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From Servant Leadership to Shared Leadership

Leading Answers

This is part one in a series on leading agile teams from the Beyond Agile book. We will examine what leadership entails and how it applies to agile teams. Then discuss the transition from servant leadership to shared leadership.   EQ as a Foundation for Leadership.

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Building an Effective Agile Transformation Consultant Team

Leading Agile

An Agile Transformation Consultant who wants to lead a successful Transformation is going to need more than a deep understanding of Agile. In a recent blog post, we discussed the various types of Agile Transformation Coaches needed to run a sustainable Transformation. Agile Transformation Consultant: Team Attributes.

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A Simple Exercise To Define The Product Of Your Scrum Team

He’s known from the various books he wrote: “ Agile Product Management With Scrum ”, “ Strategize ”, and “ How To Lead In Product Management ”, and the many tools he created, like the Product Vision Board, Product Management Framework, and the Product- and Sprint Goal templates. — What should product leadership look like?

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How To Base Your Beliefs About Agile On Evidence

This post is for anyone who wants to inspire, change or influence others through their efforts as professionals, with emphasis on the latter. How should leadership interact with autonomous teams? I think you should read this post, and take it to heart when you write content that is aimed at influencing others. That is great!

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10 Best Coursera Courses for Project Managers

Rebel’s Guide to PM

The courses cover foundations and initiation, planning and execution and the final one is on agile. I do not have a background of Agile , so it was helpful to get a real deep dive into the different tools and techniques as well as Scrum ceremonies. This is aimed at beginners, so give it a miss if you already have some experience.

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Minimum Viable Library (2) — Product Owner Edition

Explore a series of carefully curated collections of essential books, newsletters, podcasts, and tools to elevate your agile expertise. You can sign up here for the ‘Food for Agile Thought’ newsletter and join 48,000-plus subscribers. ? The Minimum Viable Library — Leadership Edition.

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Leadership Tips for Project Managers – Part 4

International Institute for Learning

By Mike Griffiths Welcome to part four, the last installment of this series introducing basic leadership ideas that any project manager or Scrum master can employ. Be sure to see articles one , two , and three , which cover topics including how leadership differs from management, servant leadership, and team motivation.