily basis. Iteration planning and retrospectives will start looking like dreaded meetings more than agile ceremonies, and you can forget about sizing a large number of user stories quickly!

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The Basics of Agile and Project Management

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Still not sure what’s driving the Agile conversation? Or should that be agility? The digital transformation and speeding up of processes have supported the growth of the Agile methodology. Agile is a way of approaching project management.


Agile project management- A tutorial


The Agile project management methodology has been used in the software development and IT industry for the past sixteen years, but recently it has gained wide acceptance by many number of industries and organizations. History of Agile project management. This is very close to my heart.

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A PM’s Guide to Agile Software Development

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Everybody’s talking about agile software development these days: project managers, software developers, IT directors, small startups and big corporations. What is Agile Software Development? Agile teams prioritize collaboration, adaptability and working software.


Agile project management- A tutorial


The Agile project management methodology has been used by software engineers and IT professionals for the past sixteen years. But the tide is turning and Agile project management is gaining wide acceptance as a valid process for most projects. History of Agile project management.


Agile vs Waterfall Methodology: What’s the Difference?

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Agile is a popular term these days, and you likely hear it a lot. But what is it and what’s the difference between agile vs waterfall methodology? By the end, you’ll have a high-level understanding of each and how work is done in agile vs waterfall. AGILE.


Agile Team Transitions Are Not Always Textbook


Project teams transitioning to Agile can often struggle with project roles and the overall team structure. Transitioning to an Agile team is a change in mindset, team organization, and the team’s culture. How does Agile “really work” in an enterprise organization with global teams?


Closed Loop Control and Granularity of the Estimating Process

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For any closed loop control system ‒ let’s assume we want to manage our project with such a system ‒ has a signal representing the current state of the system. To control this process using feedback and corrective actions ‒ in the same way, your closed loop controller for your air conditioner or heater does - a sampling rate is determined based on the rate of change of the underlying processes. Managing software development projects is a Closed Loop control system.

Human Resources needs to be part of your company’s agile transformation!

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When we think about the journey from traditional delivery approaches to agile, the focus is normally on delivery teams or on those areas of the organization which will need to transition from being project-focused to becoming product, capability or value-stream centric.

12 Principles of Agile with and without Estimates

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It's popular to speak about the Agile Manifesto and the 12 Principles of Agile. When we hear that the next big thing in agile is Not Estimating, let's look to see how those 12 Principles can be applied without those estimates? . 12 Principles of Agile. What variance to this planned performance are appearing and what effort, cost or changes are need to get back on plan is Closed Loop Control. Technical excellence and good design improves agility.

Illogical Agile Quotes

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There are lots of quotes flying around the agile community. Correct, but this quote is missing the other ½ of the core idea of all Closed Loop Control systems. This is the basis of all Closed Loop Control systems, from the speed control of the car, to the flight controls for an aircraft, to the temperature controls for your home, and of course the business controls for software development. So in the agile development world, there is no right or wrong?

Reinforcement for running retrospectives

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Retrospectives are a common, regularly practiced ceremony on projects managed using an agile delivery method. Increased agility and sustained learning comes from being able to identify and apply lessons in close to real time.

What Are the Advantages of Waterfall Project Management?


The Basics of Agile Process Management. Agile management is all about providing a framework for building systems that allows plenty of room for interaction, customization, and frequent updates. Developers work in close collaboration with other stakeholders.

How to Train a High Performing Team Using Scrum


On the other hand, a closely-knit performing team will already have established rules and patterns all members are accustomed to, which is why, in this case, introducing Scrum may be a bit difficult. Shuhari model of “Agile Corner Consulting”. project-management agile agile-advantages


Top 13 Project Management Methodologies and Styles


1 – Agile. Projects that require extreme flexibility and speed are best suited to the agile project management method. Commonly used for in-house teams, agile project management was created for projects where there is no need for extensive control over the deliverables.

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Definition of Done

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The common definition of the Definition of Done in agile software development is (mostly from the Scrum Alliance and other official Scrum sites): A simple list of activities (coding, comments, unit testing, integration, release notes, design documents, etc.) Close Loop Thinking.


Scrum Master vs Project Manager: What’s the Difference?

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You’ve also heard that teams are going Agile and that Scrum Master might be a good option. Close the project. Scrum Master vs Project Manager: What About an Agile team? But what about all those project management activities if the team is Agile?


From Mission Capabilities to Done

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These measures are: Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) – are the operational measures of success that are closely related to the achievements of the mission or operational objectives evaluated in the operational environment, under a specific set of conditions.

Misinterpretations of the Cone of Uncertainty

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Closed Loop Stochastic Adaptive control in the presence of Evolving Uncertainty. Management of this reduction work and measurement of the progress is a Close Loop Control System paradigm. Closed Loop Control, has a goal, an action, a measurement, and a corrective action.

Revisiting the Double Pendulum Problem

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Sensitive dependence to initial conditions means that nearby trajectories separate exponentially fast, i.e. two identical systems set up together in the same way such that the initial conditions are arbitrarily close together will have their trajectories rapidly diverge. Close Loop Thinking.

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Three Popular Ways to Run a Productive Retrospective


Continuous improvement is one of the biggest benefits of working in an Agile work environment , and in the Scrum framework, the driver of improvement is the Retrospective. The Agile Retrospectives. Esther Derby and Diana Larsen created a more in-depth approach in their book Agile Retrospectives. Close the Retrospective. Finally, it’s time to close the Retrospective on a high note. Backlog Agile methodology Retrospective Scrum

Scrum Master Responsibilities: What Does a Scrum Master Do?

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She changed jobs and moved to a company that was using an Agile approach to their projects. I’d heard lots of talk about Agile. It was time to find out, especially since I was getting more experience working on an Agile team.


Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities: What does a PM Really Do?

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You’ll w ork closely with the team and those who’ll be doing the work. If you’re using a more agile or iterative approach, you’ll still work with the team to identify what’s needed, dependencies, etc. Work closely with the customer and stakeholders.

The Myth of "Discover by Doing"

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There is a popular Agile and No Estimates phrase. But like all good platitudes in the agile community, there is no domain or context as to where this phrase is applicable. Agile is certainly the basis of dealing with emerging requirements.

Allocating WIP Limits for a Kanban System


It is analogous to a ticket being open or closed. Lean/ Kanban Uncategorized agile Kanban Kanban board kanban cards Lean Visualization WIP WIP limitI have seen people focus a lot on what the WIP limit should be for a Value Stream stage of a Kanban system.

Portfolio Kanban for Enterprise Visibility


There is a way forward and we have been investing in it, working closely with some of the largest enterprises in the world. Solving the Insulation Challenge of Managed Transformation.

Overcoming Annual Planning with Adaptability

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When the PMO designs roles that allow their teams to get as close as possible to where the problems are, they will see more conversations that ultimately resolve more customer problems. Empowering the PMO to Be the Change-Maker. Is your PMO cultivating a blame-free culture?

Product Owner Survival Camp

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What we need is a survival guide – a set of principles, tools, and techniques; learned and applied in a two-day “camp” with industry-leading experts in agile product management and product ownership. You will learn ways to close the gaps between strategy and tactics.

Five Immutable Principles of Project Success and Estimating

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These answers are found in our Processes and Practices guide, so they are just the bullet points of good project management no matter the development method - traditional or agile. Control in the presence of uncertainty is Closed Loop.

The Best Free Project Management Resources


Compare approaches with Learn the Truth About Agile Versus Water. Step 5: Close. The numbers don’t lie: Managing complicated projects is a tough task.

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2017 Project Management Conferences You Won’t Want To Miss

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If you are looking to attend a project management conference this year, chances are there is something close by that will appeal to you. I’m not an Agile expert by an means but if Scrum is your wheelhouse, this could be a good event to get to. Agile 2017: Orlando, USA, 7-11 August 2017.

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Five Professions That Make Great Project Co-ordinators

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They know that the customer is at the centre of everything – so at least they have some of the Agile philosophy already! I recently held a project management careers clinic with someone who was wanting to get into a project management role.

Musings About Coaching


Am I just too damn closed minded? Agile Project ManagementI come across many people that call themselves ‘coaches’ I come across ‘coaches’ that certainly ‘talk the talk’ but have no real experience to back that up. And here’s my dilemma: Should I take such coaches seriously? Can one become a coach by knowing the domain (as opposed to ‘doing’ in the domain)? Think about it!

The Top Five Project Management Certifications in the UK

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Closing – 7%. Agile Scrum is a project management method used best in the software and IT industries. The Agile scrum methodology works on the principle of seamless efficiency while minimizing red tape.

The 3 Steps to Take When Failure is Not an Option: Getting to Impeccable Business Execution

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Iterate to create agility. Agile and Scrum serves exactly that. Our business execution will never be perfect – but we can teach our teams to be Agile. Joel “Thor” Neeb will be speaking at the Agile and Scrum Virtual Conference, going live on May 4 th.

Brexit: The Implications for Project Managers

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I predict a lot of business reengineering projects to help us be more agile and flexible in the face of international competition. Staying in the EU is also a possibility – at the time of writing the polls are close.

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